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The knowledge, equipment and attitude it takes to enjoy the outdoors in a lightweight way in twenty-six entertaining episodes.
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Posted by Hendrik & Devin (Creator)

As the funding period nears its end - eleven days are a short time - it is time to let you in on the themes the series will be covering. I have been planning the series since last year, and have been juggling with letters and themes, and I am certain that I have a winning mix. Lets see! 

Food and cooking will be covered in a few episodes, thus expect to see everything from gas cookers over alcohol & Esbit stoves to wood cookers! Food is what gives us energy on the trail, and hence is an important part of our outdoor adventures. Add in that for most lightweight and UL backpackers food is going to be one of the heaviest items to be carried, thus it pays off to look at how to save weight in this category.

Dinner with a view. Photo taken on my overnighter yesterday!

Clothing, or how to dress in a lightweight manner, will be another theme area. Do you need rainpants on a summer overnighter? How many pairs of gloves and mitts is too much in winter? Hardshell, softshell or windjacket? Expect some interesting clothing systems and an attempt to unravel the layer mysteries!

The third theme area is the one in which techniques, skills, and philosophy, together with some related topics, be discussed. Can I really leave the extra pair of trousers at home? Taking an umbrella out hiking? Will it seriously be OK to wear the same longsleeve and socks for the whole weekend? If you got the feeling that the outdoors are a fashion run-way, and you are wondering how to get that UL mindset, then this will be the episodes you really want to watch! I believe that these will be some of the most interesting ones, in which I can disclose my experiences from my own experiences lightening up as well as those collected during my Wilderness Guide education and countless trips.

The big three - sleep system, different shelters and the rucksack - will present the fourth theme area. They present the biggest weight and where the biggest cuts can be made, but with a plethora of (expensive) choices it can be a jungle to find the one which is most suitable. Tune in to let me help you to find the answer to your needs!

A short side note: While there will be a bunch of gear shown, it will be less in a review-kinda-way and more in an educating/ comparing/ discussing kinda-way. Why? Because gear is very user specific. What might work for me wonderfully, might be a complete disaster for you, and vice versa. Thus my aim is to educate you as good as I can before you make a purchase, too help you save your wallet from unnecessary expenses. Discussing benefits and disadvantages of different items and showing them on video will help you evaluate what might be suitable for you, and make that decision.

I hope this gives you a good taste of things to come! Tell your hiking buddies and friends with the big backpacks, they will be happy to hear about ways to enjoy the outdoors in more comfort and safer! 

Camp last night. A fine view on a warm summer night, a bivy was all I needed.


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    1. Hendrik & Devin Creator on

      Hei Martin,

      good points! Some of them (tarps/ shelters/ planning trips) will be covered, water can be discussed in the food episodes, and I will have a look how and if we can integrate "Leistungskilometer"!

    2. Martin Staas on

      a good choice of Themes!
      What i am missing is: How to plan your (Multi-)Day Hike with UL-Equipment?
      Which shelter is best for the climate? How to pitch a tarp in Snow?
      Where can i get fresh Water (so i dont have to carry to much)? (not a problem in Finland, i guess ;-) )and maybe something general like "What are "Leistungskilometer"? (Sorry, dont know an english word for that) etc. ...

      I don´t know if this is as important to you as it is to me, but maybe there is a little room in the third theme area to cover some of this.

    3. Hendrik & Devin Creator on

      Thanks Gear Exposure! Yeah, I don't see it happen that I make "Buy this!" videos - though I have some pieces of gear which I really like, obviously. But objectivity is my goal in this series, that will make it of most value to the viewers!

      (Was a fun trip, running around the National Park finding the best sleeping spot with a view to the east for best possibilities to photograph the sunrise, just to wake up at 4:00 o'clock to a completely overcast sky =)

    4. Gear Exposure on

      Looks like you've got it all set. Very good planning, I'm feeling very exited about this.

      I would also agree on the way you want to talk about the gear. It is more beneficial to the end user to learn how to recognize and choose gear rather than say "This pack is awesome, buy it". Gear changes all the time but what makes it good less likely.
      (great pictures btw)