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$96,951 pledged of $500,000 goal
By MonkeyPaw / Gaijinworks
$96,951 pledged of $500,000 goal

Gameplay Video Incoming

We've received a LOT of mail asking for a gameplay video, even if it's in Japanese, so current and potential backers can see how the game looks in action.  We've been working to capture clips of the gameplay and are editing a video now that will be ready the first part of next week.

Thanks to all of you for your interest and support.  Keep spreading the word!


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    1. Antonio Garcia

      6) What are some of the bonuses that will come with the Deluxe Pack?

      It will have a custom blind-embossed box like an old book you’d find in the corner of some really cool, mysterious book store. It will have a faux-leather embossed game guide/art book. It will have a soundtrack of arranged themes and some new themes from Bill King, who did a lot of fan favorite music for Working Designs like the Alundra opening movie theme, Star Dragon Tower theme from LUNAR2, and the Dragon Force theme, amongst others. The UMD in the Deluxe Pack will be presented in a special way, but that will be a surprise. The cast of the game is large enough that we are doing a return of the character standees. Finally, there will be three additional pack-in items, but they’ll be decided by a combination of the Kickstarter supporters voting on them and how well the prototypes work out. The CoH2 themed choices that will be voted on are a watch, pendant, dagger letter opener, coin bank, inflatable sword, and pen/pencil set.

    2. Aletheides on

      With a more appealing pitch i mean of course :P

    3. Aletheides on

      EtheralKid, you are right, when searching for the japaneese name of the game. Ken to Mahō to Gakuen mono 2. You only find the release trailer of the game not any real fluid gameplay.…

      While gameplay videos are nessesary to demonstrate the game, it will not be enough to bring interest to the kickstarter. Look at Project takedown and their success after rebooting their kickstarter with a less appealing pitch. Had they done that from the start or earlier than with a couple of days left, they would have gotten even more money than they did.

      You cant pitch a game on kickstarter the same way you do at online shopping websites. WIth a game poster, trailer, sales/marketing department type of processed information etc. Unless its a very well known brand of course.

    4. Steve Knight on

      I agree with Andreas it is the casual gamer you need. We hardcore RPGers have already pledged and I would not mind seeing some background on the artists and developers myself.

    5. Silmina on

      Andreas makes a really good point about the "more human pitch." Another thing that might be good to talk about is Gaijinworks' overall philosophy. WD fans know this already, but newer fans of the genre don't, and they're buying into CoH/WD bashing without ever getting the facts to form their own opinion. I can respect an honest dissenting opinion, but I'm running into an awful lot of misinformed haters :/ And it derails the conversation quite a bit having to explain the history of JRPGs in the West and that yes, even your beloved NISA and XSeed change things for western consumption.

    6. EtherealKid on

      This would be great as Youtube seems to be lacking anything beyond adverts or gameplay of the first game.

    7. Aletheides on

      However i believe this kickstarter needs a more human pitch video, where people gets to see the faces behind gajinworks/monkeypaw and especialy mr ireland, telling us exactly why this kickstarter is an important quest for us when it comes to future JRPGS. Some humor helps.

      This is also about trust. People will trust you with their money if they can relate to you and your cause. Its the casual RPGer you need to convince not mainly us hardcore JRPG fans.

      That would help bring in the none hardcore donations that this kind of kickstarter needs. Because frankly, anyone can find gamepla videos on youtube.

      Also the title name needs to have VITA added not just PSP.

      Also an all digital version of the game/deluxpack would help. Not all people overseas wants a physical deluxpack due to the VAT taxes they have to pay due to it not beng sent as a gift, or they "just want the game".

    8. Antonio Garcia

      This should be fun hehehe.

    9. Silmina on

      Thanks for all your hard work ^_^ I'm looking forward to the video! ^^