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A documentary about the proposed 1998 "Superman Lives" feature film that would have been the most original and strangest Superman ever.
A documentary about the proposed 1998 "Superman Lives" feature film that would have been the most original and strangest Superman ever.
2,121 backers pledged $115,110 to help bring this project to life.

Use this space to cheer the creator along, ask questions, and talk to your fellow backers. Please remember to be respectful and considerate. Thanks!

    1. Creator Sean P. Aune 2 days ago

      Considering how badly burned I have been on what is honestly the majority of the projects I've backed, this one has been one of the smoothest. Oh, how dare Mr. Schnepp keep landing more and more interviews to make this the best film he could. The unmitigated gall!

      At the end of the day we're getting what appears to be a better doc then any of us thought we would get at first. I, for one, am glad Mr. Schnepp kept pushing and I look forward to finally seeing the film.

    2. Creator Bob Schaefer 4 days ago


      Thanks so much for the continuing updating you did for us on the state of the picture. I'm super excited to get the blu-ray in after Comic Con.

      All the best,

    3. Creator Philip Frey 4 days ago

      I get that some people are upset, but I've backed projects that never happened at all. I've backed projects that were ultimately disappointing (either not what I expected or just not very good). Most of the time, of course, everything goes smooth as silk. This was not one of those times. But, compared to a lot of projects, I though Jon kept us fairly well informed and I never felt like he wasn't working towards completion. That's all I really care about.

      So, thanks to everyone here who helped out, even the scolds. I think there's going to be a really good film at the end of all this (fingers crossed). I certainly look forward to seeing it.

    4. Creator Jon Schnepp 4 days ago


      We are in the home stretch, and just got the last two special features off to the authoring company, waiting on the final subtitles to arrive (spanish) and then its off to the bluray / dvd plant for replication! I'm so excited to be able to share the movie with all of you on July 9th, as a digital download or streaming, your choice!!
      We will then be shipping out the DVDs and Blurays when we return from san Diego Comic Con, along with many of the rewards!!! Thank you all for your patience, and your belief in the project and me!!! It's taken longer than expected, but I truly believe you will all be satisfied with the results!
      Please share our website with your friends on all your social platforms, and let them know that you were an original supporter of this project!!!

      Thanks again,

      Jon Schnepp

    5. Creator Kevin Kelly 4 days ago

      Does anyone know if a useable desktop image was ever released? I can't find it anywhere but the updates said it came out months ago?

    6. Creator James Rodrigues 4 days ago

      Just got the survey, thanks.

    7. Creator Rus Ekkel 5 days ago

      I have been looking forward to this for a long time!
      I'm just wondering what I get for my $25 commitment in terms of the package - the film download of course. But do I also get the Super package of extras interviews? We're I buying the film new, $5 more would get me that but $ 5 less would get the mid pack. My contribution falls between the two
      I'm hoping it gets me the super pack of course
      Would be glad if you could clarify. My enormous thanks also for making this film!
      - Rus

    8. Creator Jason C Roskam 5 days ago

      Just got my survey! Cannot wait for this! Thanks again, Jon!

    9. Creator James Rodrigues 5 days ago

      Has the survey been sent out yet? Just wondering whether I missed it in my emails.

    10. Creator Jason Davis on June 23

      Still excited to see this, but overall disappointed with how Jon handled communication with us - I know at the end we are just money, but he has to understand that the beauty of Kickstarter is that it makes us feel like we are part of the process - and by saying something was never part of the 'kickstarted promise', well just makes us feel used. At the end of the day I spent $80 on a documentary about a failed Superman movie - I hope the end result is as great as I envisioned - it's a shame the road there wasn't.

    11. Creator Jon Schnepp on June 20

      @ Jeff: I hope you feel differently once you get your bluray.

    12. Creator Jon Schnepp on June 20

      @ Ale Bumbale: I hear what you're saying. It's taken longer than I said it would.

    13. Creator Jon Schnepp on June 20

      @ Bryan: I'm sorry you feel that way. I'm just trying to make an incredible film, loaded with great bonus features, and all of this takes an intense amount of time, energy, and money. I definitely appreciate every single person who contributed $ to help me make this film, and I feel that you will all be incredibly proud of what you've all helped me and my team make.

    14. Creator Jon Schnepp on June 20

      @ Jason C Roskam: you are very welcome, Jason!

    15. Creator Jon Schnepp on June 20

      @ Brett Schenker: I appreciate your comments. Believe me, I had no idea how long it was going to take to make this documentary the right way, and to complete it the way it needed to be done. I come from directing fully financed TV shows, so I originally thought I could finish it much earlier. I have come to understand that documentaries usually take about four years from beginning to end, and that's without even having a distributer or release date. I am releasing this to everyone at the same time, minus a few preview screenings in cities that helped get the word out about the film.

    16. Creator Brett Schenker on June 19

      Mr. Schnepp, thank you for your condescending update. In it you wrote:

      "To the people who are complaining about "not getting to see it first", that was never part of the kickstarter promise."

      You are correct, you did not promise backers would see the film first. In fact here's actually what you promised directly from your campaign description:

      "With your help, I will have a finished cut of “The Death of “Superman Lives”: What Happened?” by the end of this summer, with a World Premiere Screening at one of the larger Comic Conventions, and then ready to screen it to the entire world after that! Once we get funded, I’ll be posting monthly updates on the progress I’m making, who we interviewed that month, and keeping you in the loop with Exclusive Kickstarter Video Updates!"

      This is not what happened. In update #48, you let us know that there would be a premiere on April 30 and more screenings May 1-2. This was not at a convention as stated. While the world is seeing it after those dates, it is over 3 months after those dates. In other words, your plan was nerfed, as the project has been. So, you could release it to backers early if you choose. And here's why should do that.

      Right now, the project is a year and a half past the date promised, with you as the creator coming back numerous times to raise more money. We have generally been patient. As a whole, this latest response, the lack of the promised updates, shows we are just money to you. But, we can actually, and should, more than that.

      We clearly care about this project enough to support it. We wanted to see this get made. We are your most likely vocal supporters. In other words, we are your marketing. By releasing the film earlier to supporters you actually can build buzz and positive word of mouth before the release. I'm sure your goal is to sell more copies. We help you do that, assuming the film is the quality hyped up. But, by responses like your most recent, you actually turn off backers, who will now say "the film is good, but...."

      I notice you also have timed the release during SDCC, which I'm sure some of us will be attending. It might help having that positive buzz during this time when other news will likely drown out the release.

      The short lesson really is, don't bite the hand that feeds you. We have been patient, and it wouldn't be a bad idea to go beyond a bit to make up for the delays and lack of sticking to your original plans.

    17. Creator Jeff on June 19

      Welp, never backing another KS project from this guy again.

    18. Creator Jason C Roskam on June 19

      Jon, thank you so much for all of the hard work you have put into this. Who'd have thought that this small little kickstarter idea would blow up into this huge project with all of this buzz behind it! I am as excited for this today as I was when I saw your first kickstarter video.

    19. Creator Calvin Won on June 19

      We have been patiently waiting for years so you should show some consideration. We just want clear communication up front. Also, where is the resized desktop wallpaper you promised a few months back?

    20. Creator Bryan on June 19

      I wasn't upset by the additional delay for backers after all of the other delays this project has suffered. However, I do feel insulted by the patronizing tone of this recent update. It feels in line with earlier suggestions that those who were disappointed by severe lack of communication simply don't understand the creative process.
      I've been involved in projects where the creator clearly values the backers that made the project possible, while in this case I feel like we are regarded as a nuisance. In that respect I am tremendously disappointed by this Kickstarter and will not be supporting any of Mr. Schnepp's future projects.

    21. Creator Ale Bumbale on June 19

      Oh wait, because delaying 1.5 years was totally part of the Kickstarter promise? Sorry Jon, just no.

    22. Creator Jon Schnepp on June 19

      We are in the home stretch. My team and I have been editing all the extra bonus features, getting the sound mix done, and are entering the final two weeks of production, authoring and mastering and then pressing the DVDs and Blu-rays!!!
      There are over 2000 of you who have been really cool and supportive, so I thank you all for that. To the people who are complaining about "not getting to see it first", that was never part of the kickstarter promise. I'll be sending out the surveys for everyone's updated addresses next week, and then I'll be sending out the finished discs right after SDCC. On July 9th, every single one of you who bought a digital download or dvd or blu-ray will be able to watch the film using the digital code I'll be providing. The countdown has begun!

    23. Creator Jeremy Bridges on June 17

      I never received mt DVD. Have they been sent out yet?

    24. Creator Nathan on June 17

      stuff like this makes me so hesitant to ever back another kickstarter.

      Jon, this is free money you got from these people. No revenue sharing, no ROI, nothing. The least you can do is check the comments from time to time

    25. Creator Bruce Silver on June 17

      Has anyone seen a survey yet? That's typically where we enter current address, but I haven't seen one.

    26. Creator Jason Davis on June 15

      David, I've asked the same, and no response at all... Schnepp could hire someone for a day to answer all these questions...

    27. Creator David Hilton on June 12

      Since originally backing this project, my mailing address has changed. Will you be sending out an email or something else for us to confirm our addresses? Any info regarding that would be much appreciated. I would hate for my backer rewards to go to my previous address from 2 years ago. Thanks!

    28. Creator Brett Schenker on June 11

      I echo the sentiment about others seeing the film before us. It's not why I backed the project. I've seen this with other creators, and refuse to back any further project of theirs. There's no reason the digital copy can't be released to backers now, seeing as others have already seen it.

    29. Creator Dennis Espero on June 11

      Hey Schnepp,

      It's been a while and I'm looking forward to seeing this all finally come together. Since the time of my backing I think I've changed mailing addresses at least 3 times. How can I go about ensuring that my physical copy is sent to the correct mailing address? Should I hit you up on Twitter? Facebook? E-mail? Carrier pigeon? Send out a VM at a frequency only a Kryptonian can hear?


    30. Creator Michael on June 10

      Echoing others' concerns: Jon, if possible, please post an update for all original Kickstarter backers on how we can submit our current updated address for you to mail physical sets, once available. Thanks.

    31. Creator Nathan on June 9


      By delaying the film multiple times and making your backers wait while others get to see the film for free, you've bitten the hand that feeds. Do you think we - who paid for this project- would pirate it?

      I don't think I'm alone in this sentiment, but I will not be backing your future projects.

    32. Creator Jon Schnepp on June 5


      Thank you all for backing this film. The digital downloads will be available for you on July 9th. I appreciate you all understanding the actual process of making a film, and the need to protect it from piracy, torrenting, and most importantly the need to get reviews out, so the rest of the world knows about it. We have gotten outstandingly great reviews, from some of the top sites, which is truly incredible. So once again, thanks for backing this project, and helping make it a reality. You will all get to see it on July 9th. The physical copies are getting prepped, and we are hoping to get them out before July 9th, but everyone who has gotten a dvd or bluray also has the ability to watch the digital download on July 9th, so no one will be left out! Thanks again!

    33. Creator Niels Braakman on June 5

      I'd like to see how it turned out .... digital comes out on/around july 9th, so just a bit longer :)

      when do the physical copies go out?

    34. Creator Petr Hrubý on June 5

      I agree with you, Paul! I would understand 2-3 weeks to build some word-of-mouth but more than 2 MONTHS?!?!?

    35. Creator Paul Arthurs on June 1

      I'm a bit disappointed that sites such as this one:
      are getting to see this doc literally months before me.
      Seems a bit disrespectful to the backers, especially after all the delays.

    36. Creator Petr Hrubý on May 31

      'Estimated delivery: Dec 2013'


    37. Creator Petr Hrubý on May 31

      Overall I'm quite dissapointed with this project. They finished the movie one month ago but we backers have to wait until July to see it while they are flying around the world showing this doc at Cons and so.

    38. Creator Antony Eadie on May 31

      It says in update 50 we get the digital copies the weekend of July 9th.

    39. Creator Terence Klein Jr. on May 29

      I feel that we deserve better communication since we were the original backers of this project. The momentum started here, We have been patient after significant delays. Please provide thorough updates of all the rewards - digital copy, discs, soundtrack, posters, figures, accessories, etc.!

    40. Creator Michael Vera on May 27

      So when are backers going to get their digital copies?

    41. Creator Jason Davis on May 26

      Please provide a date for when we will be receiving our copies....

    42. Creator Michael Vera on May 11

      Hey really looking forward to this movie! When will backers finally get their digital copy to see the final product????

    43. Creator Kevin Kelly on May 8

      I am very excited about this project. However it's been years and now IGN editors get to see the movie months before the people who pledged? That kind of takes away the fun of pledging, could have just waited years to buy it on blu-ray like everyone else.

    44. Creator Dan Pollitt on May 8

      Hi Jon

      When will the digital copy be avalible ? Saw the release date was 1/5 but haven't heard anything.


    45. Creator Jonathon Miller on May 6

      Hi John,

      Did you manage to upload the wallpaper to dropbox yet?


    46. Creator Jason C Roskam on April 18

      Hey Jon! Thank you for all of the hard work. I'm so excited for this.

      I do have a question. I've moved since originally backing the project. How will shipping be handled once everything is done? Will we have an opportunity to give our most up-to-date shipping information? Thanks again!

    47. Creator Mike White on April 17

      Can't wait to see it. Would love to talk to you about the film for The Projection Booth when you're available -

    48. Creator Jon Schnepp on April 15

      Joey, Just send it when I send out the form for sending the dvds out, which will be in July.

    49. Creator Joey Betson on April 14

      I am so excited to see this film! But I am a little nervous now because I am moving, where should I submit my new address for the DVD? I don't want it being sent to my old address and getting lost in the mail.

    50. Creator Jon Schnepp on April 13

      Hey, Kickstarters. We are in the home stretch now. I just shot Recreation scenes last week, have other in progress, We landed Jon Peters for an incredible interview, and have been busting everyday to get the film done. Check out the most recent Campaign Update to learn more!

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