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Need fresh, affordable food? No sunlight or green thumb? Buy it from your neighbor's backyard; @everylastmorsel is #FarmVilleIRL


Our team of imagineers has been hard-at-work designing the site and we're super excited to put these ideas into action!


We want to make shopping for veggies as easy as borrowing a cup of sugar from your neighbor.



Many thanks to the brilliant artists who help us design these products -- we could NOT have done this without you. Hope you enjoy our pop-up shop!

Kickstarter seed-packets:


Dainty dishtowels (shopping bag and apron designs coming soon):


Veggie Monster Hat! (Eggplant & Tomato coming soon) Notebook, too:





Every Last Morsel began as a landscaping service oddly enough, and
that landscaping service began with an assumption. Todd expected a
great many people would love to have their own garden and grow their
own food, but they simply didn't have the time or the knowledge to do
it themselves. If there's room enough to grow grass, then why not grow
food? And if lawn mowing services exist, then why can't farming
services too?

It wasn't long before Todd's list of clients grew quite large. Weeding
here; watering there; squashing bugs and building beds kept him rather
busy. And to remember which vegetables grew where was about as much
fun as playing with a spreadsheet, which is not very fun at all.

Enter Collin - Todd's high school friend and fellow gardener. As luck
would have it, he's also quite a talented web developer. Todd pitched
his idea for a web application to Collin. An application that would
allow him to map garden locations and list the plant varieties growing
in each. But expectations didn't remain so modest for long. Todd and
Collin realized that the concept would be much more interesting, if
they built it as an open network for everyone - green thumbs and
foodies alike - because the fun in growing food is sharing it after
all. And if they made it easy for people to share food, then maybe
people would be inclined grow more of it!

The rest, as they say, is history, but here's where the story gets
really interesting, because you get to choose where it goes from here.
I don't mean to suggest that you're faced with a choice of donating
money or buying a latte - though we certainly hope you choose the
former. Your opportunity to be involved is much greater than that;
because Every Last Morsel has evolved into a community of people
inspired to transform their communities by Good Eating. And I can't
think of a more delicious way to do good than that.

Sincerely yours,

Todd, Collin & the gang

P.S. I apologize in advance to any English majors who may have been
offended by my inability to choose between 1st, 2nd & 3rd person.

P.P.S. Consider this the first of many thank yous to come. Thank you!
Thank you! Thank you!

P.P.P.S Share your thoughts with us on Facebook or Twitter; send us
photos of your backyard or a meal on your dinner plate. We wanna see
everything that happens from pitchfork to salad fork.


  • $10k may seem like a lot but we'll need to stretch every dollar.

    Firstly, there are expenses associated with the campaign. The incentives that have been co-created with the help of friends are not free. I estimate the total cost of production and shipping will be $2-3k. Furthermore, Kickstarter takes 5% off the top to start.

    So that leaves us with $7k

    Server costs for hosting the website will be approximately $2000 for the year. And if the concept really grabs hold then it could grow to be far more with that.

    That leaves us with about $5k which should be just enough to hire a talented developer who can help us build the remainder of the website.

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    KICKSTARTER SEED PACKET - Thanks for helping us grow! Lettuce return the favor.

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    RECYCLED NOTEBOOK - Jot it down and carry on - don't let your ideas go to waste!

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    REUSABLE SHOPPING BAG - Hopefully you already have one of these, but if you don't then we'd be happy to reward you with one of ours!

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    AWESOME POSTER - The mother-daughter team from Elmhurst has something wicked cool in the works.

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    TWO TOO-CUTE TOWELS - Keep 'em both for yourself or give 'em away as gifts. Where ever they end up they certainly deserve to be displayed.

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    APRON - Sensible attire for the kitchen. I don't know why more people don't wear them.

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    GARDEN STAKES - Believe it or not you can print on wood, and that's exactly what we'll do. You'll get 3 signs that correlate with the 3 seed packets we've created (and you'll get the seeds, too).

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    VEGGIE MONSTER HAT - These hats are ridiculously adorable. Anybody remember "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes?"

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    KITCHEN COUTURE - Apron, towel and shopping bag all rolled into one. Keep 'em for your self or give 'em away as gifts!

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    UNDERGROUND DINNER PARTY - There's room for 14 at the table. The talented Joseph Flamm will lead a crew of Chicago's up-and-coming chefs as they prepare a meal that will knock your socks off at an as of yet undisclosed location somewhere with Chicago's city limits. Dinner will be hosted on a school night sometime in July or August.

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    POSTER COLLECTION - All four awesome works of art for your wall-hanging pleasure.

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    LOCAVORE STARTER KIT - Basically, you get all of the above nestled neatly into one tiny package. Seeds + signs; apron, towel, and shopping bag; plus all 4 posters! Oh you get the notebook too!

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    SEE HOW THE SAUSAGE GETS MADE - Here's your chance to be butcher for a day at Publican Quality Meats -- one of the newest additions to Paul Kahan's wildly successful empire. This is an opportunity for one lucky meat-lover to get a peek at PQM's underbelly. Date for butcher-experience must be planned for a weekday > 1 month in advance.

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    BREWER'S DINNER - 5 courses + 5 brews for you and 9 of your closest friends; each dish prepared by Head Chef Christopher McCoy will be paired with one of Haymarket's distinctive brews. Reservations must be made 2 weeks in advance for a Mon. Tues. or Wed. evening.

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