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An intimate epic set in the Montana landscape follows four outsiders as they re-invent their identities during the Great Depression.


Whether you're a fan of THE LAST BEYOND or learning about us for the first time today, thank you for visiting our Kickstarter page!

Thanks so much to everybody for their support!  You may have noticed that we have passed our goal!  We will continue to accept pledges until January 1st at 11:11pm Pacific time.  Any additional funds we raise past the goal will go towards sound and score, so if you are still considering donating, please go ahead. The more the merrier, and the money will be put to very good use as we complete the film and take the next steps toward getting it released!


For our first feature we had the ambitious (insane) idea of shooting a period film in Montana on a micro budget!  The film is completely self-funded; we made this movie under the radar to avoid the restrictions of traditional financing and production methods.  After a long stint in post-production we are almost ready to send our film into the world.

We are in a mad dash to be ready for the January 6th Tribeca Film Festival deadline!  As it's rapidly approaching, we have set the modest goal of $5000, to cover a new transfer of the original film negative to HD.  If we are fortunate enough to surpass our goal before January 1st, we will use the surplus toward sound and marketing expenses. 

We aim to complete the film the way we started and prove a film like this can get made outside a big studio.  We never could have gotten this film in the can without the tremendous generosity of a lot of hard-working and talented people.   We now need a bit more assistance to see the film through.  With your help, Sara and I will give this film the finish it deserves!

Whether you can give $1 or $100... Every little bit helps!  



It is 1933, and just after burying his father, Stratton Eiseley watches, defeated, as the bank forecloses on the family ranch.  Bereft and alone, he meets Joe Running Elk, and has an idea that inspires Joe and his grandfather Flying Bear to make a living with him in the mountains.  As the three find new purpose, Stratton meets the captivating Gracie Loren and falls deeply in love.  It appears their fates have dramatically changed for the better, but when a corrupt sheriff pursues the group, it leads to dangerous consequences, altering their lives forever.

In this ‘intimate epic’, we lay the social mores of the modern world against the wild justice of Montana. Though set over 75 years ago, our story has a timely relevance.  Since the recession began, many of us have had to rethink our lives, and what’s important to us.  When faced with losing much of what we hold dear, it is certain we will emerge from the experience forever changed… but for better or worse?  This story addresses that question.

Being dealt a blank slate feels like an overwhelming burden to Stratton, until he realizes he’s been granted the ultimate freedom to remake his life.  In time Stratton lets go of who he was in order to be reborn; he truly starts over.  Flying Bear tells the story of the Bear People who were shape-shifters and great healers; they could bring the dead back to life.  This is indicative of the Indian philosophy that life is cyclical; on the other side of death is birth.  Destruction, painful as it is, is only the first step in the process of new growth.

The blessing in tragedy, this is THE LAST BEYOND.

The Inspiration

The Great Depression fascinates us artistically because it is inherently dramatic.  Setting characters in times of upheaval, their inner lives are never far from the surface.  They face big questions about their identity and place in the world.

Graham's Directorial Approach

My approach was personal:  a view of the times through the characters' eyes. One man's memory of this seminal period in his life… stylistically defined by dramatic lighting, big landscapes, the gritty textures of rural America… the awe of nature.   My fascination with showing the subjective experience of reality motivates me as a filmmaker.  We all create for ourselves a world to inhabit; every perception is an act of creation.  The world I see is very different from the world you or the next person sees.  Because of this, I am always interested in dreams, the subconscious, where the physical ends and the spiritual begins. 

In bookending the film with an abstract spiritual sequence, I aim to draw audiences into the realm of dreams and memories, to transcend what we know.  We all have our own mythologies that are created out of dramatic turning points in our lives.  Sometimes we share these with others; sometimes they are secrets we keep deep within us.  I sought to make the film a healing ceremony itself, during which its characters are spiritually reborn, and for the audience to experience the ceremonial transformation of Stratton's identity; the revelation of his personal mythology.

To see more about the film and our amazing cast and crew, go to

The Funds

This is what we’ll do with the money:

(1) Telecine - the bulk of the funds will pay for a transfer of the 35mm negative to HD with color correction. 

(2) Festival Submissions - cover the costs associated with submitting the film to Tribeca and other noteworthy festivals.

With any surplus we will finish:

(3) Sound - book studio time, re-record dialogue (also known as ADR) where there are sound quality issues, pay our actors to perform the ADR, pay our sound editors, and do a final mix.

(4) Marketing - make posters, trailers, etc.

Staying Tuned

We’ll be updating everyone through our blog.  There, you can check in, share your thoughts, and help us celebrate victories along the way!


  • Yes that is correct, we are not offering the completed film.

    We hope to secure traditional theatrical distribution, and if a prospective distributor hears there are loose copies of the movie floating around prior to release, that can kill the deal entirely. Festivals also frown on the pre-release of films they plan to premiere. It may be the other projects don't seek theatrical distribution or to screen at festivals, instead looking to distribute alternatively (through online mediums). In those cases, there is a great deal more flexibility.

    Even if we planned to release the film, we wouldn't quite be ready. The funds we're raising will mostly go to a new transfer of the film negative to HD. We set a relatively modest goal because of the limited timeframe (we aim to make the Tribeca Film Festival January 6th deadline). We will then raise additional funds (next time probably not through Kickstarter but other means) to complete the sound and score work necessary to screen the film in its highest quality.

    While we can't release the full film, those who pledge at the $50 level and above will have access to a selection of scenes showing 'before and after' work. The scenes will also help give a feel of the film itself.

    Hope this answers your question and thank you for your support!

    ~ Graham & Sara

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  • Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing venture. If we make it to $5000, it's happy sailing, we complete our transfer, submit to Tribeca, and keep on trucking toward getting the film seen by the world. If we don't make it, your card doesn't get charged, we submit to Tribeca with the old transfer, and hope for the best. This is not a great scenario and the reason why, whether you can afford $1 or $100, we can use all the backers we can get. So please keep your pledges coming! Thank you so much for your support!!!

    ~ Sara & Graham

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  • If we meet our goal of $5000, it will be charged shortly after the January 1st deadline. If we do not make it to our goal, your card will not be charged.

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