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The knowledge, equipment and attitude it takes to enjoy the outdoors in a lightweight way in twenty-six entertaining episodes.
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ULAZ Intro!

Dear Backers,

sit back, relax, and hit play:

I hope you like the Intro as much as I do. I'm really excited about the music, which is the song "Ghostwriter" from RJD2, from the Deadwringer Album (get the Album on iTunes:​fi/​album/​deadringer/​id335220471 - it rocks!) which I am legally allowed to use for the series! Best of all, RJD2 said he'd like some UL gear for the rights to use the song - how cool is that?!

After funding closed two and half weeks ago, I started to think what I'd like to do with the intro for Ultralight A-Z. The intro is the "badge" of the series, the first thing viewers see, and it sets the tone and mood for what follows, thus is an important element. Being interesting, fun and creating a good atmosphere were what I set out to do, and I believe I succeeded - or what do you think? Inspiration for the intro came from Gary Hustwit's excellent "Helvetica" and "Objectified" documentaries, as well as countless of Vimeo videos. A final bit, which will introduce each letter & episode, will still be added, and you should be able to see that when the first episode will go live. 

On the business side of things, Devin initiated the transfer this week, thus depending on how quick our two banks cooperate I should receive the money next week. There will be a few purchases to be made to take the filming to the next level, other than that I'm busy getting everything ready to enter production. Sponsorship backers will hear from me soon, and those who took the T-Shirt reward also will receive a survey from me within the next week. Once episode one is ready, I will collect all your details so you can get your HD download!

Have a nice weekend & happy trails!