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Everything, By Everyone is an animation documentary about the evolution of the Internet as a medium for entertainment and a tool for creative people.
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March Update!

Posted by Nathan Kuruna (Creator)

Ahoy! Nathan here with a much deserved update. Things are chugging along at EBEHQ. The mountain of tapes to review became a foothill and the already reasonably sized pile of notes and annotated transcripts and clips to pull became a volume of almost Harry Potter-like dimensions (but in some cases with smaller text) and continues to grow. Additionally, those notes are becoming littered with Venn Diagrams of nicely intersecting ideas and pretty much every day I come across a sound byte from some smart person that gets me psyched all over again. Granted, I'd be lying if I said I'd realized just how long this portion of the proceedings would take, but I've got no complaints as things continue to come together. Live and learn.

Other fun stuff: I've started keeping an eye out for animators that I'd like try to recruit for the animated segments of the film. If you're familiar with the Newgrounds community there are some obvious choices there but I'm hoping to offer some exposure to some lesser known talent in the community as well. I also had a contest on NG for some promo artwork for the film and this guy won. His User name is “Aigis,” he's from New Zealand, and he's awesome. (See art below.) I'm also making inquiries and kicking around ideas regarding the t-shirts that some pledgers are getting. I think I'm going to end up screen printing them myself because... well, I like making stuff. So they will probably all end up being a bit unique in some way.

So, lots going on. Thank you again. Back to it!

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