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To produce 5 NEW Booty Babe statues and ensure the future of Booty Babe Art (TM) for many years to come...
To produce 5 NEW Booty Babe statues and ensure the future of Booty Babe Art (TM) for many years to come...
182 backers pledged $29,231 to help bring this project to life.

Just posted some STRETCH GOAL BONUS incentives.

Posted by Spencer Davis (Creator)

Hello everyone and thank you again for supporting my project.

I remain optimistic but - Recently the progress of my campaign has come to a bit of a plateau or flatline.  To stimulate activity I have just added some incentives.  Basically, if I can hit a stretch goal of $17K, then BONUS items will be packed out with each statue that is ordered. (See newly uploaded images for details.)

Please be aware: you can always ADD to your pledge at any time during the campaign.  And it is easy to do so.  I am hoping that some of you will see what these statues look like from different angles / in different attire, and maybe decide to pick up another.  And hopefully NEW backers will be convinced to take that leap and decide to order their first!  It's easy to log into your Kickstarter account and add another statue.  Just change the pledge amount, enough to account for the additional items; Literally speaking - You do the math.  AT THE END OF THE CAMPAIGN YOU WILL RECEIVE A SURVEY.  THIS IS HOW I WILL KNOW WHICH REWARD ITEMS YOU WOULD LIKE TO RECEIVE FOR YOUR PLEDGES.  Let me know if there are any questions! 


 - Spencer D.

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    1. Andi S on

      Thanks for the reply, Spencer! I definitely am going to want the eyes-open version (I'm assuming that we can choose at the time we get our rewards survey?), just because she's so different and pretty -- I love your dreamy-eyed girls, too, of course, but variety is nice! :)

    2. Spencer Davis Creator on

      Great question Andi - I solicited opinion about this detail on my Facebook artist page and it was pretty divided. So I decided to offer them EITHER WAY: HALF OF THE "KLASSY KAT" STATUES WILL BE PRODUCED WITH EYES OPEN + HALF OF THEM WILL BE PRODUCED WITH EYES CLOSED; SO YOU WILL HAVE YOUR CHOICE. This will make the 'eyes open' version of "Klassy Kat" a very limited and sought after item, as I have NEVER BEFORE produced a Booty Babe with eyes open(!)

    3. Andi S on

      The "stretchy goals" are great! I have a question, though -- does Klassy Kat have open or closed eyes? I chose her because I liked the different look that the open eyes gave her, but I noticed that in the "stretchy goals" pic, she has a different head position and her eyes are closed.

      Will Klassy Kat look like she's pictured in the original pitch, or in the new photo?