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A documentary about the proposed 1998 "Superman Lives" feature film that would have been the most original and strangest Superman ever.
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Shipping the BluRay/DVD Combo Pack!

Posted by Jon Schnepp (Creator)


We are in shipping mode! After returning from a successful launch at San Diego Comic Con, we came back and began the exhausting packing and shipping process. We are having the DVD / Blu-ray Combo Pack Special Edition made right now, and will be shipping them out to you all next week. 

Packing it all up!!!
Packing it all up!!!

 We were happy to give you the digital download as a special way to say "thank you for being so awesome"!!!

Thank you for the support, encouragement, and patience as me and my incredible team have worked tirelessly for the last year to make this film the best it can be. O'm so happy with the global response to this film, and all the incredibly positive reviews we've gotten. 

We will be shipping all the rewards staggered over the rest of the year, as we get to make them and then send them to you. We are making a special new cover that all of you will be the first to get, so get ready for the Bluray/DVD Combo Pack coming at you!!!

Jon Schnepp

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    1. Missing avatar

      Joseph D DeMatteis on

      I loved the end result from this KickStarter....BUT I still haven't received my BluRay and we are into November. Can anyone help?

    2. Church Of Atom on

      I kinda hate being that guy, but its been over two years since we all pledged and we are still waiting to get our blu rays, while people who bought it from the site already have theirs. I know we are getting a special cover, but you'd think that would've been done in advance instead of after they were made available for the general public.

    3. David Estel Wright on

      Currently manufacturing our blurays with our exclusive guess is a few more weeks.

    4. Richard Lane Gregg on

      Any word, on the delay for the discs?

    5. Jason Davis on

      Hey guys. Still haven't received the bluray yet. Do you send out a notification?

    6. Missing avatar

      Paul Lindstrom on

      I am in same boat. I have not received the download and have no idea on how to get it

    7. Missing avatar

      Rousseau on

      Hihihihi, so excited. But it have to cross Atlantic for me, to France! <3

    8. Missing avatar

      Gary Kurkewich on

      After both messaging on here and email I have yet to get my download

    9. Philip Frey on

      Read your interview in Loot Crate's little magazine. You're everywhere!

    10. Josh Marowitz on

      If the rest of the rewards are coming over the course of the year, is there a way I can resubmit my address? I submitted the address I submitted on the assumption that all the rewards would be shipped at the same time.