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a member-based digital fabrication workshop in austin, texas. your pledge helps make a down payment on a laser cutter and cnc router.

kristen von minden and eve trester-wilson are a pair of trained architects with a passion for making. we are inspired by a few homegrown austin joints like slugfest printshop, clayworks studio/gallery, blue genie art industries, and our friend evan’s weekly shop night. we’re currently working on fabricating some of our design projects with these and a few other shops around town, but we want a place to pursue all of our interests and activities independently and to help you pursue them too--

--and that's how we dreamed up MAKEatx, a workshop where creative types can make things happen. MAKEatx will be a member-based workshop where austinites can pursue their diverse interests and activities independently and creatively. the workshop will be outfitted with a variety of fabrication tools--a powerful and versatile laser cutter capable of cutting, etching, and engraving a wide variety of materials up to 36" x 24", a cnc router / milling machine capable of cutting or carving 3-dimensional files up to 96"x 48"x 8", brand new computers with the latest design software, sewing machines, and a variety of shop equipment, technology and workspace to help you on your way to finishing that creative school, work or do-it-yourself project you've been kicking around.

as designers, we aspire to craft beautiful, delightful, unique, playful, meaningful, and environmentally responsible objects and spaces. we look forward to continue working in austin, texas, a city that welcomes and fosters creativity and independence.

as owners and operators of MAKEatx, we hope to provide a thriving and compelling community space: hosting workshops, events, collaborative design projects and a regular artist-in-residence program. it will be a place where a diverse group of thinkers and doers can come together to inspire one another.

thanks for your support! come say hi at kristen + eve


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