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D(e)ad is a film about four dysfunctional siblings coming to terms with their father's mortality.

Hi folks, my name is Tamara Al-Bassam and I'll be taking the reins of the Kickstarter aspect of this project, which I'd like to explain a bit. D(e)ad is a short film I wrote about a year ago that I'm ready to see on screen, with the help of a fantastic group of talented people. It's about four siblings, a graphic novelist in the making, a scruffy slacker, a stable woman, and their not-so-stable sister coming to terms with their father's recent trip to the hospital. I'd say more, but I don't want to give too much away! Suffice it to say, it's a sort of tragicomedy about very different people forced to deal with each other.

We're starting production fairly soon but these things cost money. We're not a what you would call a professional group, but we all have adequate experience, access to equipment, a strong desire to see this to the end, and a whole mess of chutzpa!

At the end of the day what we're after is a chance to produce a high-quality short film which we can circulate in film festivals. I'm personally very excited (and a bit nervous) to see this made considering all the hours of my life that have gone into it already. We just need the cash to get it off the ground. Please help us, and we'll do what we can to show our highest (and believe me, it's immeasurable if we make our goal) form of gratitude. Thanks for reading!

Final notes: we are not using the same camera to shoot the film as we used to shoot the kickstarter video. We are saving up our nice high-quality equipment (mainly a Canon 50D) for the real deal! And as for the art we promise in the prize descriptions, here's a sample:

Artist's rendition of the writer
Artist's rendition of the writer

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What we really need the money for is some of the equipment we're building ourselves, some we are renting, and the festival fees. We are also having to buy some clothes for costuming and hunt for props. The ultimate challenge is that this is the very first short that this particular group has collaborated on and while we have a wide range of experience, we all learned separately what it is to make a short film. We have a learning curve and a self-imposed deadline and though we won't admit it, that is pretty nerve-wrecking to some of us.


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    Woah, thanks! That was awfully nice of you, so nice in fact we're going to give you a special thanks in the credits of the film! And a thank you on the video blog! Because we're just that grateful!

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    Oh, this really does put a song in our hearts! In fact, if you donate £20 we'll make a whole (short) song about you on the ukulele! Also, we're gonna thank you on the blog AND the credits of the film!

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    £50, wow friend! You really are a generous soul. Let me tell you a little about one of the protagonists: he draws graphic novels! As such we are working with a delightfully talented artist who will be making all the background art for the film. And she's nice enough to draw you whatever your heart desires! Name it and it's yours because you gave us a very lovely donation! You also get a ukulele song, credit mention, and we'll thank you on the video blog. And sorry, non-UK folk, but we need a tiny bit more to get it to you. Worth the cost though!

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    WOW FELLA, YOU'RE A HIGH ROLLER! Seriously though, thanks so much! You know, some of our costumes are designed by the brilliant folks over at Plane Clothing ( and as you are so incredibly generous we're going to give you a t-shirt by the brand! We're also giving you a commissioned art piece, a ukulele tune, special thanks, and a shout out on the video blog; all because you are so fabulously generous! Sorry, non-UK backers, but we need to charge a tiny bit for shipping. We still love you very much!

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