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Masks is a tabletop RPG about a team of young superheroes forging their own identities in Halcyon City, a megapolis packed with heroes.
Masks is a tabletop RPG about a team of young superheroes forging their own identities in Halcyon City, a megapolis packed with heroes.
2,371 backers pledged $107,328 to help bring this project to life.

Halcyon City Stories

Posted by Brendan G. Conway (Creator)

Folks, you’re making me run out of superlative words for how awesome you are! Wait. Superlative! I haven’t used that one yet! You’re all superlative!

You’ve ripped through Vanquish’s code like gangbusters—and that’s not to mention the other missions you’ve accomplished, and the sheer incredible support you’ve all poured out for the Kickstarter! Masks has succeeded so much more than I’d ever hoped, and it’s all thanks to awesome, awesome people like you!

Stretch Goal #25 UNLOCKED: [EXPLETIVES DELETED], an A.E.G.I.S. Report by Eric Mersmann

Because we’ve reached $77,500, Eric Mersmann will unredact his A.E.G.I.S. report on the “superhero” team, [EXPLETIVES DELETED].

Okay, so he won’t totally unredact his report.

The idea of a rabble-rousing, trouble-making team that defends its own neighborhood is one that already grabbed me when Eric first proposed it. I love the idea of a set of possible role models who show a totally different side of what it could mean to be a hero than most of Halcyon City’s stars. But then, Eric had the absolutely brilliant idea to refer to the team as [EXPLETIVES DELETED], and then this team had to exist! I’ve worked with Eric on The Cold Ruins of Lastlife, and he’s a good designer and a great addition to any team—I’m glad to have him aboard for Secrets of A.E.G.I.S.!

Stretch Goal #26 UNLOCKED: The Dragon, an A.E.G.I.S. Report by Travis Scott

Because we’ve reached $80,000, Travis Scott will provide access to his A.E.G.I.S. report on that dastardly villain—The Dragon!

Travis had some awesome ideas for A.E.G.I.S. reports, but when I read what he wanted to write about for The Dragon, I knew that I had to read that report! The Dragon sounds like an awesome and terrifying addition to Halcyon City’s rogues gallery, and one whom A.E.G.I.S. would be the perfect opposition for. I can’t wait to read about the dangers that the Dragon poses to Halcyon!

In our next issue…

We’re still on for the Agents of A.E.G.I.S. playset if we can reach $85,000, and the A.E.G.I.S. Most-Wanted List if we can reach $90,000! What’s more, if we reach $85,000, then the Secrets of A.E.G.I.S. book will become a reality! And here's a new stretch goal, taking us all the way up to $100,000!

Stretch Goal #29: Issue No. 1 of Halcyon City Stories 

This is it. Less than 48 hours to go. It’s time to reach for the stars.

If we can reach an incredible $100,000, we will write and release the first full-color 22-page issue of Halcyon City Stories, a comic all about the young heroes of Halcyon City! The comic will be entirely illustrated by Michael Lee Lunsford and written by the Magpie Games team. The stars? The characters you see featured on the Masks playbooks. And what’s more, everybody who pledges at least $1 will get to vote on which character stars in the first issue of this brand new comic!

It’s no secret that we love comic books. When we look at the playbook images, we see a million stories that could be told about these heroes (and heroes we haven’t even introduced yet!). Halcyon City Stories is our chance to bring these heroes to life in a full-color comic that explores the adventures of these characters, expanding the Masks mythos in fun and new ways! We’re even more excited to bring Michael Lee Lunsford on board to illustrate this new comic and carry forward this amazing art!

We’re also super excited to let you all pick which hero stars in Issue #1. We’ll hold the vote after the Kickstarter closes, and you’ll get a chance to pick your favorite hero for the job. Want to see The Janus balance her hero work against her work at the coffeeshop? Want to see The Legacy struggle with the burden of his father’s reputation? Want to see The Protege prove that she’s different from her mentor?

At $100,000… one of these stories will be a real live comic. Thanks to you!

Everybody who backs at least $10 will get a full color PDF copy of the 22-page comic, and you can have a physical copy of the comic added on to your order as a $5 add-on, with no additional charge for shipping.


Incredible progress! Only two missions left! You went after those missions like crazy, and the villains of Halcyon City are running in fear! You cracked Vanquish’s cipher and tricked him into prematurely invading—now he’s recaptured, too, along with his accomplice Nano!

You have only two missions left! Two! TWO! And then you will have recaptured ALL THE VILLAINS who escaped from the Spike! That will mean a 54 card Deck of Villainy! That’s incredible!

Here are the two remaining goals: 

  • 10 individual drawings of a young hero directly engaging a threat: We have 6! We just need 4 more! 
  • 1 group photo of 10 costumed people, each one representing a different base playbook: We just need the one photo! 

There isn’t much time left in the Kickstarter, but there’s plenty of time for you all to finish those last two missions like the heroes you are!

Here are a few more of the villains you’ve caught:

First up is Cold Snap, a former hero out for revenge on the people who betrayed her team!

Next is Nano! You may have heard of him before. He's the son of a great hero—Mantank—and he tried to prove himself as being the same caliber as his father by filling his body with nanites, only to grow enraged when his father still denied him respect!

And finally, here's Panthalassa, a water elemental and guardian of the oceans, old and powerful and regal, with no patience for humans and their idiocies!

Heroes of Halcyon City 

When I and the Magpie Team were talking about the Kickstarter in early days, we proposed some crazy, pie-in-the-sky, “it’s fun to dream” stretch goals. One of those was the idea of doing a comic book, and we joked about setting it at $100,000.

And thanks to you, our crazy, “fun to dream” stretch goal is now a real possibility. You’re all absolutely beyond incredible. You’re superheroes!

Thank you all, forever and always, for all your incredible support. As always, please, share about Masks, talk about Masks, and let everybody know about how incredible you’ve made this project!

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    1. Gearsoul Dragon

      Same here, @Robert! :3 I'm super keen for it~

    2. Robert John Ruthven on

      If we hit $85k I'll be happy enough, 'cause I really dig Agents of SHIELD and I'd love to see the Aegis playset. Plus, I reckon it'd work really well for a Young Justice style setup.

    3. Nikki Emsky on

      @orson Maybe you could do it as heroes engaging in a threat???
      And yes it would be amazing to see a comic book come out of this. I'd be really happy if we can get the complete AEGIS playbook and the new pledge level. The comic book would absolutely fantastic. I think more people would pledge if there were some other variances in the higher level pledges. Or more available, such as the Team HQ, or something similar to it without the custom villian add-on.

    4. Gearsoul Dragon

      Oh! Also, very excited about the possibility of a comic book! :3 I hope we can make it~ :D

    5. Gearsoul Dragon

      Yeah, I misread that as a PICTURE of 10 costumed heroes together, not photo... X__x Um, back to the drawing board, I guess :P Well, all that preparation isn't for nothing... I'll just have to repurpose it for a different kind of picture.

    6. Nikki Emsky on

      Someone posted a group shot earlier on the Magpie Facebook page; seems to be more than 10 people but it may still count. Not sure though.

    7. Robert Vincent on

      Anyone think they're able to do the group photo? I won't be able to before the Kickstarter ends, and even then might have trouble scheduling 10 willing people with thematic costumes.