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Everything, By Everyone is an animation documentary about the evolution of the Internet as a medium for entertainment and a tool for creative people.
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Sept Update!

Posted by Nathan Kuruna (Creator)
Greetings! Things trundle along at EBEHQ!

I had a really interesting conversation with Fulp the other day about new media formats and how NG is prepping for the future of the web/tv/whatevertheymergeinto. There's a lot to keep on top of.

As of late I’ve been restructuring the film a bit. The topics and themes I’m covering are so interrelated in various ways that I was finding some redundancy and I think the new order of things will help with that. This has always been a balancing act between chronology and themology (if that’s a word) and I feel like the new structure is tighter. This may sound slight but it feels like a real breakthrough. The giant mural-flowchart of Post-Its is down, filed away for safe keeping and for the aforementioned restructuring. That part is a little sad, but necessary.

I’m also picking up some hours teaching computer stuff to under-served kids in North Philly. The highlight is an animation class. The universe has been pretty good to me of late and it’s a nice way to pay back some karma. In a perfect world I’d include some of their animation in the film! We shall see.

As I move into the stage where I’m more concerned with collecting and coordinating the animation portions of the film, I’d like to make these posts more often. Thank you all again for making this learning process possible. I’m really starting to see some light at the end of this tunnel. It may just be a skylight along the way, but I’ll take it.
Back to it!


P.S. You know who’s a really smart guy? David Firth. He is way more normal and insightful than Salad Fingers would lead you to believe. Class act.

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