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The ultimate DVR experience. A simple & cost effective way to record and watch TV on media devices around your home. TV on your terms.
3,969 backers pledged $370,280 to help bring this project to life.
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      Jerry Infeld on

      How do you post those extra $25 per year? There is nothing yet on the pledge screen that shows that.

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      Alan Barry on

      Well done on reaching the goal, as we haven't seen the software and can only guess from the marketing, it is early to comment.
      My thinking is if you use a QNAP NAS storage as this is supported according to the marketing, then configure the NAS as a Plex sever which can in turn be accessed from many Plex clients such as on PS4, PS3, Roku and many smart TVs.
      This will be my preferred setup

    3. Missing avatar

      J J on

      @ Mark Fratto
      I thought PLEX was the most OS non dependent client.

    4. Missing avatar

      Mark Fratto on


      To the response about Kodi

      Kodi is the most OS non dependent client out there. Mac,Windows,Raspberry PI,Android,IOS and support for Kodi keeps growing. I currently use SD products at home, for family, as well my work where I support just under 1000 clients simultaneously using Kodi with a full guide and DVR. This is all running on Pi's, windows, Mac, and android where I work. Beautiful!!!!!!

      More supported devices with Kodi than any other.

    5. Keyon Johnson on

      Updated my donation in hopes of getting some TWC love. I would very much like to use TWC and homerun prime like I currently am but not with windows media center. Please and thank you.

    6. Missing avatar

      Gary Peacock on

      I'm also only interested in the solution for protected content. I have TWC and all channels are flagged as 'copy-once'. I pledged $60 in hopes that SD will follow through and develop DVR solutions for protected content. Protected streaming on the Roku and Xbox One would be awesome!! We are counting on you Silicondust, please don't let us down. Thanks in advance.

    7. Missing avatar

      J J on

      @ Jonathan Willoughby
      Agreed. First stretch should be Roku. The market share is larger and by my "last" count there was more requests for Roku over Kodi. Not to mention going from $100k > $250k is highly unrealistic. Almost like they don't want to hit it.

    8. RandomNinjaAtk on

      Xbox One app would be amazing!

    9. Missing avatar

      Jonathan Willoughby on

      I think the $150k stretch goal should be the Roku development. I believe most people use a heterogeneous mix of services to consume their media (Netflix, Amazon, Xbox, HBO GO, etc) and the benefit of Roku is that with HD Homerun DVR, now we can add Live TV and DVR to that one box without changing inputs! The problem with Kodi is that it is kind of an isolated program. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

    10. Missing avatar

      Thomas Marullo on

      I upped my pledge because I really want to see a Roku app.

    11. Missing avatar

      Pierce Tucker on

      Is there any chance for protected content within Kodi? I'm on TWC and every channel is protected.

    12. Frank A. on

      Simply edit your pledge and add $25 on top of the minimum $30 pledge for each additional year you want.

      So for example, if you already pledged $30, simply add another $25 for a total pledge of $55 for two years. If you pledged for something higher, like a NAS, just keep adding $25 for each additional year you want.

      Hope that helps.

    13. Missing avatar

      neil agate on

      Is there any chance of making an Amazon Firestick app, it is a nice small form factor with a nice remote and a good price

    14. Missing avatar

      James Daly on

      So how do we go about extending our subscriptions?

    15. Missing avatar

      Mike Werner on

      How about a client that integrates with Emby (MediaBrowser3).

    16. Charles Eakins on

      I'd like to see a PS4 client.