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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on May 6 2015
kSafeBy kSafe
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kSafeBy kSafe
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pledged of $50,000pledged of $50,000 goal
Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on May 6 2015
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    1. Dustin Ingalls on

      Disappointed but yet happy to hear this - please consider a Fitbit integration ^-^ keep up the great work!

    2. kSafe Creator on


      It looks like Christopher addressed some of your questions. We want to share our thoughts as well.

      Yes, we are sorry to have to disappoint. We feel strongly about this project and have invested a lot of time and money into the Kickstarter, so this was not an easy decision to make.

      In terms of the obligation questions you raised, Kickstarter allows any project to be canceled before the funding becomes final. Kickstarter policies also allows any backer can cancel their pledge. As I'm sure is the case with other projects, we've had backers cancel their pledge to kSafe at different points in our campaign. While it was a very difficult decision for us, we determined that cancelling the project before it became final was the right thing to do for both our company and the backers of the kSafe.

      If we completed the Kickstarter and accepted the funding, we would have been obligated to develop the project. Taking the funding and failing to deliver on our promise was not an option we considered.

      We carefully considered the implications of completing the Kickstarter vs. cancelling, and we realized that cancelling was the right path for both us and our backers. While this creates disappointment now, we are confident it is the best path. We plan to develop the kSafe at a later date, and as a Kickstarter backer, you would be able to purchase one at that time.

      The Kitchen Safe Team

    3. Christopher M. Whelan

      I'm disappointed, but fully understand.

      While not the creator, James L., I'll take a stab at answering with my opinion.

      For question 3, I believe that they were getting requests on their website (not here) regarding their current product, about making improved (larger, freezer safe) versions, and have made a choice to do that now instead of trying to spread themselves thin with parallel development. It's a choice. As an owner of the current Kitchen Safe (I bought one after I backed this project, and love it), I'm OK with that (though I don't want a larger or freezer safe one).

      This is not the first project that I have backed that was cancelled before completion (whether or not sufficient funds were raised). My take is that the "contract" is signed the day that the project successfully funds (i.e. ends and money is taken), not when a backer pledges or when the "pledge" amount reaches their goal. All points before then are simply the "negotiation" stage. A lot changes between project beginning and end, to include stretch goals (which complicate the process and increase cost), quantities required and even personal "life" events.

      Therefore, to answer #1 and #2, there is no obligation or committment to produce a product until the funding period ends (unlike Indiegogo which has flex funding sometimes, and can take whatever is pledged even if not the full requested amount).

      And I concur with what the others have said - kudos for realizing your inability to do everything at once and ending now before you received funds. I look forward to the relaunch in 2016!

    4. James Laslavic on

      I feel disappointed, frustrated, and confused. According to what you just told us, it was not cancelled/postponed because you realized you were unable to make the kSafe. It seems that you are fully capable of keeping that commitment, and even now, you're reassuring us of exactly that by saying that you're doing this because you decided to fulfill requests for other version of your product and that you still plan to make the kSafe immediately afterward.

      So, I have a few questions that I'd be grateful if you answered. I don't need to hear what you think I want to hear. My hope is to better understand your thinking so that when you return to the kSafe, I'll be able to make an informed decision about whether I want to help fund it again.

      1. If we pledged enough to meet the agreed-upon fundraising amount, do you think that you were ever obligated to try to make the kSafe in the agreed-upon manner, in the agreed-upon timeframe, and to the best of your ability?

      2. Do you think that both of us (you as the project, and us as the backers) became committed to our pledges to each other when the first backer's money became reserved by submitting their pledge, when the fundraising target was reached, or a different time?

      3. When interpreting the feature requests for the old product over the past 45 days, why did you conclude that the people requesting the other versions of your product wanted you to make those things at the cost of aborting production of the kSafe?

      I'll end this comment with a positive observation. As other projects have shown, you could've easily just taken the money and run, but you didn't. You chose a course of action that returned it to us, which suggests a sense of ethical commitment, long-term business thinking, or both. :)


    5. Missing avatar

      Ian on

      Wow, I'm genuinely impressed!

      I've backed plenty of projects run by people who got in over their heads, but pressed on regardless and ended up delivering very late and poor quality.

      That you've got the clear heads to recognise it up front, and the self control to turn down the cash until you think you're ready. That fills me with a great deal of confidence in you.
      I will be ready to back it when you're ready to make it!

    6. Joseph Bullock-Palser on

      You might want to... you know.. cancel it.