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5 innovative complete fantasy armies in 28mm "heroic"/bulky scale via Plastic sprue tooling and Polyurethane Resin casting.
5 innovative complete fantasy armies in 28mm "heroic"/bulky scale via Plastic sprue tooling and Polyurethane Resin casting.
190 backers pledged $20,932 to help bring this project to life.

Update July 2015. More sculpts and unforeseen (national) issues...

Posted by Shieldwolf Miniatures (Creator)

Hi everyone!

We would first of all like to apologize for pushing 2 weeks ahead the scheduled update. As many of you -if not all- know, Greece has been in the centre of an economic crisis, and the latest events (failing to close a deal before June, tensions, referendum, EU Summit etc) have certainly not helped Shieldwolf. But how exactly has this affected us?

- Banks closed: All funds are being withheld and we have very limited access to it. Angelos has dealt with this by funding it from his personal account/income but on top of that all payments/wire transfers etc abroad have been blocked due to the capital control law, so we have a serious situation there. Our main issue is not having enough resin to work with (we import from Belgium and Thailand to form our own formula), which has put us on a temporary halt. :-(

- Overstressed daily routine: These past months we have had to deal with additional pressure due to the bad economic status of our country in our everyday life. This does not help the Team since we are running various projects and still in schedule with everything (completion of KS-1, preparation of KS-2, testing of War is Coming and operating the online webstore -direct sales and retailers).

We believe to have pulled out so far rather well, but we are obliged to let you know that this has caused issues nonetheless. We hope you will comprehend this was a completely impossible to foresee situation.

 How is the Schedule?

Well, schedule before this mess looked -roughly- something like this:

March/April/May/June: sculpt miniatures and make molds.
June/July/August: Cast miniatures and pass quality checks.
Early September: Package everything and check rewards.
Mid-late September: Ship everything and launch KS-2 by the end of the month.

Now, schedule looks more like this:

July/August/September: Cast miniatures and pass quality checks.
October: Package everything and check rewards.
late October/early November: Ship everything and launch KS-2 before December.

We should still be able to deliver prior to December which was the estimated date of our project, but probably not so fast as we had predicted when the project funded and ended.

At what stage is the sculpting?

Finished 95% -we are only missing the Valley Orc Warlord on Wyvern! We have sculpted everything else we have to deliver to all you wonderful backers and it is now a matter of getting hold of the miniatures and complete the molding/casting before packaging phase commences. The Valley Orc Warlord will be sculpted as soon as we get a resin copy of the flying beast mailed to Paolo Fabiani so he can sculpt it perfectly atop and make sure it matches/fits 100%. We would never accept "approximately", especially for a superb centerpiece like this one! :-)
Ogres and Orc Characters are flying in from Italy, the Wyvern has been printed and is flying to us from the UK and the Shieldmaiden Lord w/x-bow should be flying in from the USA, but that's the only miniature we cannot confirm since Patrick Keith has fallen off the radar the last days and we cannot know whether he has mailed the miniature or not. Hopefully he'll surface soon.

Can we see more sculpted minis then?

Sure! We will commence straight away starting off with the two Valley Orc Characters

 We start off with the Valley Orc Shaman

 (version without cape)

 (rear view version without cape)

 (close-up detail of staff)

 (version with cape)

 (version with cape rear view)

And we continue with the Valley Orc Hero with 2nd hand weapon :-)

 I think you will agree with us they are both very faithful to the concept artwork, we really can't wait to create the plastics on the Valley Orc Infantry!
Anywayz, off to the next... :-)

 Davide Tedeschi has already mailed these and should be somewhere over the Adriatic waiting to arrive to Shieldwolf HQ. As promised and confirmed from the sculptor, we are on schedule to create the entire Ogre army within 2015!

 Well, that's a characterful lot, we hope you like them as much as we do! This is the second out of three infantry regiments for this mercenary army, thus missing their Anvilsmasher unit and -why not- Warbull Cavalry to complete their regiments. We are looking forward to these also! :-D

 What else do you have for us Shieldwolf?

The game! "War is Coming" was greeted very warmly and we have formed a 100-strong playtest group!!! Although we acknowledge the fact that all this is from volunteers and that some of the playtesters may prove of little assistance, there are some that have already proved very passionate about this and we are waiting from the rest to send feedback by the end of July.
The first feedback in fact was so strong that we worked a few nights to put an "Attachment-1" together in order to clarify/fix/add a few of the most resounding mistakes. If you are a playtester and have not received this yet, don't worry -you will within the next couple of days ;-)
We comperehend there will be some errors and that's why we appreciate the work put from all you guys! THANK YOU!

One thing we would also like to note again and again is that we are also gamers and hobbyists. We do this because we LOVE what we do, and we are putting everything our hearts and minds tell us to. Our goal is to make a profit in order to evolve (naturally) but we mean to share as much as humanly possible. The game will be free. FREE. Not fragments, no pay-for-updates, no nothing. Free. ALWAYS.

 The only thing we may charge (if not able to give it away gratis in army/starter deals), is a hardcover version with a lot of additional fluff/background. Same type like the ones we already have uploaded on our webstore -guess what- free for all to read and enjoy since day-1 we ever showed up! This doesn't mean you will eventually need to buy it. If you want to play the game, it will be a 100% free download and off you go! Please have fun (like the commercial says) :-)
In fact, if we make it on time (and we think we very much will), we will make the 'enhanched' PDF available as a bonus upon launching our KS-2, adding more artwork and backround/fluff for those who choose to support us.
Everyone else will get access to the whole rulepack with which to play the game nonetheless!

For now it tops 100+ pages, but by the time we finish it, we think it will inevitably reach more. We do believe it's an easy to read through and for those of you accustomed to similar games, it should be a walk in the park... :-)

We hope you liked what we had to show you, next update will feature casted copies of the Wyvern along with some more news on the development/status of the project.

Thank you.
The Shieldwolf Team.

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    1. Shieldwolf Miniatures 6-time creator on

      @Koenraad Van Kerschaever
      Hi there (Angelos speaking), issues will cause us not to deliver as fast as predicted but as things currently stand -hopefully we will not have any more unpleasant surprises- we should STILL deliver much earlier than December and immediately go full throttle for KS-2. Glad you like the Ogres, first test copies of these guys were casted yesterday, all good. Today we will be working on the Wyvern.
      I have returned from abroad with another Team member where I have had talks regarding the plastics of the Shieldmaidens -and not only those. We are moving into a new era of 3D sculpting, which will allow Shieldwolf to exploit as much as possible both best-money-can-buy sculpts and Renedra quality guarantee. We keep on opting far away from PVC and half-sprues, following the warm welcome the Mountain Orcs received, therefore we are preparing ever more to co-fund these plastics which will pitch the second project. KS-2 will see us NOT co-funding ALL miniatures nor shipping, -therefore no more Dragons at 3,000$ stretch goals. Plastics co-funded ONLY. We will need troops for our game and this time it's going to be more of an all-or-nothing launch.
      One thing I can reveal for KS-2 if you choose to honor and support us again; if funded, and regardless of the stretch goals, it's going to have some amazing value-for-money. You have my word on that.

    2. Missing avatar

      Koenraad Van Kerschaever on

      @ shieldwolf: thanks for explaining. I was indeed under the impression that it was one of those models allready available. no worries though, I'll wait. :) I hope you get over these issues soon because these ogres look fantastic!

    3. Tom aka "Original Timmy"

      @Shieldwolf, No worries :)

    4. Shieldwolf Miniatures 6-time creator on

      Thank you Tom, really appreciate the support and comments! :-)
      @Bombshell Miniatures
      The other pieces are reserved for KS-2 Patrick, we are looking forward to receiving them. Your email today arrived just fine, all's in track then.
      We do too Balgin, we honestly don't believe there's currently anything else as "deep" as this, there used to be only one very serious competitor that could easily match the complexity but has currently stepped out of the picture. We have spent hundreds of hours (probably a lot more then hundreds, lol!) and fully financed it ourselves these past years, we hope people will like it as much as we do. As for the 100 volunteers/playtesters we have 'recruited'... THANK YOU! Without the support of the Community to bring this to life and help spread it around the world, it would have taken us at least 3 more years! Your help is priceless! :-)

    5. Tom aka "Original Timmy"

      @Shieldwolf, Great update, the latest sculpts look great, the people who have ordered them are in for a treat,
      Its understandable in this situation about the schedule being a bit behind, but im not too fussed as the minis are worth however long it takes, but i understand your viewpoint of wanting to launch in Sept, hopefully when you launch theres going to be loads of players still looking for a "mass-combat" strategy game to replace WFB
      Ive said it before and il say it again, i hope everything gets resovled over there in Greece

    6. Bombshell Miniatures on

      I have not resurfaced since I am still buried under work, but the Shieldmaiden Lord sculpt has been shipped out and you will recieve updated photos of the other pieces this week. Sorry to hear about the economic issues going on there right now. Have only seen a bit of coverage here about what is going on with it.
      The Sculptdude

    7. Balgin Stondraeg

      Sorry to hear about your financial situation. It was only to be expected really. For now I suppose we can all just keep the faith and hope things improve for you and your fellow countrymen.

      Great news about the game. I'll look forwards to seeing it when it becomes publicly available.

    8. Shieldwolf Miniatures 6-time creator on

      All models already available via our webstore were released in our "Early Wave" shipment. The "Talliareum General on horse" model was never 'in production' however, it was one of the many miniatures we had sculpted and revealed specifically for this Kickstarter.
      We only painted some and shot 360 degree views to elevate more the work put behind this. The miniature you are referring to was one of them. It was never available before prior to this project (i.e. NO ONE outside the sculptor, painter, photographer and Shieldwolf members has ever touched this mini) and you can bet you will be among the very first who ever gets his hands on one :-)

      If you however thought (and consequently pledged) that this was a miniature already available, then I have to apologize on behalf of my Team and state that we would never intentionally mislead anyone :-(

    9. Missing avatar

      Koenraad Van Kerschaever on

      What I really like to know is why it's taking so long to deliver a model that was in production from before the kickstarter started? (I orderded the general on horse)

    10. Shieldwolf Miniatures 6-time creator on

      Thanks, it's very very bad timing for us, we really wanted to launch KS-2 end of September, we believe it would have boosted our game a lot!
      Now we have to wait till November and hope we don't get penalized for this delay, it is really frustrating when the ship is all loaded with the crew all set to go, but some morons at the port don't sign the papers for you to leave... :-(

    11. Trodax on

      I didn't pick up those two Orc characters which I'm regretting right now; they look absolutely fantastic. I hope you guys get through the crisis alright.