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New film about Philip Glass, Robert Wilson, Einstein on the Beach, and the connection between physics, opera, and human imagination.
New film about Philip Glass, Robert Wilson, Einstein on the Beach, and the connection between physics, opera, and human imagination.
1,175 backers pledged $106,429 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Richard (Todd) Stevens on


      It's been 18 months since your last update. That is not acceptable. Please provide all of us with an update on this film. We are anxious to see it.



    2. Missing avatar

      olivier zanen on

      Dear John Walter, Would it be at least possible for John Walter to provide an update so we know what to expect: a simple statement like: "this project failed" OR "we are working on completion within XX months". Thanks

    3. Daniel Elkin on

      Just a reminder that you raised $106, 429 from 1.175 people and have delivered nothing in return. That's some bad karma.

    4. Gen on

      Yeah I just want my money back and I'm never using Kickstarter again.

    5. Alexandre Keusen on

      What's happen? Can i understand what you are doing with money?

    6. Missing avatar

      David Knobel on

      Still nothing.

      For those backers who are still alive, let us know how you feel.

    7. Michael Mussman on

      Too bad. I guess I won't be backing any more Kickstarter projects. Oh well.

    8. Terry Madeley on

      So is that it, then? Nothing for almost a year now. Puts you off wanting to back anything else...

    9. Missing avatar

      Michael Briggs on

      Next time I’m in NYC could I just get my money back and IF this documentary ever does exit that dark SOHO studio “Mr. Waters” has supposedly been sitting in for over two years and see the light of day I’ll just give the theater the admission fee and call it a day.

      As Kickstarter says “Mr. Waters” this whole process is about trust. Since you and your team have pretty much killed any notion of that I hope that you learn the lesson and communicate more in your future. It is how trust is built.

      How you’ve been able to manage a career in independent filmmaking is astounding given how much any independent work has to be based on trust.

      Just finish it already, will ya!

    10. Bruce Giffin on

      I was one who put in $500 for a pair of Chuck Taylors signed by Philip Glass and Robert Wilson!

    11. Missing avatar

      Bryce Lambert on

      Just was looking over the digital downloads I received some time ago--the "notecards" and "syllabus." I remember thinking it was a bad sign that someone claiming to make a documentary could not sit down and write an actual bibliography, rather than taking pictures of books on their floor and making a crappy Photoshop collage.

    12. Michael and Anne Hanafin on

      I thought other backers might be interested to read my recent conversation with Kickstarter Customer Service. It's more or less what was to be expected, but perhaps something will come of it.

      Kickstarter Support (Kickstarter)
      Aug 28, 3:51 PM EDT
      Hi there,

      Thank you for following up with us about the status of this project. I’m sorry you’ve been experiencing these issues with communication. We've reached out to the creator with a reminder of their obligations to their backer community, and have forwarded along your concerns and those of your fellow backers. While we're disheartened that they have not yet updated backers on the status of their project, we're unable to force them to do so — it's the creator's responsibility to communicate and complete the project as promised.

      Backing a project on Kickstarter is an expression of trust and can help lead to the creation of new and exciting things. But it’s important to remember that sometimes complications arise that might prevent a project from unfolding as planned — or from happening at all. This certainly isn’t ideal, but we hope that creators and backers will try to communicate with each other through these developments.

      Although we are unable to offer refunds, we are constantly working to improve the vetting process for creators and thank you for sharing your experience. We hope you’ll continue to be an active member of the Kickstarter community as we learn and grow.


      Aug 25, 3:29 AM EDT
      Dear Kickstarter: I know you do not guarantee project delivery. And given the glacial pace at which Robert Wilson's art moves on stage, perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that after two years with our money, John Walter still has no film. But I suspect that the backers of this important project understand that. All we want is the courtesy of an update on the work, on a more timely basis than every six to twelve months. I don't think that's too much to ask. There have been rumblings in the comments for some time now that this project is a scam, and although I hate to think that, the lack of regular updates, empty promises of festival delivery dates, the production company's web site perpetually "undergoing site maintenance" does make it appear possible. Is there anything Kickstarter can do to encourage John Walter and his team to give us an update? Particularly as they are now claiming a Summer 2017 release? With thanks.

    13. Michael and Anne Hanafin on

      No update since January. Why am I not surprised?

    14. Missing avatar

      Zachary Stepp on

      Since we're coming up on the 2-year anniversary for the successful funding of this project, I'm wondering if we should throw a party or something.

    15. Marc Ruesen on

      I'm afraid I don't have words for this silence anymore!!

    16. Gen on

      What is going on with this one? Anyone else got any insight?

    17. Stuart Millinship on

      An update would be nice

    18. Stuart Millinship on

      An update would be nice

    19. Solaris on

      Please give us an update on this. I forgot I backed this. It's been so long.

    20. Missing avatar

      Jacki Ochs on

      Thanks for the detailed update! Can't wait to see where the journey has taken you all.

    21. Missing avatar

      Eric Wells

      I think it is about time the creators of the project gave us backers an update!
      I would have thought it just common courtesy for creators to keep backers informed.
      I don't do Facebook and this is a KICKSTARTER project.
      We should not have to go chasing creators all over the internet to find out what they are doing with our money.

    22. Emmanuel Vidal on

      I received an update. I'm quoting "Thanks for reaching out – John Walter continues to edit away and we expect a completed film ready to go to festivals sometime in the first few months of 2017. I know it’s been a long wait, but we appreciate the patience." Just be patient, it's just a few weeks away !

    23. Frank Sauer on

      Still no beach towel and worse - no movie! And it's unacceptable that there are no updates on why this is.

    24. Missing avatar

      eric brown on

      So disappointing. If you want to ping John Walter on his facebook page, cut and paste this into your browser.…
      Remember to follow the directive below and Be respectful and considerate. Just like John

    25. Missing avatar

      Michael Briggs on

      OK, Kickstarter doesn't have a lot in terms of protections but I did just submit to them that the promises of a film by Jan 2016 are, well, a little off to say the least. Probably won't do anything. This was a relationship based on trust so let's hope that they filmmaker decides to reciprocate with a basic update at least.

    26. Missing avatar

      Michael Briggs on

      Everyone who is still coming back to see if there has been any progress I think it's time to research how KickStarter protects the good intentions of contributors who basically live in a silence vacuum when it comes to this project. Seriously. The last post from them (whoever they are) was in March and said things we're "right around the corner." That must be one really HUGE corner for it to take 8 months to steer around. I received my EOB scan of Glass's score fine but I am really beginning to wonder if there is a film being made at all and I think Kickstarter should begin to investigate the situation. We probably don't have any rights. I'm sure we signed those away when we lovingly gave of our hard earned money to support this opera we love so much but I'd like to think that Kickstarter has had to deal with deadbeats like this is the past and have various recourses. I will research how to report projects that do nothing but promise and post a response here.

    27. Alexandre Keusen on

      Who can give a information abou the movie and the others downloads ?

    28. Missing avatar

      Andrew Mcfarlane on

      well looks like I wasted $60....seriously why haven't there been any updates since last year?

    29. Missing avatar

      Bertrand Benoit on

      Feedback on the progress of the project would be nice -)

    30. Andrew Wiggins on

      It's disappointing that this campaign has been so poor at communication. I'd really like to know how the project is progressing.

    31. Missing avatar

      Tim Evans on

      Apart from the scanned 1st page of EonB score, nothing else has arrived. Have I missed something?

    32. Doug Janelle on

      I'm considering a Kickstarter of my own. It would be used to hire a private investigator to track down an update on this project ;) But seriously, the silence is deafening. Any update - even if it's nothing more than "we're still working on the film, thanks for your patience" - would be so very much appreciated.

    33. Federico Hernandez-Ruiz on

      No updates since... a long a go, 2015!!! and no response to these comments!
      How about a little feedback?

    34. Missing avatar

      Zach Brown on

      Hey, I sent an email requesting an update on my signed book but got no reply. Could I please get an ETA? Thanks!

    35. Missing avatar

      Zachary Stepp on

      Well, here we are a year later.

      Still no signed shoes.

    36. Missing avatar

      Eric Wells

      No updates since March and no response to these comments!

      How about a little feedback?

      You could at least tell us backers what is going on!

    37. Michael and Anne Hanafin on

      Update to my comment of 20 July: my t-shirt arrived today, also in the Unceremonious Jiffy Bag. Said jiffy bag was postmarked 20 July, which was also the same day I sent a strongly worded complaint to Kickstarter customer service about the delays and lack of follow-through with this project. Perhaps it's a coincidence. But perhaps snot-o-grams are the way to go. I encourage all of you who have not yet received your rewards to post here and also to contact support [at]

    38. Missing avatar

      Akos Szabo on

      Where is my limited edition beach towel and tote?

    39. Ro Olufunwa

      I received a tshirt today. Where's my manners? Thank you, a tshirt in a Jiffy bag. A little unceromonius but hey!

      Could you let me know when I might receive 'all of the above'? You know the stuff, you can't stuff in a Jiffy bag?
      Thanks once again.

      By the way it's okay to get behind schedule, buts it's brilliant to communicate. So just let us know how you are doing? Perhaps the overwhelm you are no doubt experiencing in responding (or not responding to some of your 1000 backers).I'm backer #704 by the way. Hi! Have a nice day and hope to hear from you soon...

    40. Michael and Anne Hanafin on

      "Be respectful and considerate."

      I agree. Be respectful and considerate of our support of this project, and respond to the multiple requests below for updates. Regardless of whatever drama went on in the organisation earlier this year, the t-shirts are long overdue.

    41. Thomas Brady on

      One gentleman below reports receiving an iTunes digital gift code, but I have not received mine, yet. Have those been sent out? Will they be sent out soon?

    42. Missing avatar

      Eric Wells

      I didn't receive anything for the digital downloads.
      Any chance of an update so we all know what is going on?
      Many Thanks,

    43. Stuart Millinship on

      The digital download for Einstein takes me to the USA iTunes store and I'm then told I cannot redeem the code as my Apple ID is based in the UK please advise

    44. Missing avatar

      Ron Gillot on

      Hope you're making good progress.
      Wander when the digital download is available and when the t-shirts will ship.
      Keep up the good work.
      Hope to hear from you soon!

    45. BorshtSoup on

      "Our biggest risk is that this film will not be funded and we will not be able to premiere at film festivals in Fall 2015."
      Welp, looks like Fall 2016 is the new target. Can't wait!

    46. Ludovic on

      I received the CD + DVD here in Paris, France. Thank you !
      Maybe we could have some informations about "The Earth moves"... soon ?

    47. Olga Maria Gomez Cash on

      My book has just arrived to northwest UK. Ecstatic!!

    48. Missing avatar

      Michelle Miller on

      Hi - Very excited to receive the book today (pleased it made its way safety to Sydney, Australia)! Thank you!

    49. Missing avatar

      Dave McKinnon on

      highlights CD has arrived (thanks), but no sign of the actual documentary. Some info, rather than a compliments slip, would have been appreciated.

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