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Masks is a tabletop RPG about a team of young superheroes forging their own identities in Halcyon City, a megapolis packed with heroes.
Masks is a tabletop RPG about a team of young superheroes forging their own identities in Halcyon City, a megapolis packed with heroes.
2,371 backers pledged $107,328 to help bring this project to life.

Stories Never-Ending!

Posted by Brendan G. Conway (Creator)


You all have been so amazing, between punching the Masks Kickstarter ever higher into the stratosphere, and ripping through Jailbreak missions like bosses! It’s tough to keep up—but not so tough that I can’t update on some awesome stuff we’ve unlocked!

Stretch Goal #17 UNLOCKED: The Harbinger, by Fred Hicks

Because we reached $50,000, Fred Hicks will write up our sixth limited edition playbook: The Harbinger! Stories of young superheroes often deal with time travel and parallel dimensions because they’re all about “what might be.” None of the basic playbooks explicitly require those elements to be in play, though—The Outsider can introduce those ideas, but doesn’t have to; most often I’ve seen The Outsider be an alien. I love the idea of the Harbinger for how it focuses explicitly on these parts of young superhero stories, and I couldn’t be happier that it’s Fred Hicks who’s going to be putting it together! Fred is a fantastic designer, and when he pitched The Harbinger I knew that I wanted him to put it together! Can’t wait to see how this one turns out!

In Our Next Issue…

We’re headed towards reaching our Creative Commons licensing goal! I’m really excited to open up Masks and see what the community can do with it! And it’s time to release our next stretch goal...

Stretch Goal #19: The Apocalypse Sonata, by Darren Watts

If we reach $60,000, Darren Watts will write up a new playset all about The Apocalypse Sonata!

The Apocalypse Sonata isn't just music. It's THE music, the music of the spheres, the rhythm and tones that one-dimensional superstrings dance to in the quantum field. It's the music that made the universe, and if and when the entire Sonata is played, it creates an entire new multiversal reality. Of course, if that happens, the old universe gets overwritten—in fact, that's precisely why Ominus wants it.

Ominus, ruler of a massive superworld in distant space, seeks ultimate power, and since his discovery of the existence of the Apocalypse Sonata he's searched for it everywhere. Unfortunately for him, the being who kept it secret scattered the individual pieces of the music across the galaxy, and much of it still remains hidden from Ominus. However, he's recently discovered that that very guardian himself is now dead, and when he died he still carried with him some of that very score. And where did he die? Oh, some insignificant mudball. The locals call it Earth.

The Apocalypse Sonata is our third playset, another 10,000 word piece meant to take Masks into an all new environment. The Apocalypse Sonata is full of expies and unsubtle references to Jack Kirby's work for both Marvel and DC, with Darkseid/The New Gods and The Eternals/Deviants/Celestials as major sources of inspiration. The playset will come with many villains, NPCs, and story hooks designed to connect the base playbooks into the cosmic adventure and the villains alike.

...And, Masks: Unbound!

What’s more, if we reach $60,000, we’ll put together our existing playsets into a whole new book: Masks: Unbound! This book will collect all three playsets we’ve revealed so far—The Phoenix Academy by Rob Wieland, Iron Red Soldiers by Misha Bushyager, and The Apocalypse Sonata by Darren Watts—along with other playsets we may unlock along the way!

Everyone who pledges at least $10 will get a full PDF copy of Masks: Unbound. If you’d like a physical, softcover, 6” x 9” copy of the book, you can add it as a $20 add-on, just like the Halcyon City Herald Collection.


AEGIS is impressed with your work! (Seriously, they’re taken aback. Agents spilling coffee everywhere. It’s a mess. They’ll need to buy themselves a new submersible base soon.)

Five missions down! That’s awesome! That means that the Deck of Villainy now has 28 cards! Everybody who is getting a copy of the Deck of Villainy will get the additional cards at no extra cost!

Here are a few more missions we’re getting close to completing:

  • 1500 Backers: We currently have 1342!
  • 10 Superhero Selfies: We currently have 8!
  • 10 Villain Selfies: We currently have 7!
  • 10 individual drawings of a young hero unleashing their powers: We currently have 6!
  • 500 members of the Masks G+ Community: We currently have 481! 
  • 1000 Facebook Likes: We currently have 795!

If we can just finish off 5 more missions, then we can add another 8 cards into the Deck of Villainy!

Infinite Vistas!

We’re about halfway through the Masks Kickstarter, but we’ve still got plenty of time left to unlock still more awesome pieces and additions! You’ve been fantastic so far—we couldn’t ask for a better, more interested, more invested, more awesome community! Please keep on doing what you’re doing—talk about Masks, keep playing, and knock off those missions!

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    1. Brendan G. Conway 2-time creator

      Playsets are going to be in Masks: Unbound, but the playbooks (along with the extra matter needed to use them fully, like the GM moves for them and advice on how to run them) will be included in the Halcyon City Herald Collection, certainly!

    2. Missing avatar


      Exciting stuff! It's always cool to see my favorite writers take part in these!

    3. Luke Walker on

      Actually, though the playsets were said not to be part of the HCHC, I can't find any specific mention that the playbooks will be in HCHC. They have done this with the supplement books for their previous KS, Urban Shadows and Epyllion, but confirmation would be good.

    4. Luke Walker on

      The 6 playbooks and all the articles so far unlocked.

      From the Campaign page:

      "Fall of the Titan Academy"
      "Do We Need Them?"
      "Power to the People"
      "Change of Heart?"
      "Those You May Not Know"
      "Dupes and Reboots"
      "Doctor Foresight and the Avaricean"
      "Cat and Mouse"
      "Manic Pixie Dream Girl"
      “Hiro’s Hot Takes”
      “Healers of Halcyon City”
      “Monarch Industries and the Chrysalis”

    5. David Andrews on

      So if the playsets are going to be in Masks: Unbound whats going to be included in the HCHC? Are the extra playbooks going to be in it or in an third extra book?

      The only reason I ask is because I thought that the playsets were going to be included in the HCHC. Now I'm not entirely sure if the playbooks are going to be included.