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The ultimate DVR experience. A simple & cost effective way to record and watch TV on media devices around your home. TV on your terms.
3,969 backers pledged $370,280 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Joseph Danko on

      I joined the Kickstarter campaign last year. My Windows 10 VIEW App does not display the RECORD button. Do I need to renew my subscription?

    2. Daryl Jurbala on

      Again not a single mention of the promised Plex client that was the only reason many of us contributed to this campaign.

    3. Joe Gasz on

      How can it be said 'we are making progress on protected content' when in the last update (May 2016) we were told there was a work around that has a reasonable chance of working? I think more details about that progress should be given.
      What happen to the work around? Did that fail? Is there a new work around that is being looked into? Are you working with Microsoft to get an exception to DHCP? Was SD just too busy to work on this function?

      Since this is a show stopper for a big portion of the backers more details would be appreciated on this item that is 11 months overdue.

    4. Missing avatar

      PC on

      Where is the plex client which you promised to kick starter backers prior to me committing to send money on hardware that to this day remains useless to me.... Your lucky your not a real company otherwise your many unsatisfied backers mifht have some recorded beyond waiting in vain for you to fullfil promises which you have made.... If for any reason your thinking of purchasing products or services from this outfit, don't waste your money as they remain unable to ship software to people who backed their project on the assumption they would deliver what they pledged :(

    5. Missing avatar

      scott lindahl on

      Over promised, under delivered. A year later and this is barely useable.

    6. Missing avatar

      Eric Toop on

      What about iOS an Apple TV???

    7. Missing avatar

      Thomas Marullo on

      Is there any update on a plex client?

    8. Missing avatar

      Spencer Metz on

      Thanks for the update to the Kickstarter for HDHR DVR. I am very happy with the progress for the Windows 10 and Android apps. Several issues with playback of recordings were addressed in the recently. The feature additions of the progress bar and mapping media controls for Windows keyboards is deinitely a plus. I pulled out two different Logitech keyboards and tested the media keys successfully on both in the Win 10 app. The biggest pleasant surprise was that the SEARCH key on both Logitech keyboards works in the live channel listings and the Discover ttab of HDHR DVR app. (takes 2 taps because the SEARCH checks the Win 10 Cortana Search box first.) FF has worked like a charm during the Olympics. My 2 TB WD Mycloud has been keeping up surprisingly well. I don't have any Apple products so I cannot report on them.
      Thanks for the progress.

    9. Kris Clegg on

      SO proud of you and your team Nick. Just like you said, I really can see things coming together and greatly appreciate your dedication to this space when all of the industry forces are against you.

      Means a lot that you continue the fight to get all of us access to the protected channels we pay for anywhere we want to watch them. I know it can't be easy, but your commitment is very much appreciated. You're our only hope!

    10. Missing avatar

      WC Epperson on

      This is good progress. But until protected channels are usable in Live TV and DVR, this is not a useful package for me. I need that to be able to migrate from Windows Media Center.