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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jan 19 2016
pledged of 30.000 $pledged of 30.000 $ goal
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Funding Canceled
Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on Jan 19 2016

Project cancelled - An update open for all to read

Posted by Shieldwolf Miniatures (Creator)

Did I read this right?! :-(

Yes, I'm afraid you did. We have contacted our US collaborator to cancel the project.
After an 8-hour long discussion here at Shieldwolf HQ, and after each member debated their own, we took a decision and it was unanimous;
"If such a great part of potential backers thinks the deal has not been good enough to jump right on, then we really don't know what else is going to entice them and it's not really worth the trouble keeping the campaign running. Cancel it, fix it, and re-launch."

This is *not* a rage-quitting decision, quite the opposite! A very painful one I'd dare say.
Please try to immagine how much work we ahve put into this, how much time, thinking dedicated, and how happy we were when we got funded! People over here were high-fiving each other shouting "Real quality army gaming isn't dead! Real quality army gaming isn't dead!", and not only did we have a great deal from the start, for every plastic kit we funded we would throw even more, therefore it was only going to get better! Alas, it was not.

Campaign stalled (even backslided a bit) on the 7th day?! On a 30-day project? NO! No, no, no we've been through that on our KS-1, and we had said ever since "never again". It is painful and not easy to describe if you haven't lived through it. It's definitely *not* like someone wrote on a forum "when you go out there and beg for money", heck, we are not begging for anything, we are offering a great honest deal here! Watching this get stuck at the 40K mark, backslide, people tossing away Early Birds... no,  we are not willing to go through another one of these, we have done so once, and it's really to much to bear it a second time...

Yeah, but what if things picked up? Or if you tossed some add-ons?

Things should have never stopped in the first place, the reason for this happening is beyond us. And even if we open the "allow-access-to-some-of-our-webstore-items" door, it's only going to help maybe reach the 2nd plastic kit. If backers don't see the initial value, they would see it then?! Nah, highly doubt that. But for arguments sake, even if so, then what? We also have stretch goals of 25-30K gaps, what would be done there?

Effectively...Nothing! Even with a few add-ons to spare, what would 9-15$ add-ons help at? Add 1-2Ks of funding? Everything seems black...

What were the mistakes?

We still don't know all of them, it is fair to disclose that we have been private talking with a number of you and it comes to a combination of factors.

We hadn't communicated the real value; some people came in thinking the best mammoth currently available worldwide was a... 50$ add-on?! I'm sorry to say this but 50$ doesn't even cover the production expenses, let alone fees and packaging materials.
Or people thinking a 2,5K stretch goal could possibly ever be for a unit of bears w/riders? :-(
That would be three different sculpts, on 75x50mm bases + 3 different riders + alternative bits... yeah, more like a 10K SG I'd say...

We didn't allow enough flexibility in the initial pledges not because we didn't want to go the extra mile, but because we sincerely couldn't!
Many many people messaged us saying "I would love to back for a campaign army, but I don't want the Dragon. What else do I get?" When we explained that we didn't have the manpower to handle switches while securing same costs, all these people (and there have been plenty that asked us this question both here, on email and FB page!) were never heard from again :-(

We were thinking to ourselves "well if you don't want the dragon, then sell it or gift it or throw it away or whatever, the rest is still great value!" but that was us, not them. Therefore the mistake is (again) charged on our tab...

- No knowledge from professionals on crowdfunding platforms; while in our honest and humble opinion we commissioned great artwork, great sculptors, great graphics and great painters, we never hired an expert on crowdfunding lay-out. Apparently we should have done that too...

But couldn't you just keep on going with the current backers and see where this lead instead of cancelling the project?

No. Instead of doing what we wanted to in our KS-1 (where we opted for 5 armies at a single campaign), we decided to take it one step at a time, funding two full/complete armies in every KS and launching a single project every 12-14 months, so after a few years we could have a complete game!

If in this KS-2 we sufficed in only a couple of kits (when the competition funds 5-6 times over using the same platform), then it's a contest we are hopelessly entering to lose. We feel like we asked for support and we are very grateful to those of you that gave it to us, more than you can imagine maybe, but we feel like we are holding a knife, and the opponent gets to choose which type of assault rifle he's getting... :-(

  • So trying to put things into place...
  • we would be putting so much more of our own funds into this,
  • we would have to work for an entire year labor-free to keep costs low,
  • we would have to keep on monitoring all forums, threads etc to keep contact
  • we would have to keep communication levels the same as KS-1, thus having to constantly check on a daily basis and take up the responsibility and risk the name and reputation of Shieldwolf
  • we would make sure all backers received a great deal for their involvement, faith and patience, trying to make this a really great experience

and we would be honestly willing to do all this but we would still not get at least a couple of full kitted armies....?

Yeah, that doesn't sound right... :-(

It means a lot to us and we are willing to wait for years but with this pace it would take decades, so as hard as it is for us, it's best cancelling it and relaunching. This has been a very very difficult decision for us to take. But we are doing something wrong, and we have to fix it...

Finally, a big last THANK YOU

Thank you for the trust and enthusiasm you shared with us not only during the days this project was live, but also prior to it, since many of you were on our KS-1 and it was a great honor seeing you back with us.
We know some (probably most) of you might not like this update, maybe feeling we threw in the towel too early and stuff like that, but please try standing in our shoes and seeing it from our perspective.

Hopefully you will like what we try to do in the future and support it again, just like you supported us on this endevour. If you like, please do not cancel your pledges so you may keep receiving any news we might be posting via updates (we never spam!).
We too are gamers and hope in the spirit of this genre of gaming that things will work out to everyone's benefit :-)

Sincerely yours,

The Shieldwolf Team.


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    1. Shieldwolf Miniatures 6-time creator on

      (had missed the update section, time to address that too!) :-)
      @Stuart Holttum
      That's a negative Stuart, we don't gamble and funding goal is going to be the same at the reboot but the expectations are now different. Fixes in the pledge levels to accommodate all those who messaged us with their complaints are also being worked on. On our FaceBook page the Newsletter issued has more information but we will be issuing an update #6 shortly to better inform the backers.
      Also, the "running away" part... lol! :-)
      We have reconsidered the strategy based on the exceeded expectations and are actively working on the draft to share with you. The comment section is being very helpful and we appreciate the enthusiasm!
      Thank you, the redesigning and sharing of the draft for KS-2.5 should help both sides make this work for both parties.
      If people didn't realize the amount of savings we were offering, we consider this our fault and intend making it crystal clear in KS-2.5.
      If we want to keep the production slots and delivery for Dec 2016, yes, it must launch again in February.

    2. Stuart Holttum

      So basically, they quit because they set their funding goal too low to actuLly be viable.

      I guess we should be pleased they pulled it, rather than have our pledges taken and THEN have them run out of money.

    3. Missing avatar

      Jack Davenport on

      I backed at $190, I saw the little green dot on my activity and thought i'd be getting some freebies and its gone...

      This is a bit disappointing. It feels like they lowballed their initial funding goal to pass their funding and hoped to get more later on to compensate for it. This happens all the time on Kickstarter where companies put their initial funding lower, then use cheaper stretch goals to make the actual amount.

      What they really needed to do was have pictures of sprue layouts and renders instead of boxes on the rewards section. People are more likely to perceive value when they see 40-50 odd renders than a box with quantity listed next to it

      I don't understand why they cancelled it when they did, most other companies wait until near the end to cancel it. Yes, people were complaining about value, comments like that are ten a penny on any Kickstarter comment section. Yes, funding dipped, that happens to nearly all Kickstarters after the initial wave of followers and people who see the kickstarter advertised on TTGN or adverts slows down. It normally speeds up again in the last few days as people add to their original pledge or back to avoid missing out.

      The last update states it isn't an emotional response, but it reads like self entitled complaining that people weren't spending enough money. That alone has put me off backing their Kickstarter again in the future.

    4. euansmith

      All the best. I hope you get things sorted. Maybe you should go again but only to produce the first box of minis.

    5. Missing avatar

      Paul Fysh on

      I think people are confusing comments regarding SG not really being well designed to bring in more backers or get more money from existing backers with complaints about value.

      Personally this decision makes me sad and I am disappointed, I think there was loads of value in the pledges, I just think it was a shame the between hips goals didn't really help bring in new backers or more funds. I'll certainly be back for the next version.

    6. Missing avatar

      TP on

      I remember nary a month-long miniatures (game) campaign that didn't fall into a lull a week or so in. (Yes, for those campaigns that average a six-figure sum per day, 30k is still a lull.)

      That considered, yes, this does very much come across a rage-quit decision. Possibly one resulting from insufficient research into the fact every longer miniatures (game) campaign hits a lull, but still a rage-quit decision.

      And now what? Do you really want to appeal to the entitled whiny, excuse my frankness, idiots who couldn't grasp 'value' if I told them to bloody check your website to see how much off retail that dragon/mammooth was? Surely that's not much of a long-term business plan...

    7. Adam Dodge

      Well said Balgin

    8. Balgin Stondraeg

      I'm honestly somewhat confused by this. Disappointed, but confused. Things slowed down a bit and suddenly a load of people in the comments section started to grumble about "value" and how a particular stretch goal might not be something they particularly wanted despite it's being free or how it might not add a lot of value.

      The rewards were already great value for money and yet many started belly aching about the few dollars saved by early bird pledge levels. Now let's be honest here. I am not a wealthy man. In fact I'm rather poor. I had been saving up for months for this. I could see how saving a few pounds here or a few pounds there would be appreciated by someone as poor as me but for those more wealthy? Do they really need to be that stingey? Perhaps they do. Maybe that's why they have more money than me in the first place. Either way it felt as if the comments section was becoming a bitter place that was less fun to read than it had been a few days ago.

      I was expecting Shieldwolf to do something to change the flow of things. They'd been quiet for a few days and we'd definitely hit the mid campaign slump. I was not expecting this 'though. I'm honestly not sure where they're going to go from here but I'll try to be there to help support them in their future endeavours.

    9. Joey Mordecae Dimmock

      +1 to "picked up your ball and went home way too early"

      You've got more than 3weeks left of the campaign... and 130% funded atm.
      I've backed campaigns (and am doing one currently) that have a shorter campaign (14 to 21days etc) that haven't been 100% funded yet, and keep going til the end (or few days before the end) before cancelling...
      seems way too premature to give up now :\

    10. Mr. Kirsch

      If your financial goal was well over $30K, you probably should not have set your funding goal at $30K.
      You were 130% funded and cancelled your campaign because it didn't steamroll like a zombicide release?
      Whomever said it was correct, you guys picked up your ball and went home way too early.

    11. Crimsonsun on

      That's sad but understandable, I'd decided not to back any more tt projects with the exception of this one which I was behind more because you are worthy of support more than any massive desire for minis.

    12. Missing avatar

      Adrian Lovegun on

      I hope there is a relaunch sooner rather than later.

    13. Alastair Christie on

      This doesn't read well, Shieldwolf. It reads more like an emotional response than a constructive decision and it's still not clear to me where the gap lies between what you had achieved (a 100% funded KS) and what you expected/required to continue?

    14. Timmoth on

      You really pulled out way too early.
      You were offering something no-one else does, real warrior women in plastic. That's why I got in.

      There's a million other companies making Orcs and Orks yet Orc fans got nothing really to new excite them, and probably pulled out.

      Yet the Shieldmaidens? No! I had them in my grasp!
      ...and the Warmaidens were looking even better. I was about to raise my pledge to include enough for them later, but, bah!

      Maybe female Orcs would have been a better companion army? and not necessarily ugly, dumpy ones, but a rival to the fantastic Shieldmaidens and Warmaidens...

      I think this decision was wrong,
      but I'll be back for my Warmaidens later...

    15. Kim Boisen on

      It must be said that closing down a project after collecting close to $40.000 in a week, when your declared goal is $30.000 after 30 days, comes off as extremely disingenuous.

      If your true goal is $100.000 and to offer rewards double the size of those offered here at launch, then set the project up like that instead. Stretch goals are meant to entice funding beyond the basic funding required so the project can be expanded in scope or detail, not an overly-elaborate way of reaching your true goal.

      TL;DR: Cancelling a project at $40k when the set goal is $30k with the reason of "we're not collecting enough money" makes you look like two-faced dicks.

    16. Missing avatar

      Gunter Schmidt on

      Bad way to start my day.

      Okay, I know people were sharing thoughts and some critique, but I felt it was overall very positive in the comments, no comparison to some other campaigns that I've been part of, even successful ones.

      Okay, some feedback for Shieldwolf.

      You seem like great guys, caring about what you do. But you need a more aggressive sell. Plaster the amount of models you get and the low $ per mini all over every graphic. Really hammer this home. Quote people who were happy with your first KS. If you were actually planning on giving possibly MORE than "only" two boxes of Warmaidens for free, but some sprues or even boxes for EVERY unlocked new plastic kit then SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS! Hype people!

      Then, presentation. People seem very happy with the existing Orc kit. Link to reviews, conversions (I've seen great kitbashes with GW kits and honestly, you want that market), show the SCALE!!! People on KS are crazy about model height and proportions and ruler pictures. Seriously. People want proxies, conversion fodder, painting projects, all kind of things that depend on the minis scale and overall height. Your lions are being converted as mounts for Warhammer, 40k, KoW and a myriad of other games. That'd reassure people that they won't get a pile of minis unusable for everything else, if they KNEW.

      For the kits you're trying to unlock show MORE. Share your plans. Sketches. Planned poses. Share your plans regarding weapon loadouts, command group, bits, sprue size, how many different sprues, everything. This is a miniature KS, your backers are into this. People want to know those things. Show that you have this planned out, even if some things are subject to change. People understand that, too. I was going for the starter set, simply because I didn't know if I'd want 80 maiden without a lot of weapon options. Would the Warmaidens have had more action-y poses and the Shieldmaidens more of regimented look with advancing or defending poses?

      Pimp the fact that you're working with Renadra and their high quality and reliability, that there's no risk with Chinese New Year raining on everyone's parade. The fact that quality control and communication and posting of samples will be quick because it's only inside Europe and not across continents!

      The rest, I don't know. Someone else can probably tell you if it'd be better to focus on one armyor have a poll to chose shich plastic kit should be the next SG, whatever.

      I just want my warrior women :/

    17. Missing avatar


      I've backed more than my fair share of kickstarters; they all stall. Especially when you have an established base from a previous attempts. All those people jump on immediately then it stalls. No real surprise there. You guys took your ball and went home too early. You're going to start alienating your existing base.

    18. Joey Mordecae Dimmock

      wait... what?
      you're cancelling what I thought was a pretty damn good (and looking to be fairly successful) campaign after only a week (out of a 30day KS)...
      I'm sorry but that is crazy. EVERY KS (even the hugely successful ones) have a mid-campaign lull of incoming funds and the odd person dropping out here and there. There's always a huge surge at the start (usually to grab early-bird deals), and then another at the end... and a slow paced trickle in the middle... maybe the odd spike of funds if a new shiny addon is announced that everyone wants.

      I can't see how anyone couldn't see the value here... good quality HIPS plastic sprues, and lots of models per box with a SG not that far away to obtain another 40 ladies... and big resin monsters and heroes (resin! not board-game plastic or even metal...). was crazy good value... and I'm really shocked and sad to see this cancelled tbh.

      Well... I guess for next time... which I hope isn't too soon... couple pointers which some have said already
      - time of year is a little tight on most people (with winter utility bills and just after xmas), march onwards til summer is usually better.

      - telling us what weapons/options come on a sprue is very helpful, and lets people know what they can actually build out of the box (spears, shields, swords, axes etc)

      - the idea of making your own game rules now is perhaps a little early... and like others have said, maybe better to just make models (and awesome models at that! loved the shieldmaiden renders!) that people can use for other games for now, and then build your own game in a few years. also... smaller skirmish games are much more popular these days, so yer know :)

      - the idea about putting more options into a single kit is a good one... as just said, smaller skirmish games are hugely popular. making 2 sprues, one with say 10 bodies, legs and heads... and a 2nd with arms and weapons (spears, swords, axes, maces, shields, bows, xbows) then gives you more flexibility in the kit, and appeals to more people

      Wish you the best of luck, and I'll certainly be back next time...
      I honestly thought this was going to be around the same success as many of the ones I've backed (and if you click on my icon, you can see I've been around a bit...)... just... stunned...

    19. Paintybeard on

      I'm sitting here looking like a goldfish...
      I thought every kickstarter had a bit of the mid-campaign blues?
      This was a wonderful, exciting high-value project and I'm astonished that Shieldwolf don't think it was progressing well.
      I do hope this relaunches and I shall certainly back it if it does.

    20. Kim Boisen on

      I personally didn't back beyond the $1 level because there were no new orc miniatures on offer (new orcs only being a vague stretch goal at a high funding level). I have no real need for more of the existing models, that I can't cover both faster and simpler through standard retail.

      If I would reccomend anything, it's to focus on just 1 army per KS. If you wanna focus on 2 armies at the same time, you need to offer something for both - a funding level sufficient for 2 plastic kits fx. You presented it as a 2-army project, but it was really only interesting for one of them. I'm sure a lot of the regression you experienced were from orc backers that felt it unlikely that funding would reach levels that would add extras for their pledges.

      And as others have said: You should probably be far enough along with the design that you could show actual sprue renders to show fx whether you can fit 4 or 5 models per sprue. After all, how do you know the cost of setting up production of new models if you don't have a specific setup in mind? And if you have the production specs locked down, you should be able to design sprues for that setup.

    21. Teowulff

      @David Smith:

      "To help gamers build a full army and cut costs for you, the base set of warriors needs to have multiple weapon choices to be able to field 3 different unit classes - and make this known, it was very unclear on what the Maidens box would contain, doesn't even mention command models. You need to let us know exactly what a box can build."

      I think this may be a very important one.

    22. Missing avatar

      Phil on

      Saddened that you feel you have had to cancel, was a great KS offering. As was the first.

      Best of luck SW - hope to have the opportunity to support you again in future KS's

    23. David Smith on

      Wow, that is unexpected, you made your goal and with other models we can field an army, rather disappointed but then again I have yet to see a new/start-up company succeed in going HIPs on KS and have even seen established companies fold because of it.

      Suggestions, dump your rules for now, I don't think that people are interested in a WH clone at this time, especially when gamers can't use their current armies with the system, they want a set of rules to use them - enter KoW.

      Mantic have always until last year, duplicated GW and just copied their model ranges, but are now the Fantasy Battle leaders despite having some of the worse models around. I think it would be a good idea to construct your models so that they can fit easily into the KoW rules and gain many backers by doing so. You need to offer the models to as wide an audience as you can get.

      To help gamers build a full army and cut costs for you, the base set of warriors needs to have multiple weapon choices to be able to field 3 different unit classes - and make this known, it was very unclear on what the Maidens box would contain, doesn't even mention command models. You need to let us know exactly what a box can build.

      The stretch goals were pointless and offered no incentive to recruit new backers, heck, you can buy that box on ebay for £1 and nobody is interested in developing the rules at this time, especially as the campaign was about producing plastic models. If anything it put people of going by the comments, even though the actual rewards are still fantastic.

      As for the mammoth and howdah, why would anybody pay $150 for it when you can but good ones at toy shops and a bit of balsa for the howdah. If the howdah is costing you money then why not get mdf ones made for a fraction of the cost,

    24. Graham Bailey

      Hey team, sorry that the KS hasn't worked out for you. The models looked great and I'll leave my pledge open in the hopes of being able to jump back in for the re-launch.
      Good luck!

    25. Maeglin (Tim Duckhouse) on

      You can tell how upset I am by how much my grammar and spelling went to hel in my initial comment.
      Anyway, this my first proper experience with a Kickstarter so it's a little bit of a shock. However I've been reading the rules pdf last night so will definitely wait out the delay. Hope you're back soon.

    26. Darklord on

      Really sorry to hear this, I was looking forward to your Shieldmaidens! And the bears and all the rest. :(

    27. Morten Wifstrand on

      I'm sitting here like.. What the f**k... I just changed my pledge from 50 to 95 yesterday and now it gets cancelled because it stalls.. you guys're on day 7 and already got the money you asked for, have some balls and carry on. People supported you and wanted your models, because guess what, they're really cool and nice.
      If this is how you're going to do kickstarters I'm not gonna back it again..

    28. Zhiyuan Fu on

      Sorry to hear that the project will be cancelled. I am sure you had your reasons and I respect them.

      Personally I actually find the offerings even without the stretch goals to be quite a good value and reaching 60K would have been fantastic.

      Perhaps the stretch goals could be balanced a bit more to give more carrots more frequently. But one thing I learned from many projects is that while it is important to listen to what people want, but by no means give in to every demand. Stick to your vision and what is possible for you to achieve.

      Like what Henry Ford said, If he asked what the masses want during his times, they would probably all say: "A faster horse!" However it was Ford's vision that brought us the car. People don't always know what they want until someone shows it to them. Keep that in mind :)

      In any case from a lot of other project re-launches I seen around here, the pledge value often always goes higher with each re-launch. I would be happy to support the next launch and would still be proud to recommend it to others via social networking.

      If it is possible to have dual wielding/double handed/range weapons possibilities with the shield maidens it would be very cool and create higher attraction value as it represents more flexibility of the kit. This is important as with the end of Warhammer Fantasy, infantry blocks have very little use outside of perhaps Kings of Wars among the more popular titles. Thus having a more flexible kit attracts and accommodates skirmish type players and games which will greatly increase your customer base. Please do consider this if possible. Thanks and see you guys soon!

    29. MaxPuster

      Sorry to hear, really. As already written in the comments I think aqcuisition of more standard backers would have been the way to go, as the deal was already as good as it can be and money from existing backers could only be had for a price.

      No idea who had problems with a dragon, as you offered FIVE ways to spend the sweet spot, three of them without large resin monsters that are worth way more then 50 to those who want them. I your place I would have waited for another week to see wether the 60k will be realistically reached within a week of the closure - if so, backing surely would have picked up again.
      While I have not thought hard about it, I fail to see how you could have made this better or what to change for the next go. Hopefully you will find a way. If so, I am in again.

    30. Teowulff

      Sorry to hear that! It will go better next time! =)

      A few things:
      1. January is traditionally the worst month to start a campaign as a lot of people have extra bills to pay and have spend a lot of money onj Xmas and holiday expenses;
      2. Showing of examples of the minis that backers always helps. To me it was a bit unclear what (5?) different poses the Shield Maiden bodies would get, for example.
      3. The campaign could have been a bit clearer in terms of "what do you get" and stretch goals. The "add-on" labels are a bit confusing. I think handier would have been clear headers like "pledge levels", "add-ons" and "stretch goals".

    31. RJ on

      It's a shame, but I'm happy that you'd rather cancel than have a disaster on your hands like so many other kickstarters. If you decide to do this again, count me in.

    32. Shieldwolf Miniatures 6-time creator on

      @Peter Fulop
      It's not that simple and there's more to it than that but I'm sorry you see it like that Peter.

    33. jstenzel

      "Watching this get stuck at the 40K mark"

      Well there's your problem right there, you invoked the Evil Name. :P

      On a serious note please submit an update on this project when the next one launches. That way we'll all get an email on it and know to pledge back in.

    34. Peter Fulop on

      sets project goal to 30K
      project gets funded
      cancels because "hey, I expected a lot more money"

    35. Joshua Weiss on

      I'm sorry to hear that you're cancelling the project, but you seem to have thought it through and made the right decision for yourselves. I look forward to whatever the next iteration will be.

    36. Shieldwolf Miniatures 6-time creator on

      @Timothy Duckhouse
      we are trully sorry Timothy, a lot more than you probably imagine. We don't want people thinking we betrayed their trust, it's just not working out as planned and it's a slow psychological death we just can't go through a second time :-(
      Hopefully you all comprehend that and we will see you on the relaunch...

    37. Missing avatar

      Steven Young on

      Really sorry to hear this. I for one was really impressed with what was on offer!

      As soon as your next kickstarter is up, I will happily be there to stick my pledge on. I have belief in this epic project :)

    38. Maeglin (Tim Duckhouse) on

      Absolutely gutted, espially since things deem to have picked up this morning. Been ahile since I got excited about some Fantasy miniaturesminiatures/ I hope the relaunch isn't to far away,