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An interactive photography project using sousveillance, motion sensors, layered digital imaging, and the internet.

Sousveillance – Refers to the recording of an activity by the participant in the activity, typically by way of small wearable or portable personal technologies.

Proceed examines time, sousveillance, and web-based representations of self, and portraiture.  The two main components of this site-specific installation are live video and digital portraits.

Video cameras will capture moving imagery on-site.  This imagery will be broadcast in a storefront window television monitor. Pedestrians passing by will catch a glimpse of themselves in the window.

Some of these people will choose to stop and interact with themselves – they will actively choose to self-broadcast. The multiple channels of video of these events will be captured and layered.  The multiple likenesses will be synthesized into a composited portrait.  These portraits will be uploaded to the internet.  This will be indicated in the window, if the participants choose to acknowledge it.

Layers of voyeurism and sousveillance form the base of this project, producing questions of control.  People choose to engage in acts of sousviellance every day, but do they consider how their likeness will reverberate in the digital network of self. 

Where do these likeness go?

What are they used for? 

Who is exactly watching whom in this scenario? 

These are all questions we had to ask and answer while constructing this project. 

We will eventually be launching a digital art and education space for makers and artists in Philadelphia.  Proceed will be located in the window of that space.  The venue will be named Memex Space.  Proceed is meant to heighten the interest of the nature of the space.  By funding Proceed you are indirectly donating to our future non profit art space!  

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We have compiled a team around us to help us with our project. We have been researching the technical equipment, rallying specialists, technicians, and programmers for over a year. A friend of ours has given us the storefront space free of charge. We have a web designer, programmer, and camera tech working with us to complete this project. Since we do not have any programs to use directly for this project in accordance with the motion sensors, we need to have the programmer write our own. This could cause some complications, but he is very experienced with writing software, so I am sure with the combined knowledge of our team and some technical tweaking, we should be able to figure it out and get it up and running by the beginning of or middle of January, 2013.


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