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Treefrog is excited to announce its first Kickstarter project, the release of an all-new version of MOONGHA INVADERS.

Moongha Invaders was designed and produced in 2010 for the PLAY games fair in Modena. Only 650 copies were printed. As there seems to be a lot of demand for the game we thought it was about time to produce a new version. A game about monsters attacking the Earth is just crying out for plastic figures but Treefrog does not have the cash available to cover the high pre-production costs involved in such a venture. Hence our presence on Kickstarter!
You take on the role of a mad scientist, working feverishly to create an army of monsters to unleash on the world. The player who inflicts the most damage on the cities of Earth is declared the maddest, baddest scientist of them all.

If you want to know more about how to play the game then check out the video here:

As gamers we know that all you want is a quality game. For a pledge of $60 we will do our utmost to pack as much as possible in the game as we can. This payment includes shipping ANYWHERE in the world. Treefrog is fortunate to have the contacts to allow us to arrange shipment from different points around the globe, thus keeping shipping costs down and avoiding any taxes.
For $100 you get two copies of the game, one for you and one for a lucky friend. Once again, this price includes free shipping.
If you own or run a games store then you can order a box of six copies by pledging $200. This also includes shipping anywhere in the world. As the games will be sent out by reputable distributors we will be able to check you are a legitimate games store.

To be able to produce Moongha Invaders with plastic monster pieces we need to reach $40,000 in pledges.
If we get to $50,000 then we can make the hero and military pieces in plastic as well.
The stretch goal we are most excited about is the two-player version. To be able to include this we need to reach $60,000. Heroes versus monsters in a fight-to-the-death on the streets of New York. If you want to know more about this then check out the video here:

Please note that the two-player version of the game will be produced as a special limited edition. It will not be available from distributors. Treefrog will print a number of extra copies to sell at Essen, Gencon and the PLAY games fair in Modena. If you want to get this version of the game the safest way of doing so is to pledge now. Treefrog no longer operates a direct sales division, so cannot take orders once the Kickstarter campaign has ended.
If we reach $90,000 then we will work on an ios app to allow the standard game to be played semi-blindly. Not sure exactly how this will work but as it will be given away free you are not having to pay extra for something that may or may not happen.
Finally, if we reach $100,000 then we can work on an ios app to work with the two-player game.
The more money we receive in pledges the more we can put in the box, at no extra cost to you.

Treefrog is fortunate to have the artist Tim Huesken involved with the project. Tim is working day and night on re-imagining the game from top to bottom. Here are some samples of artwork produced so far.

The Monsters
The Monsters

Please note that the final artwork may vary from what you see here. The plastic figures will be based as closely on the images shown as possible. However, due to the technical issues involved in casting plastic the poses may differ from those shown here.

The Heroes
The Heroes
The Board
The Board

If you want to read up on the rules to the standard game then you can download them here. Please note that the rules will be updated to take into account questions raised since the first publication.
Moongha Invaders Rules (1st Edition)

You can also look at a working draft of the rules for the two-player version of the game. This game is still in development so some rules will change. Also, these rules are for the benefit of the designer and are not necessarily expressed in the clearest manner. The final rules will be clearer and carefully checked.

You can also see what people think about the game on Board Game Geek or if you don’t mind strong language you can check out Michael Barnes thoughts on the game here.

Treefrog has a lot of experience in producing board games. However, this is the first time we have attempted anything with plastic pieces. Asmodee have kindly offered to advise and help in any way they can. We intend to use only the best sculptors and the most reliable manufacturers. The plastic pieces will be produced in China while the rest of the components will be printed and assembled in Germany. We can assure you that the final product will be of a very high standard. If all goes well then the game will be ready to ship summer 2013 (it very much depends how long it takes to have the plastic pieces produced and then shipped to Germany).

To reduce shipping charges and possible taxes games will be shipped out from locations closest to the customer. We have contacts around the globe who will be able to despatch the games. Treefrog has a very good reputation for customer service, (i.e Julia answers emails quickly). If you have any problems with the game or our service we will do our best to put things right as quickly as possible, no questions asked.

The standard version of the game will be produced and made available to the general public via normal distribution channels. This, obviously, will be after all orders have been shipped to those who have ordered the game via Kickstarter. If we are able to produce the two player version of the game then this will not be produced for general distribution. However, Treefrog retain the right to produce a number of extra copies for sale at shows, such as Essen. We will also be producing additional copies for Club TreEmme, who commissioned the original game, for sale at the PLAY games fair in Modena.

Kickstarter page put together by Shaun Pimlott Design.
Videos shot and edited by Adam Jones.
Music on video is ‘Purgatory Road’ by Arena.
Thanks to Verglas for granting Treefrog permission to use the track. If you want to find out more about the music of Arena then check out this website -
Many thanks to Max Michael and Stratamax for helping with this project.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Treefrog has never produced a game with plastic pieces before, so to a certain degree this is a journey into the unknown. Fortunately we have contacts in the business who can guide and advise us. It is also the case that we have never produced an ios app. This will present a greater challenge as we have to first work out exactly what the app will do, and then find an experienced games developer who can produce the final product. If we can do this then we will learn a lot in the process, which will help with future projects.


  • The two player game will be included in the standard game. The board will be double-sided and the extra components will be added to the box.

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