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This is not an enhanced e-book or ibook.  SNOW TOWN is the world's first truly Immersive/Interactive Storyworld App.  Welcome to I-Fi!
SNOW TOWN is an Immersive/Interactive Storyworld.
SNOW TOWN is an Immersive/Interactive Storyworld.
120 backers pledged $10,310 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Kenneth Soares on May 16, 2016

      So checking in again. 2 years from my last comment. Has anything been done?

    2. Jan Libby Creator on February 23, 2014

      Hi Jacob,

      Exactly - with the branching paths there will be multiple endings/outcomes for the story. We're working on some tech stuff this week, but I'll put up an update soon.

      Thanks for checking in.


    3. Missing avatar

      Jacob on February 22, 2014

      So... any chance of a update soon?

      Also, will Snow Town have multiple endings considering all the branching paths?

    4. Jan Libby Creator on February 7, 2014

      Hey Kenneth, We're still working on it! The time and costs of building the Snow Town storyworld was much, much, much more than we had estimated. I've been working multiple freelance gigs and then devoting time between those gigs to Snow Town. After 5 months of freelance, we've just returned to the project once again. So, although it is taking a long time... it will finally come across the finish line in the next several months. I apologize for the huge delay, but hope it will be worth the wait. Thanks!

    5. Kenneth Soares on February 6, 2014

      It's been nearly a year since the last update. Is this still being worked on or should I just forget about it at this point?

    6. Jan Libby Creator on January 23, 2013

      Hey Titanium!

      Yeah, I had to take a break from Snow Town and make some money for the tech team. Finally back this week and hope to have a larger update for you soon. :)

    7. Missing avatar

      Titanium Burch on January 23, 2013

      Any news on this project... I have been thinking about it a lot lately.

    8. Missing avatar

      Zobot257 on February 1, 2012

      Who contributed the 4500? Wow, that was awesome!

    9. contentAI on January 31, 2012


      A last minute plot-twist and a happy ending (or, beginning) bodes well.

      Let it snow.

    10. Jan Libby Creator on January 31, 2012


    11. Tony Walsh on January 31, 2012

      Glad to have helped with this, congrats Jan!

    12. Missing avatar

      Joshua Solomon on January 31, 2012

      I only just learned of this project today, and I can't wait to experience it in April!

    13. Missing avatar

      hmrpita on January 31, 2012

      Congratulations on reaching your goal! This is going to be awesomesauce!

    14. TC Conway on January 31, 2012

      I'm truly excited to help bring this project to light. Anything Jan works on, just sign me up! I can't wait to "visit" Snow Town. With only 5 hours to go, we still need to make 100% -- Tell everyone you know to help fund this project. Be part of history in the making!

    15. Brian Enigma on January 22, 2012

      I've been a little detached from the ARG scene for a few years, but heard you on the-Podcast-formerly-known-as-the-ARGNetcast and how could I *not* help back this?

    16. Missing avatar

      Sally Chamness on January 18, 2012

      I am so glad to be a backer on this project. Jan Libby has a great creative mind,her games are engaging, fun and community building.
      I am so grateful for all the friends have made over the years by participating in her previous ventures.

    17. Yoms on January 17, 2012

      Go Jan, you know I can't wait to see this go live.

      Here's to the family backing you all the way. <3

      Congrats from London

    18. Missing avatar

      HL Brewer on January 13, 2012

      If anyone is in doubt about the rich immersive world that Jan Libby creates, check out her first ARG world, Sammeeeees:…
      This is a Puppet Master/Author/Movie Maker/StoryTeller extraordinaire. Let's put this project over the top and share the joy of Snow Town.

    19. aliendial on January 13, 2012

      So inspired am I, that I am travelling TO a snow town tomorrow (not Wayne Maine but another famous snow town). On purpose! Where I will shovel snow and wait patiently for my Snow Town I-Fi experience.

    20. Missing avatar

      Zobot257 on January 13, 2012

      I can definitely spare some money for such a worthy cause! I loved being part of the original Snow Town Arg, and now I can help spread it to other people.

      I'll work a few hours of overtime and recoup the expenses, easily.

    21. Patrick Möller on January 13, 2012

      Now I am very excited to see that I can have another chance to travel to Snow Town again (Especially since we did not have any snow yet in our part of Germany this year). I love the stories of Jan because she is a very passionate storyteller who cares about her characters and the overall settings of her stories. She knows how to let them become real not only in my mind. That's why I am very proud to have the opportunity of giving back a little bit of me to make this I-Fi App happen.

    22. docwho2100 on January 12, 2012

      My favorite ST moment was when I attended a live stream of the Snow Town Book CLub expecting a nice review of the current book, only to be treated to one of the most delicious dark surreal meetings lead by a librarian I have ever witnessed (Ruthie was awesome!). I can not wait to see what Jan and Snow Town brings next. PS - will there be more book clubs... please, please : )

    23. Jan Libby Creator on January 12, 2012

      Be very afraid, Brian. very. ;-)

    24. Missing avatar

      Brian J Dell on January 12, 2012

      I am afraid of finding out what I'm going to be afraid of once I start exploring Snow Town!!

    25. Joe Birdwell on January 12, 2012

      Whenever Jan Libby is involved you know that the story is being told by someone who cares for her characters and her readers/viewers. I still talk to people all the time who I met and became friends with during her Sammeeeee stories.

    26. Missing avatar

      amandel on January 12, 2012

      Jan Libby created a most wonderful town....SNOW TOWN, That I'll be able to revisit and explore it again on my tablet is an exciting idea from a talented storyteller.

    27. Michelle Senderhauf on January 12, 2012

      Yay for 25% funding! Can't wait for Snow Town to make its return!

    28. Jan Libby Creator on January 12, 2012

      thanks for all the kind words and support, everyone!!!!!! xo we almost officially 25% funded!!! sw00t!

    29. Enaxor on January 12, 2012

      Jan, what an icredible idea! As a player of the ARG, I'm so excited and honored to support this project. I can't wait to visit Snow Town again. Everyone, this is a great opportunity to help an extremely talented and all around nice person. :-D

    30. Carrie Cutforth on January 12, 2012

      I'm so proud and delighted to be a supporter of this project. If there was snow in Toronto I would make a snow angle in Jan Libby's honour!

    31. krystyn on January 12, 2012

      This is so exciting! I can't wait to see how this turns out! Jan is a goddess, this much is true. Everyone, throw a few bucks in and let's make this happen!

    32. Daniël van Gool on January 12, 2012

      Agreed! So very excited for Snow Town; go back it now guys!

    33. Taryn Kearsley on January 12, 2012

      Jan Libby is a one woman PM team tour de force!!!!

    34. Jan Libby Creator on January 6, 2012

      sW00t Jim! THANK YOU! and welcome to SNOW TOWN!