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To produce 5 NEW Booty Babe statues and ensure the future of Booty Babe Art (TM) for many years to come...
To produce 5 NEW Booty Babe statues and ensure the future of Booty Babe Art (TM) for many years to come...
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Posted by Spencer Davis (Creator)

First off:  Thank you all very much for your patience.  Many of you must be wondering, several of you have asked, so here is the latest / but not greatest: Yes, the (freight company) ARRIVAL NOTICE / INVOICE (for the 20' foot shipping container full of Booty Babes) says ETA 10/30/14. So it may very well be parked at the port / harbor in Long Beach, CA at this very moment. (I will call them on Monday.) I have been in touch with the freight company that will drive the container from the Port of Long Beach out to my home in Vegas, and they said it usually takes 4-5 days (to get things sorted out at the port, load, and drive it out for delivery.) HOWEVER: They have warned (and I have heard this from other sources close to the shipping industry) that there is currently a shortage of "chassis," available at this time. It is my understanding that these "chassis" are the truck bed / trailers that carry the 20' foot (or 40' foot) containers out of the harbor so they can be delivered domestically. So this shortage of chassis, which can't keep up with the amount of shipments coming in from overseas, is causing a back-up. That is all the information I have at this time. It is very frustrating to not have this arrive before Designercon (a convention I have coming up next week.) So I requested that my H.K. vendor AIR ship some product to me ahead of time, just so I will have a few cartons to promote and sell at Designercon. This small, air, Speedpost delivery cost me around $750 to ship. (So the late shipment is - not only just disappointing, + inconvenient, now add to that costly.) I have further pressure because I did a presale during the entire month of October. But let me assure you - my Kickstarter Backers (who have been waiting the longest) YOU will be served first. I plan to ship these in chronological order, based on who pledged earliest during the campaign. Regarding the Backer Surveys, I still don't want to email those out just yet, not until I actually, physically have the product in hand. I want to be 100% ready to go before I start asking for 'current' mailing information. Once again. Thank you so much for your patience and support. You folks have been REALLY understanding, and it is much appreciated. Very sincerely, Spencer D.


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    1. Spencer Davis Creator on

      Thanks so much for verifying that J(!)

    2. Missing avatar

      J on

      No worries as I'm well aware of whats going on with the ports. I have problems with the delays they are causing as well. For those intersted here's an article about it.

    3. Jeffrey De Allen on

      Thanks for the update!

    4. Spencer Davis Creator on

      THANKS Luis! - You guys are awesome - Thanks for the positivity!

    5. Missing avatar

      Luis Sterling Jr. on

      Hey Spencer, the Best things in life are worth waiting for,
      In business, the things that we can't control are often the ones that hold us back!
      We've waited almost a year, waiting a few more weeks won't hurt us at all,
      I'm looking forward to receiving my set of Beautiful Ladies!!!!!
      Continued success to you Spencer!!!
      Luis S.

    6. Spencer Davis Creator on

      Thank you Juan!

    7. Juan Francisco Rodríguez on

      Believe me, Spencer. It is worth the wait. I am sorry to hear that this delay is affecting business, but these things just happen. Regards!