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Masks is a tabletop RPG about a team of young superheroes forging their own identities in Halcyon City, a megapolis packed with heroes.
Masks is a tabletop RPG about a team of young superheroes forging their own identities in Halcyon City, a megapolis packed with heroes.
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It's Your Time!

Posted by Brendan G. Conway (Creator)

Holy walking manbots made of ur-metal, Catman! We’ve funded, and we’ve hit the first stretch goal, and all within about 90 minutes! That’s incredible!

Thank you all, so much, for your support! This game is going to be amazing thanks to you! As we build up more pledges, we’re able to buy more art, get more stretch goals in the Halycon City Herald, and generally make Masks the amazing game I knew it could be when I started writing it.

Masks is the first full game I’ve designed, and I can’t begin to tell you how much it means to me to have so many of you believe so much in it. I’ve put in a huge amount of time on this game, poured my heart into it, and to be able to share it with people as excited about it as I am is simply the best feeling in the world.

Stretch Goal #1 Unlocked: Change of Heart by Tara Zuber

Tara Zuber’s stretch goal is unlocked, and she’ll be contributing an op-ed piece for the Halcyon City Herald Collection, all about a villain’s heel-face turn. Should we watch them with wary eyes, or embrace them wholly? What kind of precedents are there for this? Is Halcyon City really a place of second chances, or is the rule once a villain, always a villain?

In Our Next Issue…

Kicking is just the start. Now we get to do the fun stuff: more Halcyon City Herald articles, more playbooks, perhaps even more Hero and Villain cards! Halcyon City is a big place, and we’re just starting to explore it...

Stretch Goal #2: Those You May Not Know by André La Roche

André La Roche is up next ($8,000), with his own contribution for the Halcyon City Herald Collection. He’s going to write “Those You May Not Know,” profiles of two of Halcyon City’s more unknown or misunderstood heroes who still do the work and save the day. Echidna is a misunderstood, transformed monster, and Mr. Krowley is a strange, isolated master of the mystic arts...but both are still heroes.

Stretch Goal #3: Dupes and Reboots by Ariana Ramos and Seth Harris

And then after that (at $10,000), the tag-team duo of Ariana Ramos and Seth Harris will write up “Dupes and Reboots,” an article about the most recent multiversal continuity reboot to hit Halcyon City. They’ll explore the existence of “dupes”, people who now have a double walking around from a parallel continuity, as well as new buildings suddenly appearing in empty lots, parents groups complaining about social studies textbooks recounting events that never happened, and more madness that descends when timelines collide!

And More to Come!

We’ve still got plenty more stretch goals from some amazing contributors, and some other cool things planned for down the line, but for now, we’re just thrilled to have so much support. Thank you so much!

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    1. Victor Wyatt

      I love what you have listed for the Halcyon City Herald. I also have a suggestion in case you haven't thought of it yet (though you probably have). It would be really cool to see a write-up of a few "events" that might be responsible for supers. For example, though it is a weak one off the top of my head, the strange storm that came through town and sucked water up from the surface of the ground to the clouds. They would be cool to see written in a news article style.

      And, congrats on the campaign success so far.