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A modern take on Greek mythological eternal punishments. The tale of two brothers tormenting each other in a scenario they can't escape Read more

London, UK Shorts
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A modern take on Greek mythological eternal punishments. The tale of two brothers tormenting each other in a scenario they can't escape

London, UK Shorts
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CERBERUS is the tale of two brothers, Steve and Stacey who are stuck in purgatory after being killed in a grocery store robbery. We start as Stacey, the older of the two, accidentally shoots dead 'Cerberus', pet dog and best friend to the Devil. They have 5 minutes to work out what to do before he comes back and finds out. A desperate, comical and frantic chase ensues bringing out the worst in each of them. 

A modern take on the Greek mythological eternal punishments(*), the film explores the unhealthy cycles of behavior we get stuck in with the people that we love. Hell is a personal concept for each of us and, quite often, created by us...

(*) Think of Tantalus who was made to stand in a pool of water beneath a fruit tree with low branches, with the fruit ever eluding his grasp, and the water always receding before he could take a drink.


One of the many challenges in producing CERBERUS is for us to create our two characters and make them as believable, distinctive and attaching as possible. The film explores the love/hate relationship cycles we can get stuck in with the people close to us. In this case two brothers who represent two different sides of the same coin.The film will be both a funny and intense action short, but also a portrait of two human beings at this crucial moment of time.

As the film is filled with action, one of our top priorities is to inject as much pace and energy in the cinematography as the budget allows. Since we don't have the same budget as mainstream action films, we have to find creative solutions and be clever in the way we craft the film. We've done it in the past and we believe that we can do the same with CERBERUS.

The tone of the film is self-deprecating in a very British way, which will allow us to put the overall emphasis on humour rather than on spectacular. The two brothers are little gangster-wannabes, dressed with a dubious taste. Their car is an old piece of crap that used to be fashionable 15 years ago....they are stranded in the middle of an eerie version of a no-man's land, freezing, in the miserable weather.

One of our main inspirations tonally is Samuel Beckett. He always manages to tackle serious subjects in an elegant and metaphorical way; similarly, our film explores patterns of relationships and death anxiety, but will always do so in a light-hearted and unpretentious way.

The definition of a work of art could be that you should always find something new every time you look at it. By structuring CERBERUS in an ambiguous way, this is what we're aiming for.



Remy Bazerque is an award-winning writer-director, who trained at the National Film and Television School in Fiction Directing. Since graduating he has worked across the industry in both fiction and advertising.

Over the past five years Remy has directed numerous short films which have been widely shown at various independent film festivals. 'Have you seen Napoleon?' recently won Best Student Short and Best Actor Awards at the Los Angeles Comedy Film Festival, the Creativity Award at the Forster Film Festival and received a special Mention of the Jury at the London Short Film Festival 2013. His latest short film 'Happy Hour' premiered at Raindance 2013, and won the Best Short Shorts Award at the Berlin Independent Film Festival 2014.

Remy has also won the Firefox Flicks Competition 2012 at the 65th Cannes International Film Festival with his advertising campaign 'Paranoid'.

Passionate about stories, characters and comedy, Remy's cinematic universe is made of off-beat ideas, wit and a distinctive lightness of touch. Based in London, Remy is managed in the US by Eric Pertilla at Mosaic Media Group.



From 2005 to 2008, James studied at the University of Birmingham, gaining a BA in Drama & Theatre Arts.

He then went on to train at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School for 2 years in Professional Acting, graduating in 2010.

Whilst training, he signed with top London talent agency Curtis Brown Group, and has since worked across all platforms of the industry for the BBC, ITV, Aardman, History Chanel and BBC Radio 4 to name but a few. He has worked with well-respected directors such as Matthew Warchus (Pride), James Strong (The Great Train Robbery: A Coppers Tale), Andy Hay (Waking The Dead, Foyles War), Michael Lacey & Tim Boyd (Emmerdale) and many more, learning a great deal from their wealth of experience. He has recently been cast in a new one-off interactive BBC drama as part of the BBC World War One Centenary scheduling, shooting beginning of June.

James wrote and directed his first short ‘Sam’, starring Joseph Drake, a dark mocumentary, exploring the routines and methods of a serial killer. This was a super-low budget, dogme-esque film that was all shot on location around Hampstead. The performance from Joseph drives the piece forward, culminating in an horrific murder and burial scene on Hampstead Heath.


Tom Graduated from the Bournemouth Arts Institute in 2009 working in all platforms since. Notable credits include (TV) Frankie BBC, Doctors BBC, (Feature Film) Fallen Eagle, Broken Wings, Tezz, Gangs of Tooting Broadway, Magnesium. Theatre credits include a sell out run of Go To your God like a Soldier in Edinburgh 2011 with 5 star reviews and the ‘Pick of the fringe’ award. He also appeared in Oh What a lovely war’ directed by Christopher Littlewood, nephew of original director Joan Littlewood in one of the most authentic revivals since it first staged in 1963

Inspired by his work on Go to Your God like a Soldier, Tom wrote his first short First Sight, about a man returning from Afghanistan who subsequently falls in love with whom he thinks is the sister of his best friend who died in Afghanistan.



Tibo created his first film production company in France aged 20 and later enrolled for an MA in Film and TV Production at Royal Holloway University of London. He moved to London and started working in the British film industry, completing nine feature films to date as 1st Assistant Director and Production Manager, as well as producing a large number of short films, adverts and promos.

Tibo created SweetDoh! Ltd in 2013. Through this company, he has produced a series of adverts for the NGO Orphans In Need which were broadcast in the UK, US and in India (nominated for a Young Director Award). Tibo’s short films have screened in Raindance, Encounters, BIFA, LSFF, East End Film Festival, won awards in Washington DC’s film festival and at the Berlin’s British Shorts Film Festival, as well as Vimeo Staff Picks


Inesa is an independent producer based in London, in 2013 she has set-up a production company NEVERMIND FILMS. With extensive experience in fiction films, she has recently extended her activity to documentaries and art films. In 2012 Inesa graduated from the NFTS with an MA in Film and TV Producing. 

With over ten years of film and television experience, Inesa’s film career began at the Lithuanian Film Studio as a Location Manager. In 2004 Inesa was awarded a career development grant from Nordic Council of Ministers and interned at the Tromso International Film Festival, (Norway) and London FF (UK). In 2005 Inesa relocated to London and began her film career at Arista Development and Content Film.

Inesa has produced five short films and executive produced a feature length documentary. Her films were shown at Venice Art Biennale, Oberhausen, Edinburg Film Festival, London Short Film Festival, Chicago Film Festival, LA Comedy Film Festival and many more. Two of her short films were awarded for best student film’s at the several international film festivals.



Andrew Alderslade is a London based cinematographer who shoots dramas, promos and commercials. Utilising all crafts and technologies from the old to the cutting-edge, he relishes every challenge that film-making can throw at him. 

Starting in music promos, with artists including Radio 1 DJ Toddla T, later he went to study his craft at the famous NFTS under the guidance of Brian Tufano BSC ('Trainspotting', 'Billy Elliot') and there shot a number of shorts including 'Maerus Rex' (Dir. Remy Bazerque, Fujifilm Shorts 2012 Best Film & Cinematography Nominee), 'Chasing Bobby' (Dir. Adel Oberto, Critics' Prize Genova Film Festival 2012) and the reality-pilot 'Newton's Law' (Dir. Sean O'Riordan, Winner NY-TV Festival Best Independent Pilot). 

After leaving the school he shot 'Paranoid' (Dir. Remy Bazerque) which won the Panavision Prize at the Firefox Flicks competition at Cannes 2012. In the last year, he has been shooting 'The Ideal Wife' for veteran director Philip Saville and staring Andrew Lee Potts, 'The Things He Never Said' (Dir. Col Spector with Ruth Negga, recently screened at the BFI London Festival, London Short Film Festival) and completed filming 'Two Down' a feature film for the award-winning Fizz & Ginger Films.



Eléonore has lived and worked in art departments in France, Germany and the UK. She started her career in Paris with a vocational training in set design. Later she moved to Berlin, where she worked as a stand-by and production designer assistant for German produced TV-Films shooting on location in Morocco, Malta and Italy.

To further explore her creativity and improve upon her technical skills, Eleonore completed the production design MA at the National Film and Television School in 2012. As a designer, she has been involved in a diverse range of genres, including stop-motion animation, live action, documentary and TV game show, always with an eye to craft original filmscapes that support characters and enhance stories. 

Currently London-based, Eleonore has designed a TV pilot, a TEDx Conference, and several commercials. Projects she has been involved in have screened at Cannes Film Festival, Anima Mundi Festival, Hiroshima Animation Festival, Edinburgh Film festival, not to mention the Oscar Nomination for short animation of Head over Heels.




CERBERUS will use the the Panavision Prize won by the team at the 65th Cannes International Film Festival for the Firefox Flicks 2012 for this. The prize is a free rental of a Panavision 35mm film camera along with its mouth watering lens kit.

Risks and challenges

We are working on very exciting project. But a challenging one: we are intending to make an action film on a very low budget. We believe we can achieve it by combining our highly experienced and National Film and Television School trained crew, with the production team's successful experience on low budget films with high production value.
Check our website to see for yourself. /

Be reassured though, our film's total budget is actually £14000, out of which a bit more than half is coming from our own pocket.

We are shooting our film in an amazing but challenging and remote location: the Isle of Skye, in Scotland.

It’s miles away from London – where we are all based. Our first challenge is to bring a whole film crew there safely and in good time, so we can start first day of principal photography as planned, and to take good care of them for our 3 days shoot. Future crew member, do not fear, your bed is already booked and your dinner is heating up.

We also have to prepare ourselves for all possible breakdowns or car issues, as we are located far from big cities and it would take a long time to travel. Thankfully we already have very good contacts with the local council and with a very nice man who owns a low-loader.

The final challenge with our location is uncontrollable environment and weather. Although we are shooting during the mildest season – summer, we are aware of possible bad weather conditions. But in wind, rain or the odd summery snowfall (it's scotland!) we intend to complete the shoot on time and on budget.

Oh yes, and the film is set in purgatory, which is a bit of a challenge. Our talented DOP will use all the possible technical magic to achieve the hellish picture. Very little VFX though, we intend to get it most of it straight in camera, except for the gun shots. Replicas are so much more fun.

Finally, the constant threat on this shoot is being attacked by a three headed dog, so we must know where the nearest hospital is. And the triple leash is already packed.

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