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Need fresh, affordable food? No sunlight or green thumb? Buy it from your neighbor's backyard; @everylastmorsel is #FarmVilleIRL
284 backers pledged $12,452 to help bring this project to life.

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Kickstarter Swag

Posted by Todd Jones (Creator)

The best part about this Kickstarter campaign -- aside from your overwhelming generosity -- has been the opportunity to collaborate with so many talented artists. I don't play an instrument, and I'm not cool enough manage a rock band, but I imagine this whole experience has been a lot like orchestrating a concert.

We had Jana Kinsman on stakes, Alison Kuczwara on posters, and Reuse First totally rocked the printing press. A special thanks goes out to Natalie Mueller for assisting with the lyrics, and Ryan Corazza for providing technical support. Without them we wouldn't have a melody, and without you -- our biggest fans -- we never would have made it out of the garage. Thank you all very much.

Mushy stuff aside: I may not be talented or cool enough to be a rockstar but I've been given an opportunity to speak on stage in front of 500 geeks, entrepreneurs, and investors at Tuesday's Technori Pitch -- buy your tickets now if you haven't already. Every Last Morsel is gonna rock your socks off!

Then you can buy me a drink after the show.

Rock on Kickstarters!

Todd, Collin & the gang

Time Flies

Posted by Todd Jones (Creator)

We can hardly believe it's already August. Since our campaign ended in June we've been searching high and low for the perfect set of developers to help us bring this project to fruition.

We've also been hard at work designing, crafting and shipping your rewards. If you selected seeds or towels designed & printed by the talented couple at Letterform then you probably received a delightful surprise in the mail this weekend.

We'd love to see where you hang your towels and how you plant your seeds. Heck, drop us a line any time -- we're happy to hear from farmers and foodies alike. The more we learn from you the better Every Last Morsel will be. As always, we're grateful to have your support and we'll keep you updated as we move along.

Now back to work!


Todd, Collin & the gang

Proud Papa

Posted by Todd Jones (Creator)

I've never fathered a child but the success of our campaign has me beaming with the sort of pride you'd expect to see on a new father's face. Your generosity has allowed me an opportunity to deliver an idea that's been gestating in my cranium for much longer than 9 months.


Those three 10-day trimesters were simultaneously the shortest and longest 30 days of my life; and somewhere within that timespan I'm sure I experienced proof of Einstein's Theory of Relativity. Experience has taught me, however, that despite the ability of physics to explain the movement of celestial objects through our solar system, it's human relationships that make the world go 'round. 

If it weren't for the help of friends & family and the camaraderie that was inspired by our shared vision of a better future then Every Last Morsel wouldn't be any more than a glimmer in her father's eye. I'm not sure what that makes you in this mixed up metaphor, but I'm grateful you were there for the ride. Thank you, thank you, thank you -- I can't express that strongly enough.

Most sincerely,

Todd, Collin & the gang

Dinner Date

Posted by Todd Jones (Creator)

I haven't been this jealous since I went shopping for a birthday present with my mother about 20 years ago. The Nerf water-gun I had picked out as a gift was to be for my friend Danny; however, in the hours that followed I did a pretty stellar job of convincing myself that having that very same gun in my possession was elemental to my survival. So when it came time to give it away as a gift I threw such a wild tantrum that my mother thought I might blow a gasket.

Fortunately, I've matured some since then. So it's with great pleasure I offer these rewards to our supporters and I hope they offer an occasion where I can offer my thanks to you in person.

NO. 1 BREWER'S DINNER @ HAYMARKET - 5 courses + 5 brews for you and 9 of your closest friends; each dish prepared by Head Chef Christopher McCoy will be paired with one of Haymarket's distinctive brews. Reservations must be made 2 weeks in advance for a Mon. Tues. or Wed. evening. Value: $1,000 for the whole kitten caboodle

NO. 2 UNDERGROUND DINNER PARTY - Seats will be sold one by one; there's room for 14 at the table. Joseph Flamm will lead a team of Chicago's up-and-coming chefs as they prepare a meal that will knock your socks off at an as of yet undisclosed location somewhere with Chicago's city limits. Dinner will be hosted on a school night sometime in July or August. Value: $100/head

NO. 3 SEE HOW THE SAUSAGE GETS MADE - Be butcher for a day at Publican Quality Meats -- one of the newest additions to Paul Kahan's wildly successful empire. This is an opportunity for one lucky meat-lover to get a peek at PQM's underbelly. Date for butcher-experience must be set for a weekday 1 month in advance. Value: $500

I expect word of these opportunities to spread fast. If you're not able to take advantage of them yourself then I'm sure you know someone who can. Good luck.


Todd, Collin & the gang

P.S. If you have one of those oldfangled radios lying around the house because you think they're adorably ironic or because you think it might come in handy during the coming zombie apocalypse then flip it on and tune in to hear me chat with Mike Nowak Sunday at 9AM; WCPT - Mike Nowak show, 820 AM. 92.5, 92.7, 99.9 FM - go to their website and Mike's for details. It's sure to be a hoot.

Hump Day

Posted by Todd Jones (Creator)

The week has ended, Wednesday has come and gone, which means our Kickstarter campaign is more than half way over. Or has it only half-begun?

Whether you're an optimist, pessimist, pragmatist, or dreamer we certainly appreciate having you along for the ride. And because of your relentless enthusiasm we've already raised more than $5,000!


However, despite all the success we've had we're not the type to rest on our laurels. While you've been busy helping us spread the word we've been busting our humps all the while. The website mockups are nearly complete (see below) and we've been collaborating on some new rewards with chefs and restauranteurs that will knock your socks off!



We've also been featured in the Huffington Post!

"What if locating and buying locally-grown produce direct from its source in Chicago was as easy as Google searching for the nearest BYOB? What if the city's urban gardeners were able to join a social-network-meets-online-marketplace that would allow them to connect with both customers and other gardeners?"

I don't know the answers to those questions but I'm confident our team will amaze you, and with your help we'll have that opportunity soon enough.


Gratefully yours,

Todd, Collin & the gang