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Check out our article in Ski the East and Powder:

We are excited to announce our collaboration with Five Eyes Films. Five Eyes brings years of experience and a specialty in skiing footage. Although we have reached our initial goal, we are only on the brink of being able to integrate the next level of professionalism into our film. If we can reach the 10K budget mark, we will be able to include an extra day of filming at each of our featured areas with a professional videographer, and hire an editor to do the finishing and post production, giving the film a crisp, professional look.

(Check out a Five Eyes sample below:)

              While one might picture slopeside hotels and high-speed quads when thinking of skiing in the Northeast, small ski areas were the norm not long ago. Going back to the beginning, Bunny Bertram is credited with building the first ever rope tow, using an old Model-T Ford in southern Vermont in 1934. They were so popular and easy to build that by 1966, there were 81 ski areas across the state—most were small with only a rope tow or t-bar. Yet the past 45 years has seen a sharp reversal of that trend; today, there are roughly 116 “lost” ski areas in Vermont alone.

            The good news, however,  is that despite the high cost of insurance, energy, and taxes, there remain several small ski areas operating in Vermont. Reliant on volunteers and firmly embedded within their local communities, each of these areas have defied the go-big-or-close logic that has come to dominate the sport. Their stories are ones of resiliency, frugality, and sheer passion for the sport of skiing.

The project:

             This fall and winter our team is going to shoot a short documentary that captures the histories and personalities behind several small ski areas, including Hard'ack, Northeastern Slopes, Cochran's, Suicide Six, Lyndon Outing Club, and possibly several others.

             We want to show people why skiing at your local hill can be as fun as heli-skiing in Alaska and a whole lot more accessible to local residents and children. The film will be both documentary and ski film, including narrative and footage of skiers of all ages. For us, telling this story is our small way of giving back to the community of skiing in Vermont and will hopefully gather recognition and publicity for these ski areas with little advertising budget.

(photo by Pennie Rand Photography)


              This film is being created by a team of volunteer filmmakers, skiers, and organizers who will working for free because they want to see this film produced. $5,000 allows us to make the project a reality and produce a short basic film. The more support we get, the more professional and comprehensive our product will be. While we are committed to working on a shoestring, we are dedicated to creating a top-notch film. There are some things that we just can't compromise on:

$25 will pay for a ski specific camera mount

$50 will pay for the cost of one film festival submission.

$75 will pay for a full tank of gas and wear and tear for our vehicle to visit ski areas or conduct interviews

$150 will pay for an external hard drive to hold the digital video for editing

$300 will pay for a professional editing software

$500 will pay for the rental of a computer capable of editing high resolution footage.

$1,000+ will pay for the rental of sound and video gear for the winter

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