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Everything, By Everyone is an animation documentary about the evolution of the Internet as a medium for entertainment and a tool for creative people.
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More animators!

Posted by Nathan Kuruna (Creator)

Here’s a little update:
So since last time I’ve started sending out short segments to animators and I also put out the open call for animators on Newgrounds. That’s gotten a great response so far and I’m super excited about the people that have signed on to participate. Newgrounds is an international community of artists and I’ve heard from animators all over the globe! There’s a pretty ridiculous selection of talent on the list and it continues to grow. You can believe I’ll be posting some stills and clips here once they start to trickle in.
Thanks again and Happy Holidays!


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    1. MindChamber on

      Glad you finally found your animators. Though I cant help but wonder why you didn't do a call out much sooner. I'm assuming after 2+ years the documentary is basically finished, but now we'll have to wait even longer for the animators to finish their parts.