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5 innovative complete fantasy armies in 28mm "heroic"/bulky scale via Plastic sprue tooling and Polyurethane Resin casting.
5 innovative complete fantasy armies in 28mm "heroic"/bulky scale via Plastic sprue tooling and Polyurethane Resin casting.
190 backers pledged $20,932 to help bring this project to life.

October Update - Wave.1 has shipped!

Posted by Shieldwolf Miniatures (Creator)

Oh yes.... :-)

We mentioned that wave-1 would ship this month and wave-2 is going to ship in November. We would like to repeat in order to make it as clear as possible and avoid any confusion/misunderstandings, we split the shipping in two parts:

Part-1 (Wave-1) contains ALL orders that do not include any of the following:
-Twin-headed Dragon
-Twin-headed Dragon Shieldmaiden Lord (rider model)
- Battle Wyvern
-Battle Wyvern Orc Warlord (rider model)

We think we have messaged each and everyone of you in order to notify you that your rewards are on their way, if someone has not however received a confirmation personal message from our Team, please send us a message here on our KS page (preferably not an email because that would probably get mixed up) so we may re-check and (in the absolute worst case scenario) include it in Wave-2.
This project is nearing completion and we would once again like to grab the chance and communicate our appreciation to all of you! :-)

Mercenary Ogre Firebreather
Mercenary Ogre Firebreather

Little unknown facts...

Brilliant politicians
Like all campaigns (or at least most), we too experienced 'the unexpected'. As you all know the referendum that took place in Greece back in July (and following that, the capital controls imposed to the banks) made sure our lives became easier (please enter lots of sarcasm here).
Not having any access to the KS funds, Angelos maintained the cash flow on his own, so the delays were minimum; but for payments that had to be made abroad it was not as easy due to the restrictions imposed by the banks. Our resin mixture is imported from different foreign countries and with quantities running low at the highest need, we lost time... :-(
The accident
Yeah, life happens. Angelos was returning to his pharmacy last month when this took place. It was a bright sunny morning but instead of taking his moto he opted for the car. It proved a great decision since he escaped unscathed, but a mother of two was injured and the n.1 man of Shieldwolf spent more time visiting her in the hospital than coordinating things from HQ. Thankfully everyone's fine now, the people who caused it recognized their fault -saving us from further delays with the insurance companies- and all is typical procedure from now on.


"Shieldmaidens vs Orcs"

We never concealed the fact we expected a lot more in our KS-1, but as we say in Greece κάθε εμπόδιο για καλό (every obstacle stands for good reason). We still have to ship Wave-2 and thus not completed this adventure just yet, but we feel like we have accumulated a huge experience from this adventure which can only do us good in the following one. As we are getting closer to the conclusion of our KS-1, we can commence revealing more stuff on our KS-2 which (as the title says) is "Shieldmaidens vs Orcs". We are going to build these two armies first and take it from there, heavily pointing on the ladies for the first 120K at something like 65-70% for the Shieldmaidens and only 30-35% for the Orcs.

KS-2 is going to have a completely different structure from KS-1. Being more precise

  • No more gold coins (simple $ USD next to each item)
  • Five-six pledge levels; one for simple add-ons.
  • Not all items will be allowed as add-ons
  • Early birds; two pledge levels will have early birds. Both are going to save backers between 5-10$.
  • First item to be funded are the Shieldmaiden plastic infantry kit.
  • we are pushing way more plastics early on
  • Ruleset "War is Coming" will be ready and downloadable for everyone and for free. Backers however are going to receive an extended version that besides the rules is going to have a lot of background history and artwork. We believe it to be really worthwhile.
  • Value for money is going to be very evident from day-1.

When does it hit?
We promised that we will first wrap up KS-1, and that will be by late November. Launching KS-2 finds us divided between early December or early January, since we understand the augmented expenses we all have in Christmas. We are very heavily thinking 1st or 2nd week of January (certainly not a day later than that!) so any loose ends if KS-1 may be dealt with, but we would like to hear what you think.

Plastic multi-part Shieldmaiden Infantry kit
When we started sculpting, we wanted them to be more "sensibly" clothed, but we didn't want to lose the "fantasy" feeling. We are not doing historical minis, we want a distinct fantasy range.

This is a picture of how we commenced many months ago, making sure they will fit in rank n'file positions, but also maintain a both realistic and dynamic pose (the base isn't round but square, this is only the program's jpeg).
Now the model has been complemented and we made sure to add a tiny bit more "clothing" but please expect a sexy and fantasy aspect in the miniatures we have designed.
We also have more things to tell you regarding some new stuff we will be doing to our plastics. In our opinion there is currently only one plastic fantasy manufacturer worldwide that produces the quality we opt for; we are aiming to at least match that, if not one day surpass it!
For that to happen, we will need (once again) your faith and support.

We hope you will like what we have been working on since March and we will have more information & pictures in the November update.  

Thank you.


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    1. Crimsonsun on

      As I said via messages very happy with my pledge, quality is fantastic! Great stuff. :D

    2. Shieldwolf Miniatures 6-time creator on

      Glad you liked your rewards, your support means a lot to us. :-)
      As for the preview, I can appreciate your point of view, but it's obvious we can't please everyone. For the bare stomach, yes, we have designed one out of 5 torsos like that, the others will be covered (at the belly area I mean). If someone doesn't like that part (or others we will be leaving bare) it's a little greenstuff work -there are some YouTube videos showing how easy it is- and it's easily fixed. I can understand if someone doesn't like having to put the additional work, but that's the path we have worked on and it's either a "make or break" situation. :-)
      Hopefully you will like the next November update, and even more final 3up example(s) we will be showing at the launch of the KS-2.

    3. Tim Edwards on

      I got my miniatures yesterday and am very happy with them.

      Sadly, I'm not too keen on the Shieldmaiden preview - I was looking forward to some realistic armour in a fantasy setting. I don't need historical accuracy but a bare stomach is just silly and impractical for armour!

    4. Shieldwolf Miniatures 6-time creator on

      People who did not receive a notification mail have already contacted us, everyone else who might have not please do so in order to complete Wave-1, we have absolutely no reason to drag this, quite the opposite! :-)
      We are very happy to have been notified from backers in Sweden, Germany, England and Belgium that their rewards have already reached them!

      January is where the needle is pointing to, we would really love to launch earlier seeing we are almost ready to go but maybe being patient is a wiser choice.

      @Per-Olov Gothe
      Warpaint is going to be appreciated for more than the Shieldmaiden Infantry kit, and I don't mean the Orcs ;-)

    5. Per-Olov Gothe

      Yes, january sounds good. So far i'm loving the new shieldmaidens. Glad you chose to make them more unique instead of just women-in-chainmail (women-in-chainmail i can easily convert by myself). With this new design i will definitly be pledging for a big army :-)
      Now i need to get better at the warpaint, i see my shieldmaidens having it on both belly and face :-)

    6. Balgin Stondraeg

      Hmm. No notification email here either. Oh well. I know I wasn't getting much in wave 1. I'm looking forwards to seeing more of the women 'though. They're finally approaching. January is certainly a reasonable launch window.

    7. Tom aka "Original Timmy"

      @Shieldwolf, Great update, i cant wait to see some more Shieldmaidens!

      January is good for me, as il have more money for my plastic addiction ;)

    8. Shieldwolf Miniatures 6-time creator on

      Also, no, they will not all have shaved heads, as a matter a fact next update we'll upload a "normal" hair version. :-)
      We forgot to mention in the update that we started mailing first all parcels outside Europe, since these must travel greater distance. On Tuesday we commenced mailing to our European backers.

    9. Teowulff

      I didn't get a confirmation mail! :-(

      Shieldmaiden sculpt looks absolutely good! I just hope they won't all get weird haircuts, though =)

    10. Jonas Schiött

      January sounds good to me!