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The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, September 30 2013 4:12 PM UTC +00:00


SURRENDER more than just a game it’s an experience…is a bible challenge. The adventure is exciting, the artwork is captivating but the message is real. The path of 33 spaces will take you on an adventure where you will experience victories and calamities. You will land on circumstances and strengthen your bible knowledge.Get ready to have fun and Surrenderits rewarding!

How to play

  • Line-up scripture cards from left to right (SURRENDER)
  • Form teams, (i.e.)count 1-3 all one’s together, two’s together and three’s together.
  • Choose one person to lead but members must rotate turns, (purpose of the leader: advocate for the team and/ or make quick a decision if team cannot decide what word will be the team’s final answer; remember you only have 60 seconds)
  • Select a game piece, the team that rolls the lowest number starts the game.
  • Game board is color-coded to match corresponding cards pile. Indicating which pile to pull from when you land on each square. i.e. if you roll a three, move three spaces, the word in that square may be purple, you must use the purple deck for that round
  • You will have 60 seconds to guess or give one word answers you think completes the scripture or sentence.
  • The opponent will read the sentences, jot down your answer and monitor the sand timer.Hints or gestures will cause your team to forfeit one point
  • Correct completed word(s) are worth 3 points, tally all your point when the game is finished
  • Squares that have a white flag correspond to “SURRENDER” pile, you must read card out loud and follow the instructions as your consequence
  • If you land on the “Holy Spirit” your team will earn 10 points for each correct answer
  • The Holy Spirit pile can also be used as the default pile
  • You do not lose any points for incorrect cards; please return them to the bottom of the pile.

Admission of Defeat

  • The game is not over when the first team that reaches the end
  • Each team should tally all their points and the team with the most points will have astand-off with the team with the second highest points-use the Holy Spirit pile for this final 60-scond challenge
  • The team that wins this final round wins the game

Surrender, is full of imagery and symbolism as it relates to real life experiences. The funds will be used to create a larger but more interactive game board, colorful cards to that make the game easier to navigate on the board. Also to create customized games pieces, enhance the scripture cards and create a detailed instruction manual.  The game will truly be a great experience when it is fully created and completed.  I am continuing to test the game, I will be submitting another video soon which will show you step by step how to play the game.

Risks and challenges

The major challenge is that my designer is in Las Vegas, Nevada and I live in Rochester, NY. It is difficult at times to articulate my vision, changes, ideas, and updates. However, we are patient with each other and communicate when things are not clear. We use all of our resources to make sure the end results are exceptional and what I am requesting. The current prototype is good but needs a lot of work. My competition is great; names like Mattel and Hasbro and with that SURRENDER must be produced and created with every detail well thought out. My budget includes making sure right colors are used, quality materials and many of hours spent working on making sure every word on the scripture cards match the New International Bible Version used. The budget also includes marketing but the product has to be what my customers want. In which I invest many hours and is a challenge because I have a family and work full-time. However, I am committed to this project and I trust my designer, we will continue to keep working to produce a professional board game. It is important to add that I am working with the same team that designed the game and the team is familiar with my expectations and the direction I have faith SURRENDER is headed; Board Game Design & Manufacturing will also handle the manufacturing when SURRENDER is ready for mass production Michael with Board Game Design & Manufacturing and I have built a strong business relationship since 2008. We plan to continue to work diligently to bring a professional product to the market, for families to enjoy.

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