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We have been to the studio with Mark Bryan of Hootie & The Blowfish and need your help to raise funds for our EP to launch!
We have been to the studio with Mark Bryan of Hootie & The Blowfish and need your help to raise funds for our EP to launch!
93 backers pledged $4,467 to help bring this project to life.

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Kickstarter Friends,

We have made some serious strides since last fall when you graciously helped us fund our increasingly successful EP! An East Coast summer tour is in the making, and 2013 has been full of packed out shows. 

We have the chance to play in front of 40,000 people at Columbia's St. Patrick's day festival and would appreciate your vote! 

Here is the link:

We'll keep you updated with any news, and please spread the word! 

-Atlas Road Crew

Atlas Road Crew Press Release

Southern Rock Upstarts Atlas Road Crew Release Debut Single

Hometown: Columbia, SC

Genre: Rock, Americana 

Think: The Black Crowes, Alabama Shakes, Kings of Leon 

Career highlights: EP produced by Mark Bryan of Hootie and the Blowfish, Sold out the 400-capacity venue Five Points Pub in 1 ½ hrs, Raised over $4K in Kickstarter campaign to support the EP release 

No one here is going to claim “music is about to change” or what they’re doing is “important.” That’s not what Atlas Road Crew (ARC) is about. Instead, the boys from Columbia, South Carolina are having a good time and writing some killer music to soundtrack it, and want you to hear what they’ve been doing. 

 “Morning Eyes,” the first single from their debut EP releasing October 25th, is that effortlessly good-time rocker. ARC recorded their EP with Grammy Award-winning musician Mark Bryan, lead guitarist for Hootie and the Blowfish, who invited the Crew down to his studio in Charleston, SC to record. Mark’s slide guitar skills complement “Morning Eyes’” driving Tennessee Three-styled beat from drummer Patrick Drohan, lead guitarist Dave Beddingfield’s rollicking-but-precise guitar, and lead singer Taylor Nicholson’s sometimes gruff, yet always clear, vocals (somewhat invocative of a young Caleb Followill on the debut Kings of Leon EP). Max Becker keeps it rolling on bass, and pianoman phenom Bryce James adds the perfect extra touch to complete the sound. 

Atlas Road Crew has been playing the Columbia circuit for over a year now. They came together in their senior year at the University of South Carolina. Realizing that in order to be serious about their sound, instead of practicing at someone’s house with all of the distractions of college life, they opted to rent a storage unit on the outskirts of Columbia on Atlas Road. The crew has progressed from a college cover band to crafting their own songs and developing their own groove. ARC has become so beloved in Columbia they recently sold out the Five Points Pub (a venue with a 400-person capacity) in an hour and a half. 

Morning Eyes:





At this time it is safe to say, from the bottom of our hearts- THANK YOU!!! It's amazing how this one idea that we all truly believed in has come to fruition because of you. We will never forget this feeling of gratitude that has overwhelmed us in the past 30 days from your generous donations.

In the upcoming weeks, we will be ordering t-shirts, stickers, and our mastered CD's to send out to all of y'all.

Last Thursday (9/6) we sold out our show (presale tickets) at the 5 Points Pub in an hour and a half. Over 500 people came out to try and get inside- it was quite a scene.

Again- we thank you so much and are so excited to let all of you hear our music that we worked so hard on!


Patrick Drohan, Dave Beddingfield, Max Becker, Bryce James, and Taylor Nicholson

More ARC Press

Today we were featured in The University of South Carolina's school newspaper The Daily Gamecock. It is an extremely well written and humbling article. We're getting excited for our show tonight! THANK YOU to those who have pledged- it means a lot to us! 

Click the link below to read our article:


ARC Press

We were featured in Columbia's extremely popular and widely-distributed Free Times magazine today! Here is our small...yet proud article. 

One week to go and only about $800 left! THANK YOU 

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