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Join the movement to crowdsource demand for solar energy, just by plugging in.
Join the movement to crowdsource demand for solar energy, just by plugging in.
Join the movement to crowdsource demand for solar energy, just by plugging in.
1,676 backers pledged $120,599 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Dean Pajevic on

      Hi Paul, Apologies for late reply. I'll email you to follow up on re-attaching my Sunports to my phone. Best, Dean

    2. Paul Droege Creator on

      @Dean I'm sorry you are still having problems. Yes, we also still describe the app as a "beta" product. Development has been slower than we ever anticipated for many reasons, but in part because BLE is so new. Not only do we have to make our own code work, but occasionally we also run into bugs completely outside our control. Your "missing" SunPort seems to have been caused by one such bug. It should be fixed now, and if not, please let me know.

      If you want to know how it happened...

      After upgrading to iOS 10 recently, several other users reported the same problem to us. As near as we can tell, it was caused by an OS level bug that had previously made some iphones misreport the MAC address of some SunPorts. Just like in your case, it wasn't all SunPorts, oddly, but a fair number of them. After Apple found and fixed this bug, our app suddenly started reporting the correct MAC addresses for the mis-registered SunPorts. But this meant they were interpreted as being different devices and thus not connected to the appropriate accounts. The fix is for us to manually update the missing SunPort's MAC address in our database.

      If any other users out there have SunPorts gone AWOL, let us know, so we can fix it for you.

    3. Dean Pajevic on

      Of my two Sunports: One works intermittently, the other just now flashes red, no longer shows up on my iPhone SE at all. I've been in touch with the developer, but the app updates do not fix the issues. So it's a cool project, but still in "beta" based on my experience. I hope we are actually helping create more demand for solar.

    4. Scott Whiting

      Awesome product...promoting the heck out of the product.

    5. Lauren Betancourt on

      Lovveeee my sunport! Been using it a few months now. Great job, glad I backed this project :)

    6. Glenn Gardner on

      Love the app update, and love my sun ports. Nice job!

    7. Paul Droege Creator on

      @Jeffrey is power flowing through the SunPort? It might be turned off. You can try turning it on/resetting it by touching the 100% Solar mark on top.

      Otherwise it may just be a problem with the Bluetooth - the range on this seems to vary tremendously, anywhere from 100 feet at some times to only a couple feet at others. Bluetooth also seems to connect much more consistently when the phone is plugged in, so you could try that while troubleshooting it.

      If you are continuing to have problems, please let us know by email as that is monitored much more actively than these comments -

    8. Glenn Gardner on

      Seems to explain it! Thanks, has been fine since knowing what to avoid.

    9. Jeffrey Williams

      I have the Sunport plugged in and Solar is lit up green, but the app isn't detecting it. I have a Moto X 2nd gen, so I have Bluetooth 4.0. Any tips to get it to detect?

    10. Michael C. Cappello on

      That was Import fee... lol, not important.

    11. Michael C. Cappello on

      I also got smashed with an important fee today. And another huge issue since I moved to Europe, the plug prongs are US based. Batting 1000 right now. :(

    12. Paul Droege Creator on

      HI @J, Sorry about the import fee. We didn't plan to be sending anything out of the country so we didn't do any investigation into import duties and the like.

    13. Paul Droege Creator on

      Hi @Glenn, Sorry about the issue with the button. We had a last minute change in firmware that added the button functionality and we didn't realize how sensitive it would be. The idea was to allow an easy manual way to turn off the SunPort. The problem is that it's too easy to switch it inadvertently when plugging in, plus it is not obvious that it is turned off. We hope to address this in a future firmware upgrade but for now you just need to be careful plugging it in. In the case of the vacuuming situation, you probably had a brief excess current draw that caused the vacuum to draw in excess of 15A. This can happen with any appliance that has a motor. In that case, the button serves as a reset.

    14. Jared

      was not happy to be hit with a massive $40 import fee today from your product

    15. Glenn Gardner on

      Twice now I've needed to press the button on top for it to begin working, and another time it stopped while I was vacuuming using it and flashed red a few times before going back to green and also required pressing the button to resume use. It's a minor inconvenience, apart from it stopping mid use, but what is the purpose of the button? Is there rhyme or reason to when a press is required? Thanks!

    16. Paul Droege Creator on

      @dave, You've got it. We don't like this situation and we're working to improve the UX around reload, but for now it's a bit less than wonderful. We're looking to create a way you can easily force a reload hop to a specific SunPort, but right now it is as you say. Hopefully not too annoying once you understand what's going on.

    17. Missing avatar

      dave greene on

      @paul. Got it. So basically, when you load new joules onto the port - chill out within Bluetooth reach to allow the new charge data to sync between port and app. Makes sense.
      Thanks. Totally excited when I see blue and green blinking.

    18. Paul Droege Creator on

      Hi @dave greene, Thanks so much for the feedback. Glad to hear you're loving the SunPorts and getting the kids involved too! The problem you mention is probably due to some of the quirky things about how the Bluetooth is working in the app. When you request a reload, our server sends SunJoules to the app for all SunPorts registered to your app. Then, the SunJoules are transferred to the SunPort when the app is able to connect to the SunPort. During the time when the SunJoules are in the app but have not yet hopped over to the SunPort, the app could show it loaded but the SunPort has not yet received them. The Bluetooth connection to the app is not something that happens with complete regularity or certainty, so it sometimes takes quite a while to make the last hop. We're working on some fixes for this situation, both to make the last hop to the SunPort more timely and to message if the reload is not yet completed. If you don't see the three red blinks stop after having your phone consistently in range for several hours, we're probably having a different problem and you should reach out to us at

    19. Missing avatar

      dave greene on

      I have a power strip plugged into the port. Get a red light, 3 blinks. Shows it is charged on app. Thoughts?

    20. Missing avatar

      dave greene on

      Got my 4 ports. Love the color and texture of the product. My 18 year old and my 12 year old love them. Totally showed them off to their friends. WiFi on Droid and ios was seemless and painless.
      Well done!

    21. Glenn Gardner on

      That was supposed to be a "thumbs up"

    22. Paul Droege Creator on

      Hi @Glenn - The SunPort readings do not include the power used by the LED and Bluetooth chip, but we have taken some calibration readings and found these to be in the range of a few milliwatts, so even if the unit could detect its own energy consumption, it would not be discernible in the readings and it would amount to just a few extra SunJoules in annual consumption.

    23. Paul Droege Creator on

      Hi @Eddie - do you mean solar as opposed to dirty energy or usage as in the size of the load. Actually the LED does both, although the latter needs significant improvement. The light will pulse blue/green when using SunJoules, and the rate will vary slightly depending on how much power you are consuming. When it begins to get low the light pulses green/red, and if you run out of SunJoules it will be steady red, as a reminder that you are no longer using solar and need to reload.

    24. Paul Droege Creator on

      Hi @K I sent this on to Nick, our lead on the app - he should be following up with you soon.

    25. Glenn Gardner on

      Kind of inconsequential, but does the sunport detect the power used by the led and Bluetooth chip, using sunjoules for those as well?

    26. Missing avatar

      K Yu on

      Hi there! I'm having trouble with setting up my account on the iOS app on an iphone 5 (which has bluetooth 4). When I click "submit" for my name and e-mail, it thinks for a while and eventually says "Connection problem: please check your network connection and try again" . I have my Sunport plugged in with the "solar" lit up, and bluetooth is active on my phone, and my internet is working.

    27. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    28. Glenn Gardner on

      Very happy with the sunport! Put in Wi-Fi/IoT for v2! The "SOLAR" led is awesome, and the power meter is a nice feature.

    29. Paul Droege Creator on

      Hi @Robert Roeder, please see the update Jonathan just posted this past Wednesday for more details for the situation you have.

    30. Paul Droege Creator on

      Hi @dave greene. Right now we're not sure if we're going to create an ongoing plan for school sponsorships since only had moderate interest in schools from our backers and we have many things demanding our attention. Still, we love the idea of reaching out to students and being in the schools. If you keep an eye on our website ( you'll be able to see if/when we push forward with an ongoing school sponsorship program.

    31. Robert Roeder on

      I have received the two units, but since I do not own IOS or Android phone i am unclear what to do. This is the one KickStarter project I am not sure why i purchased.

    32. Missing avatar

      dave greene on

      Paul. Excited to get my ports! Are we able to purchase "sponsor a school pack" in the future?

    33. Terance Low on

      @Paul - Thanks for the troubleshoot. Actually had to unplug and push button to get it going.

    34. Paul Droege Creator on

      @Terance - Sorry for the difficulty. A couple other users have also reported that problem and we've experienced it ourselves. What's happening is that the button on the top of the unit (right under the 100% Solar mark) toggles the power on and off. If you aren't getting power, just touch the mark and it should work.

    35. Terance Low on

      Got mine yesterday, getting all of the lights and followed the instructions but not working :(

    36. David Sacks on

      Received! Thank you!

    37. Hunter D. on

      Just got mine today as well :)

    38. Missing avatar

      Todd Ketelsen on

      Any updates on delivery?

    39. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    40. Paul Droege Creator on

      We are working on the tracking numbers, but I'm not sure if all of them are getting through. If you don't receive a number and haven't gotten your package by late this week, please email

    41. Glenn Gardner on

      Tracking number received, looking forward to it!

    42. Brett Orenstein on

      Congrats!! will our tracking numbers be sent through email?

    43. Missing avatar

      Clark Taylor on

      App approved! Congratulations! I am very excited about supporting the use of solar.

    44. Missing avatar

      Andreas Symeonides on

      Sounds like perfect timing to me. Looks like some will be getting theirs throughout Earth week!

    45. Paul Droege Creator on

      @andreas Yes that is correct. And we have begun shipping. :)

    46. Missing avatar

      Andreas Symeonides on

      I think I see it! I think it has gone live in the App Store!

    47. Brett Orenstein on

      Great news! Im sure Apple will approve the app really quick!

    48. Paul Droege Creator on

      Hey Brett, you caught me right in the middle of publishing an update on exactly that subject. We have the SunPorts here in the US and expect to ship everything this week. There were some delays, both in customs and app development, but all we are waiting on at this point is Apple's seal of approval.

    49. Brett Orenstein on

      So have you guys mailed out the first box yet? The last update seemed like you were supposed to receive them to send out soon and its almost late april.

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