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A documentary about the proposed 1998 "Superman Lives" feature film that would have been the most original and strangest Superman ever.
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Final Rewards Shipping!!!

Posted by Jon Schnepp (Creator)


Thank you for all your patience! After finishing the film, and then making the Blurays, and then shipping those out to thousands of backers, we have now made the final rewards and are shipping those out to you patient backers!

We have got our posters and patches ready!!! 

All our tubes and packages puchased, and our mailing postage covered!

We have opted to not make any  CDs or Tshirts, and are replacing them with a special signed print by Jon Schnepp, as well as an official signed Movie Poster!

We are shipping out the Action Figures as well!!! So proud of the Super Robot Challenge Man!!!

Thanks again for sticking with us as we went through the process! From the entire TDOSLWH Crew: Holly Payne, Marie Jamora, Chris Graybill, Rob Pierce, and myself, thank you so much!!!

Until next time,

Jon Schnepp

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    1. Philip Frey on

      I suppose a digital soundtrack is better than nothing. I am a fan of physical media. Again, why I chose the level I did. Thanks for following up.

    2. Missing avatar


      Thank you for the clarification that the soundtrack will at least be made available in digital form. (Like Philip Frey, I chose the $85 versus the $65 level specifically to get the soundtrack.)

    3. Jon Schnepp 5-time creator on

      In reply to Philip and anyone ese who wanted the movie soundtrack, we are not making a physical CD, but we will be sending out a digital movie soundtrack to all of those backers who got one, so you will indeed get the soundtrack, it will be digital veriosn. Sorry I did not clarify that.

    4. Philip Frey on

      I have been patient and I have not been among the complainers. I feel the final product was worth the extra time you put into it and I understand how things can take longer than expected. But I do not see how you can feel it acceptable that you "opted to not make any CDs or Tshirts".

      I chose the level I did *specifically* because of the soundtrack CD and I now feel cheated by being denied the aspect (besides the film, of course) that I was anticipating the most.

      Now, I am not happy.