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This is not an enhanced e-book or ibook.  SNOW TOWN is the world's first truly Immersive/Interactive Storyworld App.  Welcome to I-Fi!
SNOW TOWN is an Immersive/Interactive Storyworld.
SNOW TOWN is an Immersive/Interactive Storyworld.
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Snow Town is still chugging along!


Greetings Backers!

Yes, Snow Town is still moving forward, although sometimes at a tortoise's pace.  The first pass of the story was a bit of a disaster.  The ST world was just too large and bulky.  I've since divided the story into 3 "books" - The Vigilante, The Neighbor and The Librarian.  This change has been key.  I apologize for the crazy slow pace, but my client work has been extremely busy and kept me from getting this completed sooner.  I do have a huge block of time set aside for the next several months and hope to make it to the finish line.  That said, if the wait is too long for any Backer, please feel free to DM me here with your paypal info or your mailing address and I will refund your contribution.  I totally understand and thank you so much for your patience and support!  Onward!  And thanks again!

Jan and the Snow Town Team

The Great Williwaw Pine


It is crazy HOT outside, but I've been keeping COOL here in SNOW TOWN.  Great news!  I am able to spend most of this summer cranking out "pages" for Snow Town's immersive/interactive story.  Yes, it is taking a really long time, but I truly believe it will be worth the wait.  There will be more updates over the weeks ahead!!!!!  A million thanks for your patience.


A glimpse of SNOW TOWN :)

As the SNOW TOWN CREW continues to build and tweak transitions and sound, I thought you might like to see a glimpse of the storyworld.  Above and below are a couple of screengrabs from different sections - the focus is a bit soft on the grabs, but it'll give you a nice peek of the layered story coming to life with video, sound, text and still imagery.

Happy Spring!


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SNOW TOWN Update! Transitions...

WOW! It has been waaay too long since I've sent out a SNOW TOWN update!  

As you guys know from my previous updates, we had to expand the Snow Town Crew and get some folks who could help me with the technical side of the project.  Due to that expanding Crew, I had to take several months off and make some money.  I've just wrapped on a project for Fox and can finally return to SNOW TOWN.  YAY!  :) 

While the more technical stuff is getting pushed out, my attention is now on transitions.  The first pass transitions between "story moments" were far too clunky.  You could really see the mechanics and the choices did not feel as organic as I had imagined.  I want every piece of this experience to feel like it takes you deeper - even how you make your choices or where/when to click or touch.  Now that the tech side is looking so much better, I need to adjust the story transitions to it.  It is a dance between tech and story.  So, we are still building and tweaking and building and tweaking again, but we are moving forward.  As we head into this next phase, I will post more updates for you and hope we soon have our date for a launch. 

Thanks again for your continued patience and support!  You guys have been AWESOME!


Jan and the Snow Town Crew

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a SNOW TOWN Update!


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