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Shieldmaiden 28mm miniatures in hard plastic (HIPS) and polyurethane resin
Shieldmaiden 28mm miniatures in hard plastic (HIPS) and polyurethane resin
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Supplementary February update (short version)


Dear Shieldmaiden KS backers,

hello again! Kindly do not comment here so we may keep everything concentrated on the previous update we posted (the one with the videos)!

Some of you correctly pointed out that we should have also included a smaller written version (also known as TLDR) for those of you who have limited time to watch the videos, admittingly long. Right now we are no longer allowed to edit the update (KS alows only 30' to the creator) so we are posting a new one here. [The more you live, the more you learn, next time we ever decide to post another video we'll include a TLDR also!] :-)

So, the news are concentrated give or take as follows

  • Fulfillment and shipping; we are currently missing around 100 backers who haven't paid for shipping. The P&P webstore section will reopen tonight and we will keep it open till Monday 06 March.We must also still invoice a small number of you who have contacted us due to theirs having "add-ons only" and therefore their shipping in order to remain as fair as possible must be invoiced separately!
    The video (part-1) previews the first plastic kit. Pictures have not been taken due to us waiting to have them professionaly shot and not have amateurish jpegs flooding the web.
    As you know all rewards in resin are stocked and ready and the order for plastics has already been placed over at Renedra; we are awaiting the product from England probably by end of next month. Current time table expects us to ship to you mid/late April.
  • Next KS project is "Warmaidens/Dragonbreds"; this is a supplement army for the Shieldmaiden range, we commence with the dual kit of Warmaidens and then proceed with the plastics for the 3 mercenary Dragonbred factions, the heavy armored versions; one from the north (Wolf Wardens) one from the West (Sisters of Talliareum) and one more from the East (no info revealed). Go to the previous update to cast your vote as YOU will decide which Dragonbred goes first.
  • Sci-fi; while previously sci-fi was completely out of the question, we are seriously considering bringing an additional person aboard and proceed with external artistic guidance. Nothing precise is currently planned at the moment though while developing a sci-fi game has been excluded.
  • Shiedlwolf Miniatures Boardgame; our first (a bit funny) experience with boardgaming. Shieldwolf Miniatures collaborated with two game designers for the development of a fantasy dungeon crawler. This evolved in pursuing the rights for "Heroquest", contacting both IP holders (HASBRO and Moon Design Publishing). The intention was to work with another Spanish company while maintaining the exclusive distribution rights to bring this to completion, with a number of alterations. IP was respectfully denied and the project has for the time being completely frozen and put in the drawer.
  • A big thank you! We would like to tell you how grateful we are that you gave us the opportunity to prove ourselves and we thank you a lot. We trust we did a good job and we look forward to delivering to you and hearing what you think.
    As always we appreciate all feedback!

    I think I included the most important parts in this summary, apologies for not having posted this on the initial update :-)

    Thank you.



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    1. Shieldwolf Miniatures 5-time creator on

      @M Lawler
      The link was on the January update but the P&P section closed on the 6th of March. Since this is the 2nd time we close it, it will not re-open a 3rd time. Kindly proceed in sending a message here on Kickstarter and we will add you to the list of people that must be PayPaled directly. Then kindly stand by.
      Thank you :-)

    2. M Lawler on

      Trying to find the shipping link.. is it just through the normal store?

    3. David Smith on

      Why would you even consider going into that legal minefield and bad rep that is Heroquest? Do something fresh please.

    4. lone dirty dog on

      As for the induction of sci-fi this is an option you should consider if you rerelease the goblin KS, I think offering a conversion sprue's to that kit could go along way.

    5. Adam Dodge

      TLDR :p