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5 innovative complete fantasy armies in 28mm "heroic"/bulky scale via Plastic sprue tooling and Polyurethane Resin casting.
5 innovative complete fantasy armies in 28mm "heroic"/bulky scale via Plastic sprue tooling and Polyurethane Resin casting.
190 backers pledged $20,932 to help bring this project to life.

September Update

Posted by Shieldwolf Miniatures (Creator)

Hi everyone! :-)

So, Autumn has arrived and this brings us closer to the completion of our KS-1.
In this update we will draw a more precise timetable and let you know even more what progress was made this month. Lots of pictures and interesting news follow.


First we commence with the issues we have at hand. These are two.
a) The size of the 28mm twin-headed Dragon did not please us. We put it next to the Battle Wyvern and we found it too small. Although we had casted a couple, we decided to halt production and re-size it by +18%. It is being printed (again) as we speak and by Friday it will ship to us.

Here are pictures of how the previous and the current models will be.

Front view comparison shot
Front view comparison shot
Rear view comparison shot
Rear view comparison shot

You might find this frustrating but we mean to deliver a really good quality product and enrich our line with models second to none, this is one of them. Bear with us because we also have good news coming...

b) Second issue is the 54mm scale miniatures. We have resolved the Twin-headed Dragon but we are facing some issues with the Battle Wyvern. As promised, if we do not resolve them to a 100% satisfactory level, we will refund these backers, fees included.
Here are some pictures we shot for this update to show you the scale of the 54mm scale Twin-headed Dragon. We think you'll agree with us that this is... BIG!

This was the 28mm tree at 100% we printed...
This was the 28mm tree at 100% we printed...
And this is the 54mm scale! Huge huh? The detail is amazing!
And this is the 54mm scale! Huge huh? The detail is amazing!
While we are at it, here's the body too :-)
While we are at it, here's the body too :-)

So, now that the bad news are said and over, let's move on to the good news!

ALL sculpts are finished

The only sculpt we were missing was the Valley Orc Warlord on Battle Wyvern. Paolo Fabiani has done an exceptional job again. Hope you like it as much as we do, they are currently "flying" over the Adriatic!

Valley Orc Warlord finished sculpt...
Valley Orc Warlord finished sculpt...
Valley Orc Warlord on Battle Wyvern
Valley Orc Warlord on Battle Wyvern

In the meanwhile we are currently casting the Talliareum Warrior Priest and General on Horse, then we move on to the rest of the Siberias Lions (we have completed 25%), after which we finish with the other two Orc Characters (the Valley Orc Hero w/2nd hand weapon and Valley Orc Shaman). All these are due end of this month.  

The piture above was taken this weekend...
The piture above was taken this weekend...

Then this is how we have planned it: The Casting Team is going to throw themselves on the Battle Wyvern (+rider), then the 2-headed Dragon  (+rider).
The Control Team is going to continue the quality controls (QC) and divide the minis in the plastic bags, after which to plastic clams/shells/whatever they are called...

These are examples below of miniatures/casts that have passed QC. Maybe you recognize some...   :-)

 When do we commence shipping?

We have decided on this. We have a number of pledges that involve the two Dragons (Wyvern and twin-headed) and their riders. On the other hand we have another respectable number of pledges that does not contain these items above, but will have to wait for these to be cast in order to commence fulfilling all pledges. But, in the meanwhile their minis will be simply sitting in our warehouse. The Control Team will have to wait for the Casting Team to finish up...
This means we will have to wait to get these done, process them through October, pack them and start the final phase (shipping) for everyone by mid/late November.

Or.... we can leave the Casting Team work on the dragons for the next month (i.e. that of October), while the Control Team packs and commences shipping of everything else by mid/late October!
The pledges that include the dragons will be mailed by late November so it's not stalling their orders, it's only making the smaller pledges (or at least not those containing the Dragons with or without riders) save a 1 month wait.

So, we have decided to split shipping in two Waves:
Wave-1 Commences shipping mid/late October: Includes everything except
-Battle Wyvern
-Valley Orc Warlord on Battle Wyvern
-Twin headed Dragon
-Shieldmaiden Lord on Twin-headed Dragon

Wave-2 Commences shipping mid/late November: Completes the shipping of all the rewards.

We would like to repeat that this doesn't stall/delay Wave-2 backers in any manner, with the change we did with the twin-headed their rewards wouldn't have shipped earlier than November regardless; we feel this doesn't penalize anyone, let alone the people who pledged the largest.

What about the freebies?

Everything has been casted, passed QC, packed and waiting. The only issue we had was concerning the alternative tusks with the chains, as we explained in a previous campaign they ruined our moulds and broke far too easily. We used up a lot of time for the Necromancer pledges. Everything is set. Ogre Champion w/loot, Death Deceivers, Skeleton Infantry, Siberias Lion riders command, Infernal Assaulter... the works! :-D

In the next kickstarter we will make sure to bring them up much earlier, a lesson we learned the hard way... :-)

What about the Mammo(o)th?

You mean this little fella? :-D

Oh yes, we have finished them too, ready and packed, waiting in a corner of our warehouse. Should be travelling all over the world in a month or two...

What about the game "War is Coming"?

We have made progress there too. We have made contact with Lone Wolf Development to commission their Army Builder programm, we have to develop our army lists for faster army building but we don't have infinite manpower. We still prioritize (and it is just we do so) delivering first to the backers of our KS-1 who have actively supported us.
So, there's progress, but still needs some work. We believe by the end of this year we will be able to release it...


Before we conclude this update, we would like to show you a couple of pictures.
We are working on Monstrous Cavalry models, the Ogre Warbulls and Northern Alliance Bears. All fit on 75mmx50mm bases.
   If you liked the Siberias Lion riders, you are going to love the Ice Warbears of the Shieldmaidens. And if you thought the lions were big...

In the meanwhile Davide Tedeschi keeps on sculpting for the Talliareum Ogre Mercenary army.
Here's a peak of the Anvilsmashers WiP...

And with that, we bid you good night (02.07' a.m. here in Athens), we hope you liked this update.

Thank you.
The Shieldwolf Team.


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    1. Shieldwolf Miniatures 6-time creator on

      Close enough... ;-)

    2. Tom aka "Original Timmy"

      @Shieldwolf, very busy times ahead!

    3. Shieldwolf Miniatures 6-time creator on

      Oh, everything has to be painted and 360 shot before year's end.

      The next 6 months are going to be very heavy, we have
      -completion of KS-1
      -project Monuments of Glory II
      -pre-campaign, launch and monitoring of KS-2 (a 30 day campaign).
      -project Ikia
      -completion and release of "War is Coming"
      -Talliareum Ogre releases

      Let's see how we stand 6 months from now, we have prepared some stuff we are dying to show you...

    4. Tom aka "Original Timmy"

      @Shieldwolf, cant wait to see the the others painted and the 360s of them

    5. Shieldwolf Miniatures 6-time creator on

      Thank you, just like our Wyvern, twin-headed Dragon and Siberias Lions, the Mammooth is the best model worldwide we think, no one can match it. Wait till you see the 360 for the Mammooth.... but for that the models must first fly back to us, the painter is working on the Wyvern for now :-)
      PS. Independent reviews on both the mammoth and Battle Wyvern are going to show up within the next couple of weeks... ;-)

    6. Tom aka "Original Timmy"

      @Shieldwolf, WOW, the completed mammoth, she is one hell of a beast! outstanding paint job too,

    7. Balgin Stondraeg

      The war bears will come!