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A reprint of the Franz-Benno Delonge classic: Big City! Now in a 20th Anniversary Jumbo Edition with an available expansion too!
A reprint of the Franz-Benno Delonge classic: Big City! Now in a 20th Anniversary Jumbo Edition with an available expansion too!
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$90,000 Stretch Goal Unlocked! Plus the Secret is Revealed!

Posted by Mercury Games Inc. (Creator)

Hello everyone,

We'd like to thank each and every one of our Backers who have supported this project both financially and on social media.  You've brought back a classic game that was waiting for a reprint for far too long!

We've got some big news today, and so let's get right to it.

$90,000 Stretch Goal Unlocked - More Streetcars!

Many years ago the designer, Benno, told us that he would really like to see more streetcars if the game ever saw a reprint.  Well now, thanks to your support, it's going to happen!

The expansion will now have 4 additional streetcars to allow for an even longer streetcar line!  This will help it to span over the additional neighborhoods which are added by the expansion.


And now, one of our favorite moments - we've been looking forward to telling you about this one!

We are announcing that the next stretch goal is for two custom holding boxes lined with EPE foam to hold all the miniatures in both the base game and expansion.  Here is a sample photo of what we're planning for you!

These will fit inside their respective game boxes and give you a logical and safe place to store your miniatures.  These are going to be amazing!

Now, anyone who knows Mercury Games also knows that we like to share as much information as possible with you. We believe well-informed backers make good decisions, and for this Stretch Goal we have the important following information:

IMPORTANT NOTE: These Holding Boxes are quite expensive to manufacture, and upon achieving this Stretch Goal we wish to add them to all copies of the game. 

However, we reserve the right to declare them a Kickstarter Exclusive after the end of this Project in order to keep their quality as high as possible. 

If we do declare them a Kickstarter Exclusive this will also cover our Canadian Preorder partner, Boardgamebliss, so all copies preordered there would also receive these Holding Boxes. We are declaring this now in order to allow potential Backers the opportunity to make a decision knowing the best information we have available at this time.


Oh yes, we're really excited to tell you that we've added another secret stretch goal!  How many more are there?  Only one way to find out!


If you're already a Backer of Big City, thank you, that's already a tremendous help. The truth is, we want to give all these Stretch Goals to you as well, so if you would take a moment now to share this project on social media, we would appreciate it.

Even better, now that the first secret stretch goal is revealed, that's a great thing to share on social media!  Let's make these happen for everyone!


By popular request, we have added an illustrated example of play to the main project page!  We wanted to guide you through a sample turn along with some thoughts on strategy and timing which are so critical to Big City.

Please check out this new content which can be found in the "Learn About Big City" section.


Once again, as we enter our final week of this campaign, we'd like to thank all of you for your support. If you've supported our Kickstarters in the past, you know the pride we take in quality and how we make sure our Backers receive the best possible game. If this is your first time backing a Mercury Games project, we're hoping to turn you into a Mercury Games fan!  Please do check out our previous projects that you can find here on Kickstarter - we make a real effort to deliver you the best from the world of boardgames!


The same folks who are working with us on the miniatures for Big City are also running a Kickstarter with some pretty amazing miniatures.

Take a moment and check them out!

Glyph Chess - The Magic Board Game

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