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A most powerful portable dock with detachable adaptor that can be used on your Nintendo Switch, laptop and smart phone.
A most powerful portable dock with detachable adaptor that can be used on your Nintendo Switch, laptop and smart phone.
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Review Video: What Causes Bricking?

Posted by Skull & Co. (Creator)

Dear Backers,

We have less than 19 hours remaining. Thank you all so much for your support! It has been an exciting journey from the beginning and we could not have done this without you!

Regarding the bricking issue:

We understand that many backers are still concerned about the safety of the 3rd party dock, so we have been trying to find out what causes bricking.

We are confident that our product is safe to use. We have been testing and using the Jumpgate for more than 9 months and NONE of our Switches have been bricked. We also collected some other dock samples that have been rumored to cause bricking. Our video might give you an idea as to what causes bricking. 

Watching tests can be very boring and findings cannot be adequately explained in just one short video. Also, it took a lot more time to collect the samples than expected, which made for a very tight schedule making the video before the campaign ends. 

We appreciated your patience and understanding. This review video might still be insufficient but we will keep testing to investigate the bricking issue. Please share your thoughts with us by leaving your comments down blow. 

Testing Info:

Testing samples and where we sourced them:

  • Nintendo Dock - Came with the Switch
  • Jumpgate/Core Drive - Pilot run samples
  • Nyko Portable Docking Kit - eBay (new)
  • Pelda Pro (first batch) - Provided by Jorge Calvo (one of our backers)
  • No-brand Dongle #1 - Ali-express
  • No-brand Dongle #2 - Used, bought from a guy claiming this item bricked his Switch

Testing Equipment:

Oscilloscope, PD Tester, Power Meter and Protective circuit board

Testing Purpose:

Finding out the cause of bricking

Testing Methodology:

Using the official Nintendo AC adapter as a power supply, connecting the Nintendo Switch to the samples mentioned above, HDMI connected with a TV.

Testing Time:

33 seconds, 100 seconds and 2 hours

Testing Results:

Thanks again for your continued support.

Until next time,

Skull & Co. Team

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    1. James Collaborator on

      We will definitely make more videos about the bricking issue…stay tuned. Thank you very much for your support ;)

    2. James Collaborator on

      @Matthew A,
      If the Jumpgate/Core Drive bricks your Switch, we will make a refund and cover your repair and shipping costs.

    3. Missing avatar

      Anthony on

      Queuebitt just posted his reaction to your recent video. He says its definitely a step in the right direction. Though in response to whether Skull & Co had reached out to him, he responded that he hasn't heard from you guys.

    4. Jeremie Lariviere

      great update, i'll have to give it a watch later

    5. Patrick on

      Thanks for sharing the video! Interesting results!

      Any chance you could get your hands on a C-Force CF002 or CF003 dock, or an Insignia dock from Best Buy, to run through your tests? (I have a CF002 that I could potentially send you, but i’m away in Vietnam for a month)

      I have been following comments on docks pretty religiously, and it seems that those C-Force and Insignia docks haven’t had any issues with bricking. I would be curious to see how their voltage/current curves perform - if the curves are similar to the Jumpgate, that may also provide supporting evidence that the Jumpgate will be safe to use with the Switch! (Or at least, it would provide a few more data points on what may or may not be bricking Switches)

    6. Missing avatar

      Gooky on

      Hmm. I've got a USB-C charging hub similar to the no name eBay dongle you had in your video, though with just the triple USB 3.0 ports rather than any HDMI. Presumably it would act similarly to the one you tested? Thankfully I've had no problems yet, though would that just be because it runs in tabletop mode and doesn't do the power boost for docked mode? Still a little confused on where the issue comes from in all this when I stop and think about it (and forget the details of what was just explained :P).

    7. Matthew A on

      If the devices do brick, will you reimburse the cost price of a brand new switch?

    8. Missing avatar

      justin wong on

      thank you for all the text data. definitely instill confidence. i was going to wait a few month before using it just to be sure it doesn’t brick but now i’ll probably use it right out the gate.