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A reprint of the Franz-Benno Delonge classic: Big City! Now in a 20th Anniversary Jumbo Edition with an available expansion too!
A reprint of the Franz-Benno Delonge classic: Big City! Now in a 20th Anniversary Jumbo Edition with an available expansion too!
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Wow! We asked and you answered! - Custom Holding Boxes Unlocked!

Posted by Mercury Games Inc. (Creator)

Hello everyone,

Tonight, like a lot of nights, we stayed late in the office working hard on Big City. But tonight was something special - we watched in amazement as you all helped us blast through the most recent stretch goal. We weren't certain there was enough time left to pull it off, but you came through with gusto!


We're so excited to get these custom holding boxes into our Backer's copies of Big City and the Big City: Urban Upgrade expansion because having a good way to store everything is really nice, but something that holds them snug and safe is even better!

Just now we've revealed another secret stretch goal, and this time its gold foil lettering for those holding boxes. Now, we initially thought that we didn't have enough time to make it to that holding box stretch goal and so we don't want to count you out just yet.  There is still a few hours to take a run at this.

As before, of course, this is a very special stretch goal where we reserve the right to declare it a Kickstarter exclusive, just as with the holding boxes (makes sense considering that's where the gold lettering goes, right?).

Can you all make this next stretch goal happen too?  

Thank you all, once again, for your trust in Mercury Games.  This was a magical evening.

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    1. Mercury Games Inc. 5-time creator on

      A lot of Kickstarters will continually add content even if it doesn't add much to the game, or isn't even properly tested. We are really opposed to that kind of behavior - and this is a legitimately-good boardgame that deserves to have all content properly and thoroughly tested before introduction.

    2. Dennis Winkelmann on

      Congrats for reaching the latest stretch goal! I'm really looking forward for a proper storage for these sweet miniatures.


      I would have preferred a new stretch goal that delivers a bit more content to the game itself. Golden letters are nice but in aspects of the game itself I have no benefit of them being there. Well maybe we are lucky enough that we reach another stretch goal so you will have the chance to add more to the game :)