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5 innovative complete fantasy armies in 28mm "heroic"/bulky scale via Plastic sprue tooling and Polyurethane Resin casting.
5 innovative complete fantasy armies in 28mm "heroic"/bulky scale via Plastic sprue tooling and Polyurethane Resin casting.
190 backers pledged $20,932 to help bring this project to life.

December update - This project has been completed :-D

Posted by Shieldwolf Miniatures (Creator)

Hello everyone!
A very merry Christmas to you and your beloved & a very happy 2016!

This is our last update for 2015, we think we have wrapped everything up and now off to some very-well deserved (albeit few) days of rest. January is closer than ever and we are set hoping for a brilliant new year!

Have all rewards from KS-1 shipped out?

Affirmative. According to our data, we have sent out to the last backer! Many of you have messaged us to confirm the delivery and some (thankfully very few) have noted some mispacks, which we have already prepared and shipped out the past days.
IF however for some wicked reason someone has not received their rewards, please let us know by sending us a message, we look forward to dealing with any issues as much as you do!

When will KS-2 launch?

For those of you who choose to honor us a 2nd time with your faith and support, we will have communicated the exact launch date in the first days of January. We will be posting news and teasers in both our FB page and webstore. We will also post two updates on January (#41 & #42):
#41 will have teasers and date of launch,
#42 will be after we launch as a last reminder.

(click on the image for a YouTube review)
(click on the image for a YouTube review)

 Anything else we should know about?

Well, I'm writing it here but not sure if it interests you much or not, lol :-)
The past 3 weeks we have had one mishap after the other :-(
-One of our USB sticks with some material we had saved decided to end its function/life, which caused us issues.
-The new 360's for our website are taking more time than initially planned for.
-A parcel with the twin-headed Dragon sent to one of our painters came back to us(!) for reasons we still haven't explained, making us waste valuable time.
-The bank made a mistake and blocked our payment methods(!). While they acknowledged their mistake we were forced to close down our website's frontstore in what is probably the most ludicrous time of the year. On top of that we have only re-established the PayPal payment method, with the CreditCards still needing some days to be re-abilitated.
-"War is Coming" PDF is going through a number of changes and we are frantically working on making it available in the next 9 days... 
-Siberias Lions sold out! :-)The demand was much higher than we had initially foreseen. For some reason it seems players from other games are purchasing them exclusively for the mounts (as it so happened in KS-1 with you backers), which brings us to a point to commence considering selling them also individually (just like we did with the lions-only pack as you asked during the 1st KS).

This is definitely going to happen for the ice warbears in KS-2, were we will be offering a warbear-only pack pledge

One of the models from the Ice Warbear Monstrous Cavalry
One of the models from the Ice Warbear Monstrous Cavalry

So, wrapping up KS-1...

In our first Kickstarter, we managed
a) to have the Pledge Manager available and sent to everyone after 2 weeks of the funded project.
b) We also shipped an "early wave" of rewards that were already in stock within 28 days of the funded project.
c) We maintained regular monthly updates with as much information and pictures as we could provide and answered all questions in the comment section + messages within 48 hours (usually within 24 hours).
d) We managed to ship and fulfill as early as two months earlier the promised rewards.
e) Finally, we trust the feedback from you, the backers, justified your pledges and really superb quality product is now in your hands.

All in all (for rookies) we think we did good! :-D

 Last but not least...!

From the entire Shieldwolf Miniatures Team, a very big "Thank you"! We appreciate the faith you bestowed upon us and we hope the rewards you received paid this back to you. We really appreciate this, it means so much :-)

Thank you.
The Shieldwolf Team.

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    1. Tom aka "Original Timmy"

      @Shieldwolf, Its been a pleasure doing business with you, its been a well run KS with excellent communication, il be back for KS-2 bring on those Ice Bears!

    2. Missing avatar

      stlstrapper on

      Agreed with Crimsonsun - this was a well-run Kickstarter that delivered everything on time and on target - even with major events that cropped up that were out of your control - MAJOR KUDOS to you! You know I'm on board for the 2nd one!

    3. Darklord on

      Cheers, including them in the KS2 could be a good idea if they are popular. :)

    4. Shieldwolf Miniatures 6-time creator on

      *I meant KS-2

    5. Shieldwolf Miniatures 6-time creator on

      Thank you! :-)
      Stock will be replenished by the end of the year. :-)
      Lion-only pack should also become available by that point (but much pricier than the 39$ KS price...), we are still debating whether or not we should include them again as optional add-ons in our KS-1.

    6. Darklord on

      Love my lions! When will you be getting more stock? I may want to buy more of them! :-D

    7. Crimsonsun on

      Guys - You have done a fantastic job with this and I say as much in any forums or situations you or kickstarter are mentioned within, and as long as I can afford it and there's things I would like I'd back you again without a second thought have no doubt.

      You came though without any changes or back tracking when the economy situation around you would have caused many projects to fail or provide a legit reason for a failed delivery, hats off to you as your worth of respect!