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The knowledge, equipment and attitude it takes to enjoy the outdoors in a lightweight way in twenty-six entertaining episodes. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on July 31, 2011.

The knowledge, equipment and attitude it takes to enjoy the outdoors in a lightweight way in twenty-six entertaining episodes.

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The initial goal is reached, but now we set out to get 300 Backers for Ultralight A-Z! Tell your friends and hiking buddies so we can make #ULAZ the biggest and best video guide for lightweight backpacking!


Hei and thanks for checking out my Kickstarter project!

Over the last few years I have been spreading the ultralight backpacking gospel in writing on my blog Hiking in Finland, though secretly I have been planning to start spreading the word via the web's best medium: Video. The idea for Ultralight A-Z was born last winter, and after a well received teaser trailer to get the people excited, I am very happy & proud to be here on Kickstarter to get the ball rolling.

Ultralight A-Z will introduce you in an informative and entertaining way to lightweight & ultralight backpacking, and teach you the necessary knowledge and skills to hike safe & comfortable in the great outdoors. It really will help you to embrace a new mind-set which in turn will let you to walk more freely and healthy while furthering your enjoyment out hiking.

The series will introduce you in 26 episodes to the lightweight backpacking philosophy and principles, show you skills, tricks and introduce you to lightweight gear which will help you to be comfortable, safe and light on the trail. From the big three - shelter, sleeping & packing - over to the lightweight kitchen, food and cooking, dressing effectively for all conditions to how to make and maintain a packlist - the series will be a full primer to help you to lighten up, whichever level you aim for.

Additionally, I will make the the series available for free, for everyone, on Youtube and Vimeo. However, the only way I will actually make the series is if the funding goal is reached = no funding, no series. Thus if you fund this project, not only are you doing the good thing of making that resource available for everyone and making lightweight backpacking more accessible & known to a wider audience, but you will also get some nice stuff for yourself or as a present for a friend.

Once the funding goal is reached I will start to film and edit the episodes, so the sooner we reach it, the sooner I will be out shooting! I have the majority of episodes planned, and now am eager to get out. Timing is also something you want to know; so let me tell you that I plan to upload one episode a week after the funding time is over, which means come August the project will already start to air.

Where does the money go? Tooling for DVDs, packaging, stickers, the Amazon Download service and the T-Shirts cost a little fortune, and the rest goes to paying my time for planning, filming and editing the 26 episodes. Some special camera gear is needed to get the best audio and visual quality, and costs for travelling to locations round out the costs.

The Rewards are the series itself, as well as Stickers, T-Shirts and a really slick DVD package of the finished series. The HD downloads will be a lot better in quality than the free version, and also will be available before the free version goes online - you're thus in the know a lot earlier. The DVD, Stickers and T-Shirt will be sent at the end of the series, I hope before Christmas, so that you have a nice present for yourself or a mate =)

The DVD:

The T-Shirt:

Read all about these two rewards in the first Project Update! The stickers are coming shortly! 


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    My sincere thanks! You helped to make it happen, and can enjoy watching the series guilt-free on Vimeo & Youtube!

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    A Digital HD download of all episodes and extras as well as a big Thank You!

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    Treat yourself to a HD DVD with all the episodes, extras and a signed DVD booklet, as well as some Stickers! You also get the HD download with it all - Wicked! Shipping worldwide is included.

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    Get the HD download, the DVD with all episodes, extras, the signed booklet, stickers & a cool organic cotton T-Shirt to show off your enlightenment! Shipping worldwide is included.

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    Become a Sponsorship Backer - show off your support for this project with your logo or message shown in one Episode. To sweeten the deal you get also the HD download, DVD, T-Shirt and stickers! Shipping worldwide is included.

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    Become the Executive Producer of Ultralight A-Z. Your company's Logo or personal message is shown in every episode and on the DVD packaging. You get 10 DVDs, HD downloads and 10 T-Shirts as well as enough stickers to plaster your office/ bike/ computer. Shipping worldwide is included.

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