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This is not an enhanced e-book or ibook.  SNOW TOWN is the world's first truly Immersive/Interactive Storyworld App.  Welcome to I-Fi!
SNOW TOWN is an Immersive/Interactive Storyworld.
SNOW TOWN is an Immersive/Interactive Storyworld.
120 backers pledged $10,310 to help bring this project to life.

Yeah, its Spring... BUT its still snowing in Snow Town!

(Seriously, it snowed yesterday!) :P

Greetings from SNOW TOWN!!!

Well, the SNOW TOWN CAST and CREW are still running all over Wayne, Maine!  We're shooting-shooting-shooting interiors and collecting-collecting-collecting stills.  The last couple weeks have been wild, but really FUN!  As we begin to wind down the interior shooting, we are simultaneously ramping up the next stage of our production, the I-Fi App.  I must admit, for me, putting together the pieces of the SNOW TOWN world is the most exciting part of this process.  Without getting all "arty" on you guys, its a lot like seeing a still painting come to life.  I promise to share a sneak peek as soon as possible!

Oh!  One more bit of SNOW TOWN NEWS!  We were thrilled to have Dav Flamerock join us for the "Town Meeting" shoot last weekend.  Dav is a Snow Town Backer and he played the Snow Town ARG!   It was great fun for us to have him jump into the story!  Thanks again, Dav!

For those of you that don't follow my Facebook timeline, I wanted to share a glimpse of our interiors.  Below are some stills from Louise Hoskins' HIDDEN ROOM.  (with Peg Harmon, Charlie Gulliffer and Sara Hoover)

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      This definitely looks like it's gonna be really fun!