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A documentary about the proposed 1998 "Superman Lives" feature film that would have been the most original and strangest Superman ever.
A documentary about the proposed 1998 "Superman Lives" feature film that would have been the most original and strangest Superman ever.
2,121 backers pledged $115,110 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Dale Turner 3 days ago

      FOURTH time I've written, and I've also sent an e-mail to Still no digital download. Feelin' warm and fuzzy!

      You selected
      $40 reward

      830 backers

      Super-Skull-Ship!!! A signed BluRay/DVD combo package will be sent to you!!! Plus, the Digital Download of the Finished Documentary, the Super-thanks with your name in the end credits crawl, and the Special Desktop Image.

      Estimated delivery: Dec 2013
      Ships anywhere in the world

    2. Creator Jack Cooper 4 days ago

      Hi there - where can I get my digital copy from? Can't see a link anywhere...

    3. Creator Grace8la 6 days ago

      Thank you very much! I just saw your response. My email is I look forward to seeing the digital download, and my kid is really excited about the blu-ray/DVD combo. Best wishes and congrats! We have heard very nice comments on your film.

    4. Creator DIRK on July 21

      Watched last night. Well done, really enjoyed it. How do we get to view the extra content?

    5. Creator Jon Schnepp on July 19

      People who contributed for the digital Download reward at $25 should have gotten their download, those who less and want to see the film can go to to get the download or bluray. We are currently getting the special edition kickstarter made up and ready to ship at weeks end. Thanks again for your patience, these are all combo blu/dvds, so they are taking a bit longer. I have sent out digital downloads to all those who who somehow did not get it. Thanks again everybody

    6. Creator jay reason on July 19

      I still have not gotten the email, I emailed you

    7. Creator Robert E on July 18

      I gave you my name an email. Still no digital download.

    8. Creator David Spear on July 18

      Finally got around to watching this tonight. I can't imagine the Superman film actually being good, but it was pretty interesting to see all the people involved and get their thoughts and memories on what could have been. Awesome job, thanks for making it happen.

    9. Creator Syncorizon on July 17


      I saw your response and sent you my email address to the, but alas, have yet to receive any link to a digital download. Granted, you're likely busy and I may have sent it to the wrong place, so please, I can be reached at

      Thanks! Really looking forward to seeing this!

      Steven M. Reedy

    10. Creator Gary Kurkewich on July 17

      Still nothing here

    11. Creator John-Paul Burke on July 17

      Hi I didn't receive my download email or have any communication about my copy


    12. Creator Jon Schnepp on July 15

      @ Tom: Send me your email. You will get a digital download tomorrow, sorry for the delay! I appreciate the support!

    13. Creator Jon Schnepp on July 15

      @ Tyler Horlings: Send me your email. You will get a digital download tomorrow, sorry for the delay! I appreciate the support!

    14. Creator Jon Schnepp on July 15

      @ Will Rodriguez: Send me your email. You will get a digital download tomorrow, sorry for the delay! I appreciate the support!

    15. Creator Jon Schnepp on July 15

      @ Grace8la: Send me your email. You will get a digital download tomorrow, sorry for the delay! I appreciate the support!

    16. Creator Jon Schnepp on July 15

      @ Adam Clay: Send me your email. You will get a digital download tomorrow, sorry for the delay! I appreciate the support!

    17. Creator Jonathon Miller on July 14

      Hi Jon,

      As per the reply on VHX, please correct the spelling of my name to "Jonathon Miller" (rather than "Jonathan Miller" as it currently is credited) for the next press of the blu-ray/DVDs.


    18. Creator Tom on July 14

      Er, did you delete my comment?

      Again - I have not received the DL email. The email from the other day said 'respond' but it didn't say where. Short of posting my email address on a public forum, what am I supposed to do?

    19. Creator Tyler Horlings on July 14

      My name is Tyler Horlings and I did not get an email to download the film. I too am also looking forward to the blu ray.

    20. Creator Will Rodriguez on July 14

      I never got a download link for the digital. If that could be resent that would be great. Also, I'm looking forward to the blu Ray

    21. Creator Antony Eadie on July 14

      I spotted my name is misspelt in the end credits. When I messaged I was told to leave a comment on here and it'll get sorted on the next press. I absolutely loved the doc and I'm glad I was a backer.

    22. Creator Grace8la on July 14

      I'm looking forward to seeing the documentary, but alas no email for the digital download. Any assistance is appreciated!

    23. Creator Jeff on July 13

      Blu rays going out this week?

    24. Creator Jonathan Strawn on July 13

      Will all the extra videos available on the VHX site be included on the DVD/Blu-Ray?

    25. Creator Dale Turner on July 12

      Been waiting since July 9 as well, and no e-mail w/"digital copy" link (*sniffle*).

    26. Creator Øivind Rosvold on July 11

      No email here either, hope it arrives soon :)

    27. Creator Rene Romero on July 11

      Does anybody know the turnaround time from the moment you submitted and the download link?

    28. Creator Sam McClellan on July 11

      I'm still waiting for my email as well. Couldn't make it to Comic Con so I was really looking forward to getting the doc this weekend. Hope it comes soon.

    29. Creator Adam Clay on July 10

      I'm really looking forward to watching this film. I hope I get my email soon.

    30. Creator Robert E on July 10

      Another day has gone by without an email. Whats going on?

    31. Creator Sean Sullivan on July 10

      I got the email but it is saying that my email address is not in the system. I can't access the documentary.

    32. Creator Matthew S on July 10

      Overall pretty good doc. The one thing I am disappointed about is that, as far as I can tell/remember, the survey never asked how we wanted our names to appear at the end. They just took the public profile name and used that. Would have preferred to have my full name appear in the doc, not just my kickstarter profile name.

    33. Creator Tony Cline on July 10

      I didn't received an email either.

    34. Creator Petr Hrubý on July 10

      I bought it via the website and everything works for me. Anyway I know you don't like comments I made here but I stand behind them...

      So the movie is really, really good. Maybe it lacks some conclusion for me and there were moments when I was confused a bit (suits etc.) but overall it's a very good doc. Also the featurette and deleted scenes were good and added some nice bits. I think after Peters all three screenwriters were the most interesting people you interviewed. Plus Sylvain and Michael Jackson were both really fun too.


    35. Creator Leo Visentin on July 10

      I have not received an email about digital version either. Was also looking forward to watching today. =/

    36. Creator Robert E on July 9

      Didn't receive an email. I was looking forward to watching it today. Do I have to wait an extra day?

    37. Creator Mike White on July 9

      Haven't gotten my email yet. Should I be concerned?

    38. Creator Rob Marotti on July 9

      When I click the link in the email it says "It doesn't look like you have purchased this" and then it gives me a support email, that goes away too fast for me to successfully copy and paste.

      somebody help?

    39. Creator David Hilton on July 9

      You nailed it, Jon. This documentary has surpassed my expectations. Really amazing job, sir. I'm very glad I backed this project, and I look forward to the Blu-Ray version coming my way as well.

    40. Creator Terence Klein Jr. on July 9


    41. Creator Sean P. Aune on July 3

      Considering how badly burned I have been on what is honestly the majority of the projects I've backed, this one has been one of the smoothest. Oh, how dare Mr. Schnepp keep landing more and more interviews to make this the best film he could. The unmitigated gall!

      At the end of the day we're getting what appears to be a better doc then any of us thought we would get at first. I, for one, am glad Mr. Schnepp kept pushing and I look forward to finally seeing the film.

    42. Creator Bob Schaefer on July 2


      Thanks so much for the continuing updating you did for us on the state of the picture. I'm super excited to get the blu-ray in after Comic Con.

      All the best,

    43. Creator Philip Frey on July 1

      I get that some people are upset, but I've backed projects that never happened at all. I've backed projects that were ultimately disappointing (either not what I expected or just not very good). Most of the time, of course, everything goes smooth as silk. This was not one of those times. But, compared to a lot of projects, I though Jon kept us fairly well informed and I never felt like he wasn't working towards completion. That's all I really care about.

      So, thanks to everyone here who helped out, even the scolds. I think there's going to be a really good film at the end of all this (fingers crossed). I certainly look forward to seeing it.

    44. Creator Jon Schnepp on July 1


      We are in the home stretch, and just got the last two special features off to the authoring company, waiting on the final subtitles to arrive (spanish) and then its off to the bluray / dvd plant for replication! I'm so excited to be able to share the movie with all of you on July 9th, as a digital download or streaming, your choice!!
      We will then be shipping out the DVDs and Blurays when we return from san Diego Comic Con, along with many of the rewards!!! Thank you all for your patience, and your belief in the project and me!!! It's taken longer than expected, but I truly believe you will all be satisfied with the results!
      Please share our website with your friends on all your social platforms, and let them know that you were an original supporter of this project!!!

      Thanks again,

      Jon Schnepp

    45. Creator Kevin Kelly on July 1

      Does anyone know if a useable desktop image was ever released? I can't find it anywhere but the updates said it came out months ago?

    46. Creator James Rodrigues on July 1

      Just got the survey, thanks.

    47. Creator Rus Ekkel on July 1

      I have been looking forward to this for a long time!
      I'm just wondering what I get for my $25 commitment in terms of the package - the film download of course. But do I also get the Super package of extras interviews? We're I buying the film new, $5 more would get me that but $ 5 less would get the mid pack. My contribution falls between the two
      I'm hoping it gets me the super pack of course
      Would be glad if you could clarify. My enormous thanks also for making this film!
      - Rus

    48. Creator Jason C Roskam on July 1

      Just got my survey! Cannot wait for this! Thanks again, Jon!

    49. Creator James Rodrigues on June 30

      Has the survey been sent out yet? Just wondering whether I missed it in my emails.

    50. Creator Jason Davis on June 23

      Still excited to see this, but overall disappointed with how Jon handled communication with us - I know at the end we are just money, but he has to understand that the beauty of Kickstarter is that it makes us feel like we are part of the process - and by saying something was never part of the 'kickstarted promise', well just makes us feel used. At the end of the day I spent $80 on a documentary about a failed Superman movie - I hope the end result is as great as I envisioned - it's a shame the road there wasn't.

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