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A reprint of the Franz-Benno Delonge classic: Big City! Now in a 20th Anniversary Jumbo Edition with an available expansion too!
A reprint of the Franz-Benno Delonge classic: Big City! Now in a 20th Anniversary Jumbo Edition with an available expansion too!
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As You Requested - Comparison to the Original

Posted by Mercury Games Inc. (Creator)

Hello everyone,

Thanks to everyone who has backed our Big City project thus far. We are so close to the next stretch goal, and when we get there that also means we can reveal the secret one too!

We had a few Backers ask us if we could show the difference between the buildings of the new edition compared to the old edition. Now that our set of sample miniatures is back in our office, we are indeed able to show some photos.

Our apologies in advance for the pictures - in the interest of time we have simply shot the photos ourselves.

Let's take a look at the residences first.

First, let's take a minute and acknowledge that the original edition had pretty nice miniatures, especially for 20 years ago! For the new edition, we wanted to show more detail but also avoid some of the fumbling that the original residences can cause.  They were a bit flat and this meant that they could slip out of your hand if you were not too careful. 

The new version has the houses scaled-up and more detailed. It's hard to appreciate just how much taller they are now as well, but in terms of overall volume it's right around 5X as much volume per piece compared to the original!

Next, let's look at the businesses:

The original businesses did not suffer from the same problem as the residences. These were much easier to pick up, if not a little bit generic.

The new edition adds size and detail to these pieces, but, following the recipe of the original a little bit, we made them blocky and square - this makes it easy to recognize them as businesses at a glance (not to mention the final version will also have these buildings color-coded too!).

Once again, as with the residences, there is added height as well as footprint size.  Overall it's approximately 5x more volume here too.  

Now let's look at some of the Special Buildings, including the Mall!

Once again, we can see added size and detail in the new version. Of course, as with all the miniatures in the new edition we have also added weight, as all our miniatures are solid whereas the original were cavity-backed.  We like that the new buildings feel heavy and important; we think that's how building a massive new structure downtown should feel!

Also important to note is that we tried to make our buildings a bit less generic than the original. Take the post office, for example - by going with a more classic design for this building we can avoid a building that looks like a standard business.  This is important because the rules treat a post office and a standard business very differently, and so we can reinforce that with the physical appearance too.

The shopping mall, as well, has been given an important update to its appearance in order to make it obviously different than the rest.

We hope you've enjoyed this look at the original edition buildings versus the new edition.   

Please let us know in the comments if you have any questions about them.

Thanks, as always for your support of this project. We have noticed that a lot of you have talked about this project on Facebook and Twitter over the last week, so we wanted to thank you for that as well - it makes a big difference.

Let's go get some stretch goals!

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    1. Nikkala Thomson

      The buildings are beautiful!