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Help publish a book about the culture of skiing, the miracle of snow and how climate change could wipe out both in 75 years.
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On the way...

Posted by DEEP: The future of skiing and snow (Creator)
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Hey Kickers!

Just a quick note to let everyone know that we have been sending out your rewards for two weeks, and that they are on the way! With hundreds of rewards to fulfill - and a staff that you can count on one hand - we're doing our very best to make it happen ASAP.

In the meantime, we've been getting the word out about the book and disappearing snow to the masses. And it's going great! Here are a few recent articles/interviews you might like:

Aspen NPR:




Thanks again and happy holidays!

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    1. Paul Deaton on

      Porter you bastard! I just finished your book sitting here off the coast of CA. My eyes dripping and my cheeks soaking wet. My heart broken with the feeling that our beloved planet is dying at our own hands. As I have some Cherokee blood in me and have always feel close to nature, and I have been to most of the places you talk about in your book and many many more including Everest, well I just never knew that so much is going on behind the scenes to try to make a difference.... So thank you for your efforts. I take what you have written to heart and wanted to tell you I will try to improve my efforts... and.... DAMN GOOD JOB! Still not happy you made a grown man cry... grrrrrr.....