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Can the NBA lockout rock out? Yes. Six Hours Short records 12 songs from their original comedy, The Lockout: a Musical.
Can the NBA lockout rock out? Yes. Six Hours Short records 12 songs from their original comedy, The Lockout: a Musical.
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Final Weekend

Tonight is the first performance of the last of our weekends. Kiley Peters of Chicago comedy website Life's a Funny Scene took some great pictures, which you can see here . These are the faces of the voices you've been listening to!

If you're coming to the show this weekend, let us know what night you're coming because we'd love to thank you in person. There are even a few discount tickets still available here

Thanks again for being a vital part of this wonderful project!

Ben & Jason

Press! CD! iTunes!

Happy Friday! We've also mailed out CD's to those who backed at Rotation level ($50) or higher...except for those who didn't provide an address. So if you provided an address, you can expect an album in the next few days! If not, make sure to let us know where we can send your album to.

National Press with Slate

The Lockout: A Musical opened a week ago, and we've had quite a bit of press! Having a cast album has really opened up opportunities for us.  

Jim Pagels, a writer for discovered our music on our Bandcamp site, loved it, and wrote a great article about it, which got us national exposure. Jim's article also led to NPR's Mike Pesca coming to our show, and then plugging it on NPR (listen at 3:50) and a more in-depth review on's Hang Up and Listen sports podcast (listen at 47:35).

This is all directly related to having an Original Cast Album. We can't thank you enough!

Other Press

Here are some quotes from some of our reviews:

Tickets Available (but only through September 15)

The Lockout: A Musical has a limited Chicago run, and we're already a third of the way through. So if you intend to see The Lockout (or intend for your Chicago friends to see it), make your plans before it's too late! Tickets are available here.


The Lockout: A Musical is now available on iTunes! Let your friends know where they can listen to this wonderful thing you've been a part of.

And as always, we love a good social media shout-out. A shared link on Facebook or Twitter would be huge for us. Let the world know you're listening to your new album, or which song you're most excited about seeing live.

Thanks again for your generous donation. We couldn't have done it without you.

Ben and Jason

Album. Almost. Here.

Hey there backers! I'm not sure what you're doing right now, but I'm listening to the final mixes of the songs of The Lockout: A Musical. And unless something quite unexpected happens, you'll be listening to the songs in a couple of weeks! 

We want you to start and end your August with The Lockout, so we'll be sending you a digital download in early August, with CD's arriving in late August.

Tribune Love

Our show got a huge boost this week when the Chicago Tribune plugged our show. Check it out...

"Giving Chicago's credentials as a sports town and a theater town, this new rock musical may already be a point ahead." - Doug George, Chicago Tribune 

Special Guest

Those of you from Oklahoma are most likely OKC Thunder fans, and if you're a Thunder fan you probably read The Daily Thunder, a popular blog that covers everything Thunder. The man behind this blog, Mr. Royce Young (@royceyoung), graciously lent his voice to the album as the announcer of the show's fictitious NBA team, the Wichita Water. I think he secretly wants to be an NBA announcer, because it sounds like he's practiced for this. A lot.

Keep up with The Lockout

The album is nigh, and our time together will soon be ending. Thanks to the album you gave us, we expect this show to have a long life beyond our fall production. You can keep up with all things Lockout by liking our Facebook page and/or following us on Twitter

Thanks again for making this album happen. We're very proud of it, and cannot wait to share it with you.

Ben & Jason

Cast Vocals? Check.

Hey there supporters! Sorry it's been so long since our last update. Much has been occurring, but we wanted to wait to announce that 

Tickets are now on sale

at our spiffy new website or directly at This means that it's all the more important for backers at ALL-STAR, ALL-NBA, or RETIRED JERSEY to let us know which performance you'll be attending.

Cast Vocal Recording

Our friends Colt and Dustin came up from Oklahoma City to record the cast. After a couple of plans fell through, Christian Fellowship Church was kind enough to let us use their space. And by space, I mean nursery. Notice the tactile whale on the wall:

(Ben, Colt, Jason, and Dustin)

The cast all sang in the big room with the slides

...and solos were recording in "The Quiet Room"

The songs are now being mixed by Dustin in Oklahoma City, and will be available to the public August 2...but if all goes according to plan, you'll be getting it first. As we get closer, we'll give you details about how to download. 

Thanks again

Everything Lockout is going super well and everyone involved feels like this could really be something special...

...and it's all because of you. Thanks for believing in us. 

Ben and Jason

Official Dates for The Lockout

Why hello there. 

Show dates and times

We've received quite a few requests for The Lockout's dates and times, especially those of you who plan to travel from out of town. We've been finalizing the details of our contract with American Theater Company, and we didn't want to share specifics until it was official.

All performances are at American Theater Company (1909 W Byron St, Chicago).  Thurs/Fri/Sat performances are at 7:30pm, and Sunday performances are at 5:30pm.

Sat, Aug 17
Sun, Aug 18
Thurs, Aug 22

Aug 23-25 (Fri-Sun) Opening weekend
Aug 29-Sept 1 (Thurs-Sun) Labor Day weekend
Sept 5-8 (Thurs-Sun) Ben probably won't be there weekend
Sept 12-15 (Thurs-Sun) Closing weekend

Tickets will officially go on sale July 1, as it is the 2 year anniversary of the NBA lockout upon which this work is based. All previews will be $10, Fri/Sat $25, and Thurs/Sun $20. 

However, if you backed at All-Star or above, you've earned yourself a pair of tickets (or season tickets if ALL-NBA or above)! To redeem, just message us through Kickstarter and let us know what date you plan on attending. You can change your date even after July 1, but let us know as soon as possible so you don't get sold out of a show. 

Other updates

Things are moving along with the production! Our cast of 16 wonderfully talented Chicago thespians have been busy learning the songs, which they will record in Chicago June 27-29. 

The band, Mopak, is almost done recording the instruments (bass and drums? check.) We've already heard what they've done for I Believe and I am Basketball, and they sound incredible. We can't thank them enough for putting in the work to make sure that we'll have a CD on opening night! 

Social Media

We've been pretty quiet on the #socialmediafront, but we'll be starting our marketing campaign soon. If you're a Twitter-er, follow us at @lockoutmusical, and please Like us on Facebook . We'll be using these more than our Six Hours Short stuff.

That's about it, I think. Let us know if you have any questions- we're quite happy to answer.


Ben and Jason