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A documentary about the Rise and Fall of Tower Records.
A documentary about the Rise and Fall of Tower Records.
A documentary about the Rise and Fall of Tower Records.
1,686 backers pledged $92,025 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Eddie Smith on

      No sign of Blu ray yet

    2. Lars Hubrich on

      No DVD here, either.

    3. Chris on

      No disc either. It's just laughable at the point. This was my 3rd backed project on KS.

      When can I expect a disc in the mail? Thanks.

    4. Wayne Chapman on

      Well, I still haven't watched my Blu-ray of "All Things Must Pass," and do you know why? Because I don't have a Blu-ray player! You obviously didn't hear ME loud and clear when I pointed that out to you because you insisted on sending me something I couldn't watch even though I donated a sizable amount to your fundraiser while expecting to get the DVD you were offering. You might as well have sent that laserdisc of "Howard the Duck" cause I wouldn't have been able to watch that either. Do you know why? That's right, because I don't have a laserdisc player! I've had people who didn't contribute to the Kickstarter fundraiser ask me if I've seen the film yet, and when I told them what my situation was, they said it was a shame because I really should be able to see it. I was so excited that there was a documentary being made about Tower Records since I had worked for the company for 21 years and was very happy to contribute to its production. I thought $75 was an appropriate investment as a longtime Tower employee, but most of all I was looking forward to watching my DVD. While others were losing faith in you guys because of how long it was taking to make the film, I continued to be patient because I knew it would be completed eventually and I would then be able to watch it. I even took a pass on going to screenings in Sacramento because I was waiting for the DVD and planning to have a viewing party with friends. That Blu-ray is just sitting there collecting to dust, and it's really pissing me off that you guys just assumed that ALL of your donors would have a Blu-ray player even when some of them pointed out that they didn't.

      Be respectful and considerate? I think YOU should have been respectful and considerate to EVERYONE who supported your effort, which I acknowledge was a labor of love for you.

    5. Nick Bartlett on

      After speaking with Colin, my Blu Ray has arrived in the UK. Thanks Colin

    6. Missing avatar

      Heiner Baptist Rogge on

      still got no bluray disc.

    7. Josh "Panda" Farley on

      Still no disc love it when they stop caring...

    8. Missing avatar

      Mark Prole on

      Neither my son nor I have received the disk. Getting no response at all

    9. Nick Bartlett on

      I sent a message to Colin a couple of weeks response.

      Now reported to kickstarter for ripping off backers who acted in good faith!

    10. Missing avatar

      Jon on

      It seems like I'm not the only one who hasn't received anything from this project!
      I would urge everyone in this situation to put in a complaint to Kickstarter like I have. They have reached out to Colin and hopefully will make him accountable for ripping people off.

    11. Derrick Dodson on

      July 25, Still nothing - Nada - This has been out on video, a 99 cent rental on iTunes, but the people that helped fund and get this made are getting screwed. Worst kickstart project ever.

    12. Missing avatar

      chris watts on


    13. Cynthia Yu on

      Unsigned DVD's were supposedly sent in February. It is almost 5 months later. Are we ever going to get what we successfully helped you fund?? As an ex long time Tower employee, this just hurts even more. And this is a terrible experience for me with Kickstarter. Horrible experience. Backer #209

    14. Derrick Dodson on

      June 11, Still no DVD - Nothing -no communication - Just give me my money back.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jon on

      Has anyone received a signed Blu Ray yet? It's been three months since Colin said these were shipped and still nothing received here! He doesn't reply to any messages!

    16. Nick Bartlett on

      Can anyone responsible for this project confirm that the signed blu rays have now been sent....and maybe provide some tracking information...nothing received here yet!

    17. Derrick Dodson on

      Any chance I am ever going to get what I paid for. Still waiting on my DVD.

    18. Missing avatar

      Martin Hughes on

      I just updated my email because it's been almost five years since I 'joined' KS to support this project. So now you should have my current shipping address. I'm feeling hopeful that my reward will be sent to me in due time. No angry posts, I promise!

      Sincerely, Martin Hughes (backer #1135)

    19. Jimmy Short on

      Colin, another month has passed - still no signed blu-ray DVD.... I have even used your Twitter account to communicate with you. HELP!

      Just checking in to see if the signed blu-ray DVD's have all been shipped. I have not received mine to date (March 27). If anyone has a blu-ray they don't want or need (per the posts below), please feel free to send it to me! Thanks -

      Jimmy Short
      1929 Dawnelle Way
      Sacramento, CA 95835

    20. Shaun on


      We spoke on Twitter last month. You assured me that rewards were in the post. My reward has yet to materialise despite the doc being available on Amazon and iTunes.

      Your silence is deafening. Your service level is insulting.

      FYI, an 'upgrade' to Blu-Ray is not compensation to me and many others.

      Do we have to bring a class action suit to get what is ours + a more appropriate level of compensation?

    21. Derrick Dodson on

      April 20 - Backer 1151 - STILL NOTHING - SHIP OR REFUND.

    22. Missing avatar

      Sara Zimmerman on

      Just got my dvd and 45. So excited - can't wait to watch. And bring back the memories of working at Tower. Big Shout out to Tom Hanks and Russ Solomon et al.

    23. Cynthia Yu on

      Backer #209 just checking in from 5 years ago! Any updates on shipping the blu ray's???

    24. Derrick Dodson on

      April 13 and STILL nothing - COME ON.. Send me the freaking product I PAID FOR.

    25. Missing avatar

      David Berryman on

      My Blu-Ray and record arrived Monday, April 11. Thank you.

    26. Attila Somogyi on

      hey... you know a real bummer? Being offered the documentary "All things must pass" under a streaming service (Crave TV in Canada) BEFORE my Kickstarter reward physical copy has arrived... still waiting here in ol Ottawa Canada.

    27. Missing avatar

      minikar2n on

      Supporter 1330....just checking on my record and bluray......

    28. Missing avatar

      David Berryman on


      Just checking on when I may be receiving my Blu-ray and record. Thank you.

    29. Derrick Dodson on

      Still have not received my DVD, Now April 6 and nothing. Can I just get a refund at this point. Over it. Seriously folks -

    30. Missing avatar

      minikar2n on

      Supporter 1330..... just looking for my BluRay and record.....

    31. Jimmy Short on

      Just checking in to see if the signed blu-ray DVD's have all been shipped. I have not received mine to date (March 27). If anyone has a blu-ray they don't want or need (per the posts below), please feel free to send it to me! Thanks -

      Jimmy Short
      1929 Dawnelle Way
      Sacramento, CA 95835

    32. Missing avatar

      K. Stephens on

      Got my BD. Thank you!

    33. Wayne Arents on

      Got the Blueray today. Useless to me. Thanks for nothing dudes!

    34. Derrick Dodson on

      It is now March 23rd and STILL no DVD. No response from the backers.

      Amount: $25
      Reward: A limited edition copy of the DVD documentary film (NOTE - NOT Blu-Ray)

      Please ship me my disc.

    35. Derrick Dodson on

      Still no DVD - Although folks, you can now RENT it for .99 cents from iTunes or PURCHASE it there for 4.99. SHIP MY FREAKIN DVD already. NOT THE Blu-Ray you sent me. don't have a Blu-Ray player. I paid for the DVD - please ship a PACKAGED not BURNED off your PC like some kid pirating films.

    36. Ted McCagg on

      Never received my Blu-Ray.

    37. Derrick Dodson on

      Received a Blu-ray, ordered a DVD. Unable to play a Blu-ray. Was asked for my shipping address and was told they would "burn one" for me. Again, not what I paid for. This movie was FOR SALE months ago. They managed to make distribution to Amazon, iTunes for digital RENTAL @ $4.99 and purchase for $12.99. We paid (min) $25 and wait until they have sold copies everywhere else before taking care of the people that made the film possible in the first place. WHERE IS MY DISC??

    38. Jeremie Lariviere

      just finished watching, great job guys!

    39. Missing avatar

      Vanessa Leyden on

      Wayne, I agree. This is crazy. I have given up on the $$ I put in

    40. Wayne Arents on

      I feel totally ripped off...

    41. Derrick Dodson on

      Per your post "The DVD's shipped on Monday and the international will ship this Monday, many of you should have already received them. " DVD - read - "DVD" Ship me what I paid for 5 years ago.

    42. Derrick Dodson on


    43. Chris on

      This is ridiculous ... where are the discs?

    44. Eddie Huo on

      Where my Blu-Ray or DVD?

    45. Chris on

      Scratch that--almost FIVE years?! really?! Come on, guys. We need answers. Now.

    46. Chris on

      Also supremely disappointed with this. I asked over 2 weeks ago about shipping on my movie, and the KS owners have not responded. Sadly disrespectful that KS backers get the cold shoulder after waiting almost FOUR YEARS for a delivered product. Patience has worn thread-bare thin.

    47. Bob Fine on

      Also wondering if these have shipped yet? Haven't received mine yet.

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