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After over 2 years serving up healthy, local & organic vegan food out of a trailer Counter Culture is moving to a Brick & Mortar!

A Vegan Restaurant in the middle of Meat Lovin' Texas?  With your help, YES! 

The lease is signed, the building is undergoing a facelift and being remodeled to fit all the city and health code requirements...with plans to open in the spring of  2012.

Opened in July 2009, Counter Culture is a food trailer located in Central Austin.  It is owned and operated by Sue Davis. Sue prepares only meatless, dairy-free, and raw foods, made from scratch, and offered at remarkably affordable prices.  Inspired by her dedication to sustainable development, she emphasizes organic ingredients. Whenever possible, she procures local foods, to support area farmers, and to minimize environmental impact. Sue creates healthy, delicious meals that satisfy her diverse clientele — all without using any animal products. 

Building on the success of her trailer, Counter Culture is relocating into a medium-sized restaurant in East Austin with a mid-century, diner-themed interior and a comfort-food menu.

There are multiple advantages to moving to a permanent, indoor location.  A restaurant setting will make it possible for Counter Culture to expand its business hours, offering breakfast, lunch and dinner 6 days a week. Counter Culture will also have a larger kitchen, allowing an expanded menu and offering dishes that are not practical in the current setting.

Sue's vision for Counter Culture is inspired by a personal ethos that includes a desire to promote healthy living, a devotion to protecting the environment, a heartfelt concern for animal welfare, and a commitment to community participation. She believes that much of Counter Culture's success is attributable to the growing number of people who not only crave delicious food, but also share these values.

With the rise of diabetes, heart disease, and other food-related illnesses, people are educating themselves to make better food choices. Likewise, they do not wish to forgo the richness of the foods they love. Counter Culture can introduce them to flavorful meals that also promote long-term good health.

Austin is a green city, and one that will appreciate Sue’s sense of environmental responsibility. As Counter Culture expands, Sue intends to use the most environmentally-sensitive means to do so. The menu at Counter Culture is designed to minimize waste, with 95% of the waste being compost-able and/or recycle-able. Sue also obtains as many ingredients as possible from local food sources, reducing the energy expended in bringing them to market. Counter Culture will also continue to work with Austin's Engine 2 Diet Team and approved Engine 2 dishes will be noted on the menu. 

The money raised on Kickstarter will be used for furnishings, equipment and inventory; a fully-funded project will only equal a small fraction of the business' start-up costs. Sue hopes to use mostly "Green" materials for the build-out.

Anyone interested in investing in Counter Culture please contact directly. If you would like to keep track of the progress, please "Like" Counter Culture on Facebook.


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