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The project's funding goal was not reached on Fri, April 27 2012 6:59 AM UTC +00:00
MonkeyPaw / GaijinworksBy MonkeyPaw / Gaijinworks
First created
MonkeyPaw / GaijinworksBy MonkeyPaw / Gaijinworks
First created
pledged of $500,000 goal
0seconds to go
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Fri, April 27 2012 6:59 AM UTC +00:00

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    1. SVR The Boy on

      Not sure if people still pop on here but they are trying to do a limited release for ps3 http://www.gaijinworks.com/#subscribe-to-mailing-list little over 1 / 7th the way there.

    2. Antonio Garcia

      I just finished downloading my copy for Class of Heroes 2! Everyone should be getting their codes soon. Enjoy!

    3. L B on

      If you guys are still answering questions, I've been wondering. Will there be any chance of a digital release of the arranged soundtrack that was going to be offered, or was that a Kickstarter-only deal?

    4. MonkeyPaw / Gaijinworks Creator on

      Thanks for the support! To answer the three most common questions since we sent out the backer update last night:

      1. At this time there is no limit on the number of copies a backer of this project can order when the preorder opens. If you can pay for it, you can order it.

      2. This will not be sold to the retail channel. It's a direct preorder only. Because of the low volume and the fact that it has two licenses, physical + digital, with multiple royalties, and is a very low quantity run, it's too expensive to sell wholesale. At the end of the day, we're making slightly less on this edition than by just selling the PSN release and can't undercut that further with wholesaler pricing.

      3. International orders will be accepted, but a shipping cost will be added and the digital code will be for the US PSN and not the buyer's specific territory.

      The full post will be on the Gaijinworks site later today.

    5. Antonio Garcia

      Well, at least we're keeping this alive hehehe. I'll probably do a review of Class of Heroes 2 when it releases, so I'll be sure to post a link to that as well.

      Also, if any of you guys that visit the site for the Q&A can also register and become an active member, that would really make me a happy editor hahaha. We have lots of reviews, posts and giveaways (just had one for a Move Bundle, one for Toki Tori codes, and one for Stardrone Extreme will go live next week. You get points for joining the site, making comments, login in daily, joining the live chatroom, etc., and you use said points to buy tickest for the giveaways. You also get points for sharing on Twitter, Facebook, G+ and Youtube AND one entry for the giveaway itself! I joined the site as a member 3 years ago and I'm now a contributing editor, so any of you guys can apply to be allowed to post news articles or reviews as well! I might chop them to pieces and make them impossible to recognize from your original draft, but it will show it was made by you! Hahaha.

    6. Silmina on

      Thanks for the link! ^_^ I hope they'll make an announcement here when the GW forums go live, so I can stop checking everyday XD

    7. Antonio Garcia

      Hi everyone. Q&A has been posted. A bit short since some of the questions had been answered in another Q&A from another site, but I'll have a follow up in a few weeks:


    8. Silmina on

      It's not impossible, but it's a really, really long shot. Victor Ireland talked about that here:


    9. Brash Smith on

      I wonder if QA is still allowed for PS2 titles for PSN releases.

      Front Mission 5, Growlanser 6 and Tales of destiny 1 and 2 even on PSN would be the best shit ever.

    10. L B on

      Pretty sad this didn't manage to get funded, but I'll be sure to buy Class of Heroes 2 when it comes out, guys. Every cent counts!

    11. Antonio Garcia

      Yep. Releasing untranslated PsX games (as Monkey Paw Ganes has been doing) is different since they already passed QA and are just a ROM dump.

    12. Silmina on

      @Teagan: It probably wouldn't happen because Sony doesn't have QA for PS1 titles anymore, and they won't approve a release that hasn't undergone QA. If you're interested, you can read Victor's response to that question here:


    13. Missing avatar

      Teagan Nash on

      Victor, I want you to know that you have my unconditional support in anything you do.

      You are responsible for many, many cherished childhood memories and that is worth more than a measly 59 dollars to me. If I could have, I would have done the 50k pledge hands down if I had it, and I'm sure I'm not alone in that.

      As a sidenote, what is Sony's policy on translating unreleased Japanese PS1 games and rereleasing them on the PSN? I know a ton of people that would love to play both Moon:An RPG Remix and Community Pom.

    14. Missing avatar

      Michael Vu on

      Sorry guys, I pushed for you. Keep your heads up and don't give up on this model.

    15. Christophe Peyramaure on

      If you're in touch with Konami, you should try to do a physical edition for Suikoden I and II or for Suikoden : The Woven Web of a Century if they have no plans to localise it.
      I think these games could interest more people.
      Thank you for your hard work. Don't Give up. A lot of people love JRPG !

    16. JoshuaH on

      And I will, too. Please don't give up, Victor Ireland, and everyone in the jRPG localization industry.

    17. Missing avatar

      Matthew Segrest on

      If you guys do another Kickstarter, I'll be there. So please, do!

    18. vinsfeld123 on

      Got it. I'll keep checking back here for the link, since I don't have, nor am I interested in Twitter.

    19. Antonio Garcia

      Ok everyone, once the interview goes live, you can check it over at PS3blog.net

      I'll post the direct link here so you can check it, buy you can also follow @ps3blogdotnet so you can instantly know the moment it goes live.

    20. Zwei on

      It's over, folks. I don't think this game warrants a purchase on its own, but I would've totally bought the deluxe pack to relive the old WD days... Shame.

    21. Antonio Garcia

      WE did what ee could. Please continue to support Gaijonworks, MonkeyPaw Games and their efforts so we can eventually make this a reality. Hope to see all 882 of you back for their next Kickstarter!

    22. Grégory Bernal on

      Too bad... I really wanted to see this game funded.

    23. Missing avatar

      ragnar14 on

      Hey, if it passed I would've totally paid my 1k pledge. And once an awesome watch showed up in the mail any buyers remorse would disappear. Then I would tease my friends about their cheap $50 wrist watches. Pffft, needing a strap, I've got enough money get get pants with pockets, and fill said pockets with watches ^__^

    24. Emmett Smith on

      I'm sorry this one didn't reach its funding, but as others have said, please support Gaijinworks if you're a fan of quality JRPGs translations. I grew up with its predecessor company, Workiing Designs, and hope to play more of the games they want to bring stateside.

    25. Missing avatar

      Jared Trezise

      Shame it didn't make it this time, though I'm pretty sure there're more than 882 people out there that would be interested in seeing something like this succeed, the problem is getting the message of a Kickstarter project to them within the month or so it's up.
      In the meantime, it'd be kinda tragically if everybody upped their pledge to the higher levels safe in the knowledge that they won't actually get charged what they can't afford, and in doing so push the project past it's goal. In doing so everybody is paying what they can't, and the project doesn't get it's money and then so it succeeds but doesn't. >.< (Just an idea after seeing some comments on upping their pledge because it won't get charged in the end)

    26. Missing avatar

      ragnar14 on

      F it. If I'm not getting this, I'm not getting a styling pocket watch XD

      I'm tempted to not get an awesome music box or flight to LA. But the possibility terrifies me ^_^;

    27. Brash Smith on

      Anyway. It sucks that this didn't fund but like everyone else says, follow Gaijin works they'll have something amazing come from them soon enough.

      Also if Gaijin wants to do a kickstarter where the digital would get enhanced features and voice acting and whatnot. Might be nice for those who are fans of class of heroes and want to see the full fledged WD port.

    28. Brash Smith on

      I wouldn't touch lunar Dragon soul unless it was remade from the ground up, The battle system made it unplayable.

    29. Silmina on

      Everyone did their best, but alas, it was not to be T_T Thankfully it's not the end, just a slower start than any of us would have liked. It was fun talking to everyone here though; I hope to see you guys again when the GW forums are up.

    30. Missing avatar

      Perversion on

      Class of Heroes was underrated and unfairly maligned. I was holding off forever on CoH3, thinking forever about importing it, but as I just picked up a PS Vita and had an extra memory card for it, I decided to use it for my JP PSN account and downloaded CoH3 from the JP PSN. I'll download CoH2 in a heartbeat, as well as CoH3 again if and when it gets localized and released. Shame you guys are not gonna make this. I'd love a physical copy with some nifty swag.

    31. Missing avatar

      Samuel Klein

      ...or Vay...

    32. Missing avatar

      Samuel Klein

      Well, I contributed; better late than never, right? Even if it doesn't succeed, perhaps, another opportunity will present itself, in time. I loved Working Designs and hope MonkeyPaw/Gaijinworks can reach that level of quality. On another note, any thoughts on a Lunar 3 port? If not, perhaps Lunar: Dragon Song or Magic School Lunar!? I'd contribute to any of those in a heartbeat.

    33. Virsalus - Prime Sorcerer of the OO on

      Okay, I am beginning to see the conceptual problem there. Well that is too bad then for this project.

    34. Antonio Garcia

      Again, offerig a digital only copy would have made it impossible to get the CE manufactured due to licensing and production costs.

    35. Virsalus - Prime Sorcerer of the OO on

      @Antonia Garcia:
      I simply did not want to read through all of the more than 400 comments, sorry. I checked the comments now and then but that thing about the royalties just slipped my attention. It can happen, no reason to get worked up about that.

      And I still think that if you can get a full fledged Deluxe Pack for 59 dollars that you could get some less "substantial" reward (still including a copy of the game) for pledging a smaller amount of money, let's say for like 30-40 dollars.

    36. Missing avatar

      tiitha on

      I tried to contact a Gamespot editor a few weeks but it didn't seem to work. Oh well, I'm at least grateful that there will be a downloadable version.

    37. J.R. Raith on

      This Kickstarter is solely to fund the deluxe package; if 1000 people put in $20 for a download-only, they would only be paying for their download copy, not helping to get the Deluxe editions printed. What would have had to have happened would be that there were a 'premium' digital-only tier, say $30. You then are paying $20 for your download and kicking $10 towards the printing of the DX edition (and maybe you get the digital soundtrack, which is essentially free for gw/mp to give away). People might not like that, especially considering the game will later be available on PSN for $20.

      This is a tough sell, all around... it's a niche RPG on an increasingly niche system in the US... While I'd have loved to have seen it, raising $500k to put these packages together is lofty, even if it's the minimum price they could sell it for.

      On the Games, Damnit! podcast, Vic said that this game IS coming out whether the KS succeeds or fails; it's just what sort of quality it will be. It'll be a digital-download only; that they're this far into the process means that the game IS coming out one way or another -- they just wanted to try something extra fancy.

      So, all of that being said: The best thing we can all do now is buy other mp/gw games (Arc the Lad, Alundra, etc.) as well as to make SURE to buy Class of Heroes 2 when it hits PSN. We might not get a DX edition for this one, but hopefully we can for the next game they bring out. Or maybe the one after that...

    38. Missing avatar

      Grant Duvall on

      Game informer probably wouldnt, as they are owned by gamestop which won't benefit them

    39. Wayne Sung on

      Definitely needed more word of mouth. I only just learned of this from a friend and passed news along on my streams. Were IGN, Gamespot, and Game Informer approached? They might have helped spread the word too.

    40. Mysterious Wanderer on

      If I had enough, I would've contributed the rest of it before the deadline. Oh well. Maybe if my goal is met, it will find a way.

    41. Brash Smith on

      Victors not the type to really give up so I'm sure hes got something else cooking.

      Shame this didn't happen but maybe Kickstarter isn't the place for console games.

    42. vinsfeld123 on

      It's still so sad to see this ending. However, like the others have said, I'll gladly transfer my hundred dollar pledge to another project like this (and hopefully there WILL be one) after it does end. I really wish I could do more, but 100 is the most viable thing I can do right now... Here's hoping, though, that the second project receives a bit more promotions and the goal can be made.

    43. Antonio Garcia

      @Virsalus: Shen Lu mentions part of the reason. The other is that at least 7,000 physical CE need to be sold in order for them to make any money at all due to licensing/manifacturimg cost.

      I've said it before, and here it is again: this is a different Kickstarter. A console game has other royalty/cost structure and is completely DIFFERENT AND MORE COMPLEX than releasing a game for iOS, PC or Mac. Still, this late in the Kickstarter, after over 400 comments, 10 interviews and 5 podcasts... And people STILL can't understand the difference? That honestly makes me sad. Don't you guys read before making comments?

    44. Shen Lu on

      @Virsalus: I believe that question's been answered before and I think it went something along the lines of them actually losing money if they did that because the royalty structures are different and that they can't mix and match or something like that. I only vaguely remember something about that.

    45. Virsalus - Prime Sorcerer of the OO on

      Yes, the tiers could have been a little more varied. For example, why isn't there a tier rewarding just a digital copy of the game? There is more than enough room for this between the 20$ and 59$ tiers.

    46. TakaraKitsune on

      I didn't comment when I joined up, but I do want to say I'm sorry to see this so far from the goal so late in the game. I pledged what I could ($60 was really all I could do at the moment). I realize the game will still see release, and I'll still buy it, but it would have been nice to have this Deluxe version.

      For the record, I echo what many others have said, and I'd gladly support another such project. Just make sure to get the word out on it, because I'm definitely on board with the idea, I'm just not sure this was the game to go with for this. (I think something more like a traditional turn-based/action RPG or strategy game would have faired better, but that could be personal opinion. I enjoy first person dungeon crawlers, but it seems to be a niche in a niche.)

    47. Missing avatar

      chun lau on

      I glady supported this knowing full well that the game they chose isn't that popular and no one really cared for. It was that thought i had the maybe just maybe more japanese games would come over in the future. I would gladly fund another such project. I chose the 60 pledge along with almost everyone else because we wanted that awesome physical LE that WD always made. If another is made I would suggest better rewards at cheaper tiers? All the people I asked to pledge wouldn't bother because the lower tier rewards were useless to them =/

    48. Missing avatar

      Jay Easton on

      It's dead (It was pretty much dead by day two, but let's be nice.)

      Really bad ideas all around this Kickstarter (Pledge $5 for a freaking email?), I hope serious lessons were learned from this. Pick yourself up and try try again. I'll be here when you do.

    49. Missing avatar

      KenZS on

      Its unfortunate this isnt going to make it
      however! glad to have showed support for genre I grew up with
      I tried advertising to friends but they instantly steered away (they all hate dungeon crawlers ; ;)
      looking forward to the future projects to come, definitely would contribute and im sure more would too :D

      heck, I still got my lunar1 and lunar2 psx collector's editions from months of savings back in the high school days haha

    50. Missing avatar

      Ava Luman on

      I gave all I could! I really hope that this makes or at the very least shows that there are still a lot of fans out there that are as passionate as the teams behind gaijinworks and monkeypaw.

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