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Masks is a tabletop RPG about a team of young superheroes forging their own identities in Halcyon City, a megapolis packed with heroes.
Masks is a tabletop RPG about a team of young superheroes forging their own identities in Halcyon City, a megapolis packed with heroes.
2,371 backers pledged $107,328 to help bring this project to life.

Rounding Out the Roster

Posted by Brendan G. Conway (Creator)

Bam! Pow! Zap! That’s it—we’ve reached $40,000, and unlocked our second playset! That’s absolutely awesome! Thank you all so much for this incredible outpouring of pledges and support—thanks to you, Masks continues to transform into something better and better.

In fact, $40,000 marks a major milestone for Magpie Games. We've been running projects on Kickstarter for almost four years now, and Masks is now officially our biggest Kickstarter ever! AND IT'S NOT EVEN CLOSE TO OVER. Thank you all for your support! 

Stretch Goal #13 UNLOCKED: Iron Red Soldiers, by Misha Bushyager

Since we reached $40,000, Misha Bushyager is going to put together an awesome 10,000 word write up of Iron Red Soldiers, giving you all the tools and info you need to play Masks as a young adult rebellion against alien invaders! I thought Misha’s pitch was awesome because it took the game in a new, innovative direction, and I’m really excited to dig into her ideas. Iron Red Soldiers brings some tropes and styles of other types of young adult fiction into Masks, and the blend seems like an awesome peanut butter + chocolate mix. Can’t wait!

Everybody who pledges at least $10 will get a full PDF copy of this playset, along with the rest of your pledge and all the other stretch goals.

In Our Next Issue…

We’re headed towards The Soldier playbook from Mark Diaz Truman at $42,500, and then the Star from me (Brendan Conway) at $45,000—full steam ahead! And now, it’s time to unveil our next two stretch goals…

Stretch Goal #16: The Joined, by Jenn Martin

If we can reach $47,500, then Jenn Martin will write up a new limited edition playbook (our fifth!): The Joined!  

You’re a group of people, connected on some deep level, stronger together than you are apart and capable of incredible things. Or so it would seem at first glance. Will you stick together as a single, strong whole? Or will you splinter into new people, each of whom has their own unique strength?

The Joined is a character defined by being part of a larger unit (twins, triplets, multiple bodies, etc.). You’re powerful together, but each individual person’s identity is subsumed by the whole. The Joined is all about the tension between the power of being part of this group, and breaking off to find your own identity. The Joined is heavily inspired by the Stepford Cuckoos from the X-Men.

Everybody who pledges at least $10 will get a full PDF copy of The Joined playbook if we reach this stretch goal.

Stretch Goal #17: The Harbinger, by Fred Hicks

If we can reach $50,000, then Fred Hicks will write up our sixth limited edition playbook: The Harbinger!

You're from the future! And you've seen how these things turn out. You know who rises to become a legend—and who breaks bad along the way. Will you strive to bring your future about, or fight to change its path?

The Harbinger is a time traveler or a prophet, someone who knows exactly what’s going to happen and can work to either stop it, or to make sure that future comes to fruition...but how can they be sure their actions are the right ones? Will they destroy the future they want with one false move? The Harbinger is inspired by characters such as Impulse (Young Justice), Iron Lad (Young Avengers), Bishop (X-Men), and Rachel Summers (X-Men), among others.

Forging the Future

We’ve already come so far, and unlocked so many awesome stretch goals. Just as a quick recap, we’ve unlocked:

  • 2 limited edition playbooks (The Reformed and The Innocent)
  • 2 playsets taking Masks in awesome new directions (Phoenix Academy and Iron Red Soldiers)
  • 12 articles (3 from Magpie and 9 new stretch goals) for the Halcyon City Herald Collection
  • A print version of the Halcyon City Herald Collection

And that’s all above and beyond kicking the crud out of our original goal of just creating the book! I can barely believe it. You all rock!

It’s been a fantastic ride so far, and we’re not even close to done yet. I can’t wait to see what else we unlock, and what other cool things get added to Masks. Thank you for all your support so far, and keep sharing and talking about the game!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jason Corley

      The Joined sounds great; my Stepford Cuckoos game is strong

    2. Aleksandr Ermakov on

      Hoping for the new playset!
      Maybe about epic failed mission of Silver Era, which young heroes teen must success in modern era, overcoming new obstacles and consequences of pas times failure.

    3. euansmith

      That was what I though the Joined was building up to, @Gustavo Campanelli. An excellent series.

    4. Missing avatar

      Gustavo Campanelli on

      I wonder if The Joined can be tweaked to play with a Sense8

    5. Rich Rogers on

      Jenn Martin - Wonder Twin Powers... ACTIVATE!

    6. Oscar Iglesias

      More playbooks!!!, Yayyyyy!!!